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Dry type poultry feed production line/ Fish feed mill plant Dry type poultry feed production line/ Fish feed mill plant Dry type poultry feed production line/ Fish feed mill plant

Dry type poultry feed production line/ Fish feed mill plant

Dry type poultry feed production line/ Fish feed mill plant Product Description Presentation of the poultry feed production line The poultry feed...
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Product Description

Dry type poultry feed production line/ Fish feed mill plant

Product Description

Presentation of the poultry feed production line

  • The poultry feed production line is mainly used to produce feed for fish, such