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full automatic fresh fried food potato chips making machine

full automatic fresh fried food potato chips making machine

full automatic fresh fried food potato chips making machine Potato Chips Machine Price 1.The POTATO CHIPS MACHINE PRICE main process and main information:...
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  • Original full automatic fresh fried food potato chips making machine
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Product Description

full automatic fresh fried food potato chips making machine

Potato Chips Machine Price

1.The POTATO CHIPS MACHINE PRICE main process and main information:

1)Washing and deboning: brush or rolling type

2)Peeling: merchanical or steam

3)Picking table: manual

4)Cutting: merchanical or other(flat slice, wave slice)

5)Washing:preclean to remove the starch


7)Dewatering and andydrating

8)Frying: electrical, gas, diesel



11)Weighing and packing

2.The potato chips machine price service which we can supply:

1)As customer's demands(heating methord,capacity,workshop size,invest condintion) to supply the suitable proposal and quotation.

2)Further confirm and supply our experience(over 10years)

3)The order confirmation


5)Overseas installation, testing and training

6)Good after sales service

3.The specification of POTATO CHIPS MACHINE PRICE:

Machine NameCapacity(50-2000kg/h)ModelSpecificationFunction Item
1.Washing and peeling machinesemi/full automaticQPJ-2400Friction peeling, 1.5kwPeel for potato
2.Cutting machinesemi/full automaticQTJ-1000Merchancial, 1.5kwCut into sticks
3.Washing machinesemi/full automaticQXJ-3500Spraying, 3.5kwRemove starch
4.Blanching machinesemi/full automaticPTJ-6500Hot water, 120kwProtect color
5.Dewatering machinesemi/full automaticQSJ-1000Vibrating,0.55kwRemove water
6.Frying machinesemi/full automaticXDL-6500Electricity, gas, dieselDeep fry
7.Flavoring machinesemi/full automaticSDJ-10000.75kwQuick freeze
9.Weighing and packing machinesemi/full automaticBZJ-62012kwPacking


Whole line process:washing and peeling-cutting-washing-blanching-dewatering-

frying-deoiling-weighing and packing

Raw material:SUS304 stainless steel

Brand:TCA Condintion:New

Capacity:20-300kg/h as demands per line

1)The fresh potato chips machine whole line picture show:

2)The dewatering vibrator machine picture show:

Vibrating to push the chips go ahead and remove the extra water

Raw material:SUS304 stainless steel

Advantage:long time using, stable working

Brand:TCA Condintion:New

3)Blanching and frying process for the fresh potato chips machine


3.1)blanching machine:remove the starch, remove the redusing sugar,cook potato

3.2)fry the chips till crispy

Brand:TCA Condintion:New

Raw material:SUS304 stainless steel

Advantage:with the slags removing system, hoisting system,heating system

4)Aircooling line:

Function:It is used to remove the surface water/oil

Brand:TCA Condintion:New

Raw material:SUS304 stainless steel

Advantage:high efficiently

5)The weighing and packing system

Including:automatic multihead weighers scale+automatic packing system

Raw material:SUS304 stainless steel

Precision:according to weight per bag, speed requirement

Speed:according to weight per bag, required scale

Brand:TCA Condintion:New

5.Our finished fresh potato chiops machine project for customers:

300kg/h fresh potato chipsmachine project in customer's workship

good reputation from our customers

6.Our export standard wooden case

6.Our company introduction:

Zhucheng Xinxudong Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. We are the pioneer in manufacturing a variety of food production line machinery. Currently our business group is comprised of three companies, each an industry leader in its own food production line category.
Zhucheng Xinxudong Machinery Co., Ltd is specialized in frying lines and the production lines of fresh potato chips and frozen French fries. We have a strong R&D team that consists of more than 10 outstanding engineers, and an extensive sales team with more than 50 sales/service staff to assist our clients from all over China.
Currently we are receiving more and more requests from abroad as the quality of our machines and our competitive pricing have been recognized by clients from all over the world. We are also highly recommended by our clients due to our devotion to provide the highest standard after-sales services. So far our machines have been exported to many nations such as the USA, the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Italy, Australia, Pakistan and more......

As a leader in the food machinery industry ,we adhere to the principle of honest and trustworthiness all the time,and have a good reputation on the international market.Over the years, we explore and research in extrusion technology, so that the screw extrusion technology application areas are more extensive. Our single and double screw device has been used in the production of snack foods, breakfast cereals: corn chips, fried food, bread crumbs, soybean tissue protein, pet food, over 20 different functions and yield of the production line for choice; also can manufacture special designed according to special requirements the user's.Our products sell well both at home and abroad.Such as Gemany,Italy,Holland,Spain,Russia,Canada,USA,Mexico,Columbia,Japan,SouthKorea,Uzbekistan,Egypt,South Africa and so on.Welcome your enquiry.

3333333 professional production 111111.11111111 is a continuous feeding operation. 22222 production can be used for cattle feed processing, sheep feed processing, horse feed processing, rabbit feed processing, poultry and poultry feed processing, is a new type of small household particle machine, can also be used as feed processing plant Special particle machine, no dust, add the mixed powder feed into the hopper when working, no heating, no water, no drying, once formed by extrusion, the surface of the processed particles is smooth, the hardness is moderate, and the internal curing is deep and transparent. Starch gelatinization, protein coagulation and degeneration, improved nutritional value and digestion and absorption capacity,


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