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100kg/h fried potato chips making machine

100kg/h fried potato chips making machine

Product Description Potato Chips Machine: Potato chips machine is one kind of snacks processing machine from fresh potato after washing, peeling, slicing, frying and...
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Product Description

Product Description

Potato Chips Machine:

Potato chips machine is one kind of snacks processing machine from fresh potato after washing, peeling, slicing, frying and flavoring.

The potato chips processed by potato chips making machine, have the special delicious flavor of roasted potato, and the rich nutrition remains.

Potato chips is popular with all range of people all over the world, so our potato chips making machine is also very popular among the customers all over the world.

Features of Potato Chips Machine:

1. We produce capacity of 20-30kg/h, 60-70kg/h and 150kg/h of finished products
2. The production line is made of 304 stainless steel
3. The whole line just need 1 person to operate
4. Motor of the whole line is fully enclosed,so it has no voice pollution to people

Raw Materials:

The raw materials can be fresh potato, also can be some other root vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, purple sweet potato, taro, cassava etc.

Finished Products:

fried potato chips, fried french fries, frozen potato chips, frozen french fries ect.

Process of Potato Chips Machine:

1 washing and peeling --- 2 cutting potato --- 3 blanching --- 4 de-watering --- 5 frying --- 6 de-oiling --- 7 seasoning --- 8 packing

Detailed Images

1. Washing and peeling machine

First connect the machine to the power, open water pipes, and then put potatoes to the hopper, about 3-5 minutes later, move the baffle at the expect mouth, potatoes will be out automatically.

2. Potato chips and fries machine

Switch on the power, put the peeled clean potatoes into the feed continuously, then it will be cut into chips and fries automatically.

We also supply combined machine: Washing Peeling and Cutting machine

three effect in one machine, washing peeling and cutting potato chips

3. Blanching machine

Shaped chips need to be rinsed or blanched, you can take the process in accordance with the choice of your treatment.

4. De-watering macine

Put the rinsed chips into the dewaterer for about two minutes, then they can be fried.

5. Frying Machine

Heat the oil to 170 degree Celsius, then put the dehydrated potato chips into the frying machine for about 1.5 minutes, french-fries about 5 minutes.

6. De-oiling machine

Put the fried chips into the De-oiling machine, then the chips will be OK in one minute.

7. Seasoning machine

Put the de-oiled chips into the seasoning machine , adding spices according to the tastes of your choice, switch on the power, spices will be evenly attached to the French fries on potato chips.

8. Packing machine

Generally, these chips should be packed with Nitrogen.

Packing & DeliveryOur Service

Pre-sale service:

1. Suggest to client suitable models of as customer need.
2. Introduce machine's structure and features in detail, explain the price component;
3. answer client concerned questions.

After-sale service:

1. Start production as soon as receiving down payment.
2. Send photos of machine in manufacturing and finished photos to client, for your better learn about the
machine's condition.
3. Delivery machine in time, taking photos during loading, so you can "remote monitoring" your goods.
4. Documents and certificate available in time.
5. Manual documents available. Engineer can be sent to client site for installation instruction.

CertificationsOur CustomersName Card

100kg/h fried potato chips making machine Completed a series of bread and hamburger productions such as continuous tableting, dough sheet finishing, sheet rolling, pattern making, quantitative cutting, stuffing, and forming an automatic swing plate. The whole process of mass production of bread and hamburgers was realized.
100kg/h fried potato chips making machine Features:
100kg/h fried potato chips making machine] uses a number of advanced technologies to integrate photoelectric sensing, electromagnetic induction, human-machine interface, microcomputer programming, new materials, and bionic technologies, with a high degree of automation. Materials used and packaging materials, etc.: All materials in contact with the surface are stainless steel, polypropylene, PU, latex, nylon 1010, etc. that meet food-grade safety requirements. is sealed with stainless steel and polycarbonate plates. Can meet the needs of large-scale industrial production, scale production of a machine can produce drawing bread, hamburgers, French bread and so on.
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