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Commercial Potato Chips Cutter/Lays Potato Chips Making Machine Price

Commercial Potato Chips Cutter/Lays Potato Chips Making Machine Price

Product Description Pls directly send inquiry or contact with 0086 156 1765 1038 By call or Whatsapp Description of semi automatical potato chips produciton...
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Product Description

Product Description

Pls directly send inquiry or contact with 0086 156 1765 1038 By call or Whatsapp

Description of semi automatical potato chips produciton machines line:

It is specially designed for small and medium scale potato chips manufacturers. We offer three different models(50 kg/h, 100 kg/h, 200 kg/h) for various potato chips sellers. .

It can be applied in grocery, retail store, supper market, restaurant, etc.

It has the similar functions as fully-automatic potato chips production line, while manual potato chips line has much lower price

It is specially suitable for small scale potato chips manufacturers

Three different yield potato chips processing lines enjoy high praise in our customers.

The smallest type is with 50 kg/h yield is best for super market or food retailer store.

Potato chips business is the most-lasting business now and forever.

Working flow of different types of potato chips production machines line:

Fully automcati type(mainly includes 100-150kg/h, 200-260kg/h, 350-400kg/h)

Semi Automatic type(including 50kg/h, 100kg/h, 200kg/h)


Different capacity of semi-automatical potato chips production line

Model Capacity Total Power Plant area
YM-SPC50 50kg/h 40.75KW 50
YM-SPC100 100kg/h 61.2KW 100
YM-SPC200 200kg/h 104.4KW 200
Detailed Images

Potato Washing and Peeling Machine:

Equipped with soft brush, potato washing and peeling machine can remove the thin peel completely and efficiently. High peeling rate ensures a good start and normal working speed in the whole potato chips line. Washing and peeling functions in a single machine avoids repetitive labor and saves time.
√ High peeling rate up to 98%.
√ Available for potato in various size.
√ Easy operating and cleaning.
√ Washing and Peeling at the same time.

Potato Chips Sliceing and cutting Machine:

This potato chips machine can cut peeled potatoes into slices, chips and shredded potatoes. Rollers and cutters can be adjusted for potato slices and chips in different thickness. You can freely make potato chips and French fries with this multifunctional potato chips machine. We offer two feeding methods (vertical feeding and side feeding) for your preference.

√ Thickness can be freely adjusted.
√ Available for potato chips and French fries.
√ Whole cutting procedure with no broken chips.
√ Two feeding methods for your choice.

Potato Chips Blanching Machine:

Potato chips blanching machine, a pre-treatment device, is used to kill harmful bacteria and keep original flavor in food. Blanched potato chips has fresh color and vegetable scent while active enzyme is restrained for easy reservation.
√ Water temperature is automatically controlled.
√ Blanching time can be adjustable.
√ We offer different capacity for your potato chips line.

Potato Chips Dehydration Machine:

taking advantage of centrifugal dewatering methods, can remove the surface water on blanched potato chips. Potato chips and strips processed by this dewatering machine can be fried easily in the following frying machine. Equipped with a shockproof device, this dehydration machine can stand steadily in high rotating speed.

√ High dewatering rate.
√ Stable working condition.
√ Automatic controlled by digital cabinet.

Potato Chips Frying Machine:

There are three heating methods in potato chips frying machine -- Heated by Electricity and Heated by Coal or by gas. You can choose anyone according to your energy resource. Potato chips frying machine heated by electricity is much more clean than coal. Fried potato chips and French fries have attractive luster and flavor.
√ Over-temperature protection system ensure a safe production.
√ Advanced frying machine can save 50% oil.
√ Two heating methods can be chosen freely.
√ Fried potato chips enjoy good taste and luster.

Potato Chips De-oiling Machine:

Similar to potato chips dewatering machine, this potato chips de-oiling machine adopts centrifugal principle to remove extra oil on fried potato chips and French fries. Eating too much oil has no benefits on people's health. And at the same time de-oiling technology reduce production cost.

√ High de-oiling rate.
√ Splash oil drop will not spill out because of the spill tank.
√ Rotating speed can be adjusted.
√ We offer different capacity for your choice.

Potato Chips Seasoning Machine:

Potato chips and French fries can be added with various sauce for different taste. There are three flavoring ways: disc type, octagonal type and drum type. The drum type potato chips seasoning machine is very popular while for lare potato chips production, the disc type has more output.

√ Potato chips and sauces are mixed evenly.
√ Adjustable volume in potato chips seasoning machine.
√ Low broken rate in seasoning process.
√ Suitable for any kind of fried food.

Potato Chips Packaging Machine

Potato Chips Packaging Machine: Flavored potato chips need to be packaged quickly before going bad. Potato chips sealed in bags full of nitrogen would not react with oxygen. Packaged potato chips can reserve for a long time without any taste losses.

√ High working efficiency with two chambers.
√ Sealing, cooling, nitrogen filling at the same time.
√ Tight sealing saves time and labor.

√ Available to move around..

Packing & DeliveryOur CompanyFAQ


1,What is the voltage/phase for this machine ?

220V 50Hz/single phase ,380V 50Hz/three phase ,

110V 60Hz/single phase also can made as the clients’ need

2,What is the Mode of transportation ?

LCL and FCL by ship ,By Express (DHL,TNT, Fedex etc) ,By air

3,How long is the guarantee?

we promise guarantee as one year for non-human damage factor.

4,How should I do if meet some trouble while using?

we can supply English manual book and also take a video for showing how to resolve the problems

or dispatch our worker to your factory.

5, How can i contact with you ?

You can send inquiry to me .

Aslo can contact with me by Cellphone/Wechat / Whatsapp

Skype :gjennify

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