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Fresh Potato Chips French Fries Machine Price

Fresh Potato Chips French Fries Machine Price

Fresh Potato Chips French Fries Machine Price french fries machine price description: Potato -- Selecting -- Cleaning and peeling -- Cutting -- Cutting into finger...
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Product Description

Fresh Potato Chips French Fries Machine Price

french fries machine price description:

Potato -- Selecting -- Cleaning and peeling -- Cutting -- Cutting into finger chips -- Blanching for protecting color -- Classification -- Blanching -- Rinsing -- Dewatering -- Frying -- Deoiling -- Precooling -- Quick frozen -- Weighing packaging -- Refrigeration

Full Automatic Fried Sweet Pringles french fries machine is designed for making the pellets, chips, fried snacks by single screw extruder machine. Raw materials can be potato starch, corn starch, wheat flour, cassava starch etc. Through the extruder cooking, the snacks can be shaped in many different shapes, like shell, screw, spiral, square tube, circle tube, and so on. After drying and frying, flavoring with the flavor powder can get delicious snacks food.

french fries is one kind of snack processed from fresh potato after washing, peeling, slicing, frying and flavoring.The semi-automatic french fries machine price keeps the special delicious flavor of roasted potato on one respect and has the characteristics of rich nutrition, delicious, convenient and so on, thus won the flavor of the consumers.

SPECIFICATIONS FOR SEMI-AUTOMATIC french fries machine price
1.Washing and Peeling Machine380v/50Hz1.10kw710x630x840
2.Potato Cutting Machine380v/50Hz0.75kw745x590x885
3.Blanching Machine380v/50Hz18.0kw1780x650x700
4.De-watering Machine380v/50Hz1.10kw1050x660x930
5.Frying Machine380v/50Hz36.0kw1900x1050x1200
6.De-oil Machine380v/50Hz1.50kw1050x660x930
7.Air Drying Machine380v/50Hz15.0kw5000x1200x1400
8.Seasoning Machine380v/50Hz0.75kw1000x800x1380
9.Packing Machine380v/50Hz2.00kw1220x680x900

Machine description of semi-automatic french fries machine price:

Working process of french fries machine price:

1.cleaning peeling machine: adopt corundum lined with cleaning peeling machine or brush type cleaning machine, can finish the work of cleaning and peeling. High efficiency, low loss.

2.slice cutting machine: can be sliced and cut. Slice thickness, cutting size can adjust at will.

3.blanching machine: to cut potato chips to rinse, protect color.

4.dewatering machine: adopting the centrifugal dehydration. Fried before dehydration can greatly shorten the

cooking time, improve the potato chips taste. Improve the production efficiency and reduce the cost of production.

5. Fryer: On the basis of different proportion of water and oil, the water below, in the upper heating oil Fried potato chips, the direct precipitation residue in water, does not smoke, greatly extend the life span of the oil, bring dowm the cost.

The oil temperature control precision, thus ensures the quality of potato chips, French fries and taste. Work has been completed, the water release, residue will follow together with water flow out.

6.deoiling machine, centrifugal deoiling machine, will just Fried potato chips for deoiling, overcome the potato chips oil content is high, the defects of greasy mouth, improve the taste of potato chips.

7.automatic flavoring machine: drum flavoring machine adopts stainless steel. Potato chips even turn in the rotation of the drum, the scattered or spray add seasonings, seasoning evenly not easily broken.

The whole french fries machine price pictures:

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