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oat flakes

oat flakes 1) Introduction of oat flakes This process line is an automatic process line developed by our company, adopting the advanced technology of...
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Product Description

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1) Introduction of oat flakes

This process line is an automatic process line developed by our company, adopting the advanced technology of Europe.The main materials are various cereals, such as corn flour, wheat flour, oats, buckwheat and so on. This process line can intensify vitamins and minerals and it can be added a little cocoa and sugar. Quantitative water should be added to them and mix with them completely, and then these things are extruded by the double screw extruder for finishing the process of cooking,slaking and granulating,etc.

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2) Assembly line process

Flour mixer→screw conveyor →extruder→Vibrating cooler→Blower→Five-layer fuel oven→Big elevator→Monocular high-temperature spraying line→Vibrating feed spreading machine→Five-layer fuel oven(Protruded)→5-meter cooling

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3)parameter of oat flakes


Installation power

Consumption power


Dimension (MM)


89 kw

67 kw

150 kg/h



92 kw

76 kw




290 kw

220 kw



4)screw of oat flakes

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5)real pictures of processing breakfast cereal

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6)samples of oat flakes

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Our Services

We provide the following service free of charge

1. provide optimized and advantage solution for customer

2. service on raw materials, flavor select

3. workshop , water, gas, electricity design for customer

4. management of shipment

5. training of equipment maintenance and operating work

6. provide new production techniques and formulas

7. Provide maintenance service within 1 year complete warrantee and lifetime

8 .2 technician will be sent to customer factory after shippment for installation

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We guarantee the best material

Packaging & Shipping

With full wooden package in container.Packing shall ensure the safety of Goods during its transportation and loading by Seller and unloading in the country of Buyer

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oat flakes

oat flakes is a kind of breakfast with high nutritional value. usually use corn powder and other cereals as main raw material, through mixing, extruding, drying, baking, coating and cooling, to get crispy flakes. oat flakes always service as breakfast cereal mixed with milk of coffee. But oat flakes can also be a kind of leisure snacks. can also make other shapes of cereals such as rings, balls, chocos, curls etc. has adopted technology from America.

oat flakes take corn flour as main raw material,oat flakes's is very crispy after extruding,granulating,flaking, frying,seasoning. The outstanding characteristic of flakes is co-ntaining abundant compound carbohydrate and dietary fiber.Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. can also add some trace elements and minerals. is very popular because of high nutritional value, delicious and convenience.

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