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JH658 Digestive Biscuit Machine JH658 Digestive Biscuit Machine

JH658 Digestive Biscuit Machine

JH658 Digestive Biscuit Machine is a multi functiona encrusting machine with stamping and forming function together all in one, with small size but more powerful,...
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Product Description

JH658 Digestive Biscuit Machine is a multi functiona encrusting machine with stamping and forming function together all in one, with small size but more powerful, join all the parameter setting together to one touch screen, easy to operate and maintain.

Product Description

Commercial cookie machine Demo video: http://youtu.be/DEATyzlfaZ4

Technical Feature

1. Maximum capacity for small products is 135 pieces per minute
JH658 Digestive Biscuit Machine has production speeds of up to 1.5 times faster than other competitor's model as it is combine the encrusting, forming and stamping in one machine.

2. Combine the encrusting, forming and stamping function together to save the room and make it more easy to operate and maintain. small cookie machine also can improve the production obviously.

3. Small cookie machine with thicken telfron coated food chanel coating, can prevent the food stick inside the food chanel, more effective and easy to clean.

4. Shape is more uniform for stick products

Since you can direct the detailed setting of the shutter from the control panel, you can make adjustment of the machine during production. combain with JH658 Digestive Biscuit Machine patented 9pcs circular forming knife. small cookie machine can assure the encrusted food with equal shape and weight.

5. Use 5pcs USA top brand EMERSON fire frequency converter, Korea LG servo motor and PLC controller to guarantee the machine stable working and more effective production.

6. All detect sensor are made in Japan OMRON brand, The 0.1ms fast detect speed assure the high precision position.

7. More gentle extrusion for materials
Extrusion is much smoother than before. For example, products such as Arancini, individual grain of rice remains intact, or for Chocolate Chip Cookies, the chocolate chips will not be crushed or misshaped.

1) Confectionery Chocolate Chip Cookies
Producti automatic maamoul machine can produce Chocolate Chip Cookies up to 5,800 pcs./h with the weight remaining constant. It produces cookies without crushing the chocolate

2) Prepared Foods Arancini Production

3) Meat with Egg Production
As expected, JH-658 small cookie machine is also ideal for meat products. The main body is easily washable and stainless steel parts are available for sanitary purposes.

4) Scotch Egg Production
By using options such as the Solid Feeder, an whole egg can be encrusted into ground meat for products such as Scotch Eggs. Furthermore, solid material can be encrusted with two types of ingredients.

5) Meat Loaf Production
Intermittent encrusting function produces filled bar shaped products. You can get various lengths for products by the wide intermittent range of 0-99 seconds.

And More!
1.There is less left over filling.
2.Mounting and dismounting of parts is easier.
3.10% less and 30% lighter parts compared to the former model.
4.Easier washing of parts.
5.Color touch screen control panel for fine tuning of tuning and adjustment.
6.Even better product shape and weight accuracy.


Automatic Biscoitos Making Machine




Product weight range


Crust&filling ratio


Power supply

110-220V 50-60hz

Power consume

1.5 kw


340 kg

Machine size


Packing size


Free parts:

Motion belt 3meter


sealing ring

1 suit 8pcs



Wrench tools


Maintenace tools


For more information about small cookie machine . Please visit www.JH658 Digestive Biscuit Machine.com for more information.


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JH658 Digestive Biscuit Machine Completed a series of bread and hamburger productions such as continuous tableting, dough sheet finishing, sheet rolling, pattern making, quantitative cutting, stuffing, and forming an automatic swing plate. The whole process of mass production of bread and hamburgers was realized.
JH658 Digestive Biscuit Machine Features:
JH658 Digestive Biscuit Machine] uses a number of advanced technologies to integrate photoelectric sensing, electromagnetic induction, human-machine interface, microcomputer programming, new materials, and bionic technologies, with a high degree of automation. Materials used and packaging materials, etc.: All materials in contact with the surface are stainless steel, polypropylene, PU, latex, nylon 1010, etc. that meet food-grade safety requirements. is sealed with stainless steel and polycarbonate plates. Can meet the needs of large-scale industrial production, scale production of a machine can produce drawing bread, hamburgers, French bread and so on.
Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a modern food machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprise integration R&D, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales services.

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