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Soy Protein Concentrate Maker Soy Protein Concentrate Maker Soy Protein Concentrate Maker

Soy Protein Concentrate Maker

Product description Soy Protein Concentrate Maker Soybean Milk Filling Machine (Semi-Automatic Soybean milk Filling Machine) is able to fill PP bottle soybean...
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Product Description

Product description

Soy Protein Concentrate Maker

Soybean Milk Filling Machine (Semi-Automatic Soybean milk Filling Machine) is able to fill PP bottle soybean milk to ensure the soybean milk is easy to store and sell.

Operator can setup the capacity depending on the type of container, then put PP bottle or pouch under the outlet of filling machine and press start button to start filling.

FC008001 26 Liter/min (working pressure 5kg/cm²)

  • Adjustable on filling quantity depends on different type of package and container.
  • Fast filling and packaging speed and ensure product's quality at the same time.
  • Small size of machine, easy to operate, assemble and cleaning.
  • Soybean Milk Filling Machine adopt stainless Steel, hygienic appearance and durable.

Production process

Below is Easy Tofu Maker - Soybean Milk

  1. Soybean Washing and Soaking. Choose our Soybean Soaking & Washing Machine to cost down for labor charge and upgrade quality.
  2. Wet Soybean delivery. Choose our Soybean Transferring Machine (Soy Protein Concentrate Maker Soybean transferring Machine) to save time and labor cost, no need for labor to deliver wet Soybean.
  3. Soybean grinding, separating in our Easy Tofu Maker (Start a business with Easy Tofu Machine, Multi-Function Compact Tofu).
  4. Soybean milk cooking, to cook in same machine(in Easy Tofu Maker), no need to delivery the un-cooked Soybean Milk for cooking, saving time and labor.
  5. Cooking and seasoning, use Soybean milk Cooking ( Soybean milk Cooking Machine- Chef Boiler F-801) for Soybean milk cooking and seasoning.
  6. Soybean milk filling into bottle or pouch by using Soybean Milk Filling Machine (Semi-Automatic Soybean milk Filling Machine).
  7. Soybean milk bottle capping by manual.
  8. Soybean milk product cooling and put into refrigerator for storage.

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  • Supplying the Customization made for client

YUNG SOON LIH suggests suitable machines for client's demand including mold modifications, turn-key service and supply customization for client's special demands. For example, Compact Tofu Processor and soy bean machine are

YUNG SOON LIH's best seller machines. The multi-functional compact tofu processor could make multi purposes Tofu and soybean milk. YUNG SOON LIH's machine was be made by integrally formed, it will be more durable and increase life span. Client satisfaction is YUNG SOON LIH's main goal.

  • Automatic production line and turn-key project are available:

Since 1988, in response to the rise of emerging markets, YUNG SOON LIH has developed automaticed production lines at lower investment capitals to replace physical labor into higher value-added production. It could simplify physical labor procedures. YUNG SOON LIH has professional R&D team whom supplying turn-key project to customer including planning equipments flowing line which could improve their production line and working to improve machine quality.width: 733px; height: 182px;

  • Superior quality with reasonable prices:

All of YUNG SOON LIH’s machine parts, electronic components and safety devices follow CE regulation. The ISO 9001 certification was certified by government to approve our machine. All machine specifications are customized to fit international market and customer demands. YUNG SOON LIH is quality assured and priced reasonably.

  • The widest product range available and the soundest specifications selectable :

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  • Food grinding and separating are suitable for YUNG SOON LIH machines:

Since 1988, YUNG SOON LIH has successfully developed many grinding/ separating machine which accepted by global markets. The grinding / separating machine could be used for widely food like soybean milk, bean curd, spiced, dried bean curd, rice and so on. For the important occupational hazard issue is be concerned recently, YUNG SOON LIH insist on machine's quality and teach Client how to use the machine to make the food.

  • Professional test equipments factory.

YUNG SOON LIH pursue the high quality machine and supply turn-key service to client. For accomplish client's demand and hope our machine could help customer make more money, it's important for on-site client testing to ensure the machine fits each client‘sfinal product requirements.

  • Successfully exported worldwide

YUNG SOON LIH has successfully supplied over than 2,000 machines and exported machines to many countries like Asian, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Mulimisi, USA, Ireland, Paraguay, Italy, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Europe, South America ……etc. With many practical experiences, YUNG SOON LIH can offer clients with clients service experience and the most effective market information.

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  • Pay close attention on market information

YUNG SOON LIH attending international exhibitions and make the market surveys, in order to provide the latest and valuable information for clients to assist their industrial upgrading.

