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30kg-200kg semi-automatic potato chips making machine with low cost

30kg-200kg semi-automatic potato chips making machine with low cost

>> 30kg-200kg semi-automatic potato chips making machine with low cost Product Description 01. Brief introduction ♥ This...
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  • Original 30kg-200kg semi-automatic potato chips making machine with low cost
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Product Description

>> 30kg-200kg semi-automatic potato chips making machine with low cost

Product Description
01. Brief introduction

This plant is mainly for smallscale processing factory, the machine materials are high quality stainless steel, simple operation, safe and hygiene, it's the preferred plant for small-scale processing enterprises. The capacity of semi-automatic product line is from 30kg to 200kg per hour. production process: peeling and washing--fries or chips cutting--blanching--dewatering--frying--deoiling--flavoring--packaging, different capacity will change different size machines according clients requirements. This plant can make potato chips, french fries, banana chips, cassava chips, sweet potato chips, etc.

The common production capacity for your reference:

ModelCapcityTotal Power
Note:The process technology can be customized according to clients detail requirements. More details, please consult with customer service .

The potato chips plant is a whole set of potato chips machinery. It consists of 8 main machines .

1. Washing and peeling machine

First connect the machine to the power, open water pipes, and then Add potatoes to the hopper, about 3-5 minutes later, move the baffle at the outlet mouth , potatoes will be out automatically.

2. French fries cutting machine

Switch on the power, put the peeled clean potatoes into the feed continuously, then they will be cut into chips automatically.

3. Blanching machine

Do the rinse and restrain enzyme activity, protect the color & flavor of potato chips. You can set the temperature based on your actual needs.

4. Dewatering machine

Put the rinsed chips into the dewaterer for about two minutes ,then they can be dewatered.

5. Frying machine

Heat the oil to setted temperature, then put the dehydrated potato chips or french fries into the frying machine.

6. Deoiling machine

put the fried chips into the De-oiling machine, then the chips will be ok for one minutes

7.Favoring machine

put the de-oiled chips into the seasoning machine , adding spices according to the tastes of your choice, switch on the power, spices will be evenly add to the potato chips.

Frozen French Fries don't need to favoring, just packing and then freeze.

8.Vauucm package machine

After packing, it can vacuumize the bags and extend its quality guarantee period.

02. Specification

Technical Data for 70kg/h semi-automatic potato chips production (For reference):






Washing and peeling machine




Potato cutting machine

1.5kw/380v/50Hz 950x800x950mm


Blanching machine




De-watering Machine




Frying machine

28kw/380v/50hz 1200X700X950mm


Deoiling machine




Seasoning machine




Packing machine


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The full automatic production line capacity is from 100kg/h to 1000kg/h,please click the image below to check Detailed introduction:

Packaging & Shipping
03. Packing & Shipping

Our potato chips plant will be packaged by standard export wooden package case, it can ensure the machine intact.

1. We can deliver the potato chips plant to your nearest seaport or airport.
2. Any special requirement of shipping, please talk with us, we will help you to solve the problems.


1. Q: This is my first time to import, how can I get the machine?

A: After you confirm the machine to order and pay, we can help you to deliver the semi-automatic potato chips making machine to your nearest seaport etc., We are very experienced, please rest assured.
2. Q: This is my first time to use this machine, is it easy to operate?
A: After deliver the machine, Professional personnel give full-course guidance and installation, and we also provide free training for operators.
3. Q: How is the quality of the machine?
A: Our mini potato chips machine adopts 304 stainless steel materials, with reasonable design, and careful produce, etc., before deliver the machine, we will test the machine, after ensure the machine's good running and performance, then we will deliver it, please don’t worry.

4. Q: What’s the payment method?
A: We accept most of the payment method, such as, T/T, Western Union, Moneygram, etc.
5. Q: Why choose us?
A: We can provide the machine with good quality and best price, also good and professional sale and after-sale service, if the machine has any problems in the future, please talke with us at any time, we will offer you the technical support and spare parts, etc.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about our potato chips plant, please contact with me freely, my contact information as follows:

Look forward to your inquiry !

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