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Kellogg Corn Flakes /Breakfast Cereal Extruder Machine Kellogg Corn Flakes /Breakfast Cereal Extruder Machine Kellogg Corn Flakes /Breakfast Cereal Extruder Machine

Kellogg Corn Flakes /Breakfast Cereal Extruder Machine

Product Description Puffed Cereal Flakes Extruded Snacks Production Line Features: Advanced Technology High Automatic Easy Operation High Efficiency Low...
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Product Description

Product Description

Puffed Cereal Flakes Extruded Snacks Production Line


Advanced Technology
High Automatic
Easy Operation
High Efficiency
Low Consumption


Breakfast cereal corn flakes have become firmly established on breakfast tables almost all over the world.

In addition to a wide variety of forms, tastes and colors, they are expected

today to also meet stringent nutritional quality requirements.

A finished product having long lasting crispness in milk due to minimal damage of the cereal's starch structure during processing thanks to the particular process conditions. An end product exhibiting the best combination of texture, color and flavor base on an accurate control of the conditioning, drying and toasting stages of the process. Unlimited choice of shapes and formulae for shaped cereal such as stars, crispies, pillows, rings, stars etc. Simple and fast possibility of intercombing the two over mentioned lines, in order to obtain the widest range of products with minimum expense.

A consistently high product quality, high operating reliability, and maximum efficiency are the most

important requirements that state-of theart production systems must satisfy.

To meet them, EAGLE offers its clients a multitude of suitable system components plus the relevant

expertise in plant design and construction and in process engineering.

1. Raw Materials: Main corn Powder and Other Cereals Powder

2. Products: All kinds of corn falkes and cereal snacks food with different shapes and types.

This line can make a variety of shapes such as wheat circle, coco pops, barley circle, spherical slice, etc.

3. Capacity: 60-80 KG/H,100-150KG/H ,200 -250KG/H,300-350 KG/H

4. Flow Chart: Mixing —Extruding —Flaking —Drying — Baking —Coating —Baking —Cooling

Brief introductions of single machines of the corn flakes and cereal processing line:

1.Flour mixer : to mix various raw materil evenly.

2.Screw conveyor : to convey raw material to extrude

3.Twin/Double screw extruder :to extruder and cook the raw material into different shapes breakfast cereal

4.Water injector: to inject water on the producing process.

5.Vibrating cooler: to spread the products and cool it quickly.

6.Air conveyor: to convey the food to the next machine

7.Flakes presser: to press the particles into thin flakes (its size of flakes can be adjusted)

8.Higher vibrating cooler: to spread the flakes and sancks food and cool it quickly.

9.Belt drying oven: to dry snacks food by circulating belt.

10.Belt conveyor: to elevate the snacks food to the next machine

11.High temperature toaster: to use hot air to dry the snacks food.

12.Flavoring machine: to spray flour ,sugar oil and other seansons on the food to get decilious food.

13.Extending drying oven: to dry the corn flakes after it being coated sugar.

14.Cooling conveyor: to cool food.

This line is able to adjust the process, moulds replacement, adjust the allocation of all shapes in order to product all kinds of breakfast cereals and cornflakes food to meet the demands of different customers.

5. Voltage: Three phases: 380V/50HZ, Single phase: 220V/50HZ,

also can make it according to customers' local voltage of different countries

6. Machines Materials: All the machines are made by food grade stainless steel.

Company Information

Jinan Eagle Food Machinery Co.,Ltd located in Jinan ,Shandong Province ,China, is the professional manufacturer of Kellogg Corn Flakes /Breakfast Cereal Extruder Machine processing machinery.We specialize in this field for many years ,not only can supply with the entire machiner design,but also can modify the production line to meet client's demand.All kinds of patents , proprietary technology ,breakthrough and certificated .

There is a testing center in our factory which combined experiments,dmonstration andtrainingin one facility.We also can test new technical experiments according to customer requirements .

Our extrusion systems are widely used in:puffed Kellogg Corn Flakes /Breakfast Cereal Extruder Machine,breakfast cereals,corn flakes ,nutritional artificaila rice,textured or fibre protein food,pet food,aquatic feed,modified starch,bread crumbs and other Kellogg Corn Flakes /Breakfast Cereal Extruder Machine.

Certifications to guarantee the quality!

As one of the largest food machine maker in China, we have passed CE, ISO9001, and received many patent certificates from our government.

Our Services

a.) Consultation service before, during,and after sales;

b.) Project planning and design service;

c.) Debugging of equipment until everything is functional;

d.) Management of equipments' long distance shipping from seller's factory to the named place by buyer;

e.) Training of equipment maintenance and operating personally;

f.) New production techniques and formulas;

g.) Provide 1 year complete warranty and life-time maintenance service.


We have different capacity lines of corn flakes and breakfast cereal production machine from 100-350kg/h. Please contact with me to get more details.

Kellogg Corn Flakes /Breakfast Cereal Extruder Machine is a kind of breakfast with high nutritional value. usually use corn powder and other cereals as main raw material, through mixing, extruding, drying, baking, coating and cooling, to get crispy flakes. Kellogg Corn Flakes /Breakfast Cereal Extruder Machine always service as breakfast cereal mixed with milk of coffee. But Kellogg Corn Flakes /Breakfast Cereal Extruder Machine can also be a kind of leisure snacks. can also make other shapes of cereals such as rings, balls, chocos, curls etc. has adopted technology from America.

Kellogg Corn Flakes /Breakfast Cereal Extruder Machine take corn flour as main raw material,Kellogg Corn Flakes /Breakfast Cereal Extruder Machine's is very crispy after extruding,granulating,flaking, frying,seasoning. The outstanding characteristic of flakes is co-ntaining abundant compound carbohydrate and dietary fiber.Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. can also add some trace elements and minerals. is very popular because of high nutritional value, delicious and convenience.

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