  • Help customers get more profite:

For reasonably priced, superior in quality and function machine we provided. We believe YUNG SOON LIH’s machine will help clients get profits on market even to newly established catering.

  • Consulting respond and after-sales service:

YUNG SOON LIH will respond to customer by phone calls, e-mails or faxes for machinery or production problems within 24 hours to prevent a client's potential loss.

Our Service

Pre-Sale Services

  1. Customized proposal according to customers' capacity require, not just Tofu or Soybean milk, but also Soybean related product.
  2. Meanwhile, when customer has particular require, our engineer and service and technical team will all be customer's back up.
  3. Your factory site evaluation, arranging our foreign sales engineer to customers' site for evaluating and designing of Tofu or Soybean milk turn-key product line.
  4. Arrange a visit to existed Tofu & Soybean milk manufactures and face to face meeting consulting.

After-Sale Service

  1. Technology and experience sharing, and help our customer to produce a market demanded Tofu and Soybean milk product.
  2. Installation, training operating and maintenance service at your work site. And provide handbook for food machine operation and maintenance.
  3. Offering an complete training for food machine operating for our customer.
  4. With complete customer complain handing process to solve customer's problems rapidly and correctly within 24 hours.
  5. Software problem solving - Remote control to solve software problem and providing 24 hours trouble shooting service.
  6. Hardware problem solving - Arrange local engineer, specially-assigned person for site maintenance and trouble shooting.
  7. Arrange our Supervisor and Engineer for customer side visiting at least once within two years to provide equipment calibration, food producing and Quality control face to face consulting.
  8. Consulting service on Capacity and Factory Expansion.

YUNG SOON LIH will supply loading strength and economic package way for clients. To avoid machine damage from transportation, The wood crate/ wood plate are double layered with inner supporting girders and nailed by staggering technique to increase its loading strength.

Wood carte package

Wood Plate package

Company Introduce

YUNG SOON LIH FOOD MACHINE Co., Ltd. is the company acquired the most of soybean machine patents in Taiwan.

Also, we are the pioneer and leader of developing and total solution provider of Soybean processing and related machines, includes Tofu making machine, Soybean milk extracting machine, Bean sprout growing machine, Alfalfa growing machine, soybean equipment and Tofu, Soybean milk turn-key production line.

We are the professional turn-key solution provider of soybean production line.

YUNG SOON LIH FOOD MACHINE was established in 1989, we were not only deep involved in soybean processing technical development positively but also led the computer control and monitoring system into our equipment. Our strong R&D team develop and design the Tofu, Soybean milk, Bean Sprout, Alfalfa turn-key production line and help our customer to achieve their aim of automation management by supplying high quality and efficient solution. Most of our Tofu, Soybean milk, Bean sprout, Alfalfa machines & production line had passed CE certification and already sold to Europe, America, Canada, South America, Soy Protein Concentrate Makeria, Asia...etc. and more than 40 countries.

We provide customized food machine design and development.

The population of vegetarian are growing continuously because of the importance and advantages of vegetable protein had been proved by medical circles, so the demand quantity of Tofu, Soybean milk, Bean Sprout and Alfalfa machine from European and American countries are getting more and more. However, the dietary habit in Western countries is difference from Asian market. Except firm tofu, silken tofu and bean curd, the smoked tofu, tofu hamburger, vegetable tofu, spice tofu are more motivated the consumer's purchasing willingness. The increasing demand of market impelled us to customize the turn-key production line and machines to help customer to produce soybean food to abut the consumer's demand. Our Compact Tofu Machine (a small and easy Tofu Maker) Tofu and Soybean milk equipment & production line were well and widely adopt by American and European customers. Our pride is that our technical and machine quality had received good graces from German, Italy, Japan...etc. high technical countries and were recognized as high quality machines which are the same as manufactured from German, Italy and Japan.

The Soybean Food Gastrosoph
The goal of YUNG SOON LIH FOOD MACHINE is not only in developing and designing the food machine, but also Soy Protein Concentrate Makered on the research of production procedure of Tofu, Soybean milk to find the balance between productive efficiency and food relish, especially in Tofu, soybean milk production field. We are confident to say YUNG SOON LIH FOOD MACHINE is the soy bean Gastrosoph! Our brother company supply soybean milk to breakfast, supermarket and restaurant in Taiwan. Moreover, the excellent quality of soybean milk stirred up market demand growing up rapidly. The quality persistence come from our company founder: If we help customer to produce delicious Tofu, Soybean milk, Bean Sprout, Alfalfa, they are getting good opportunity to open the market and keep growing. YUNG SOON LIH FOOD MACHINE will be their unique partner accompanying with their growing when they are planning to enlarge their turn key production line.

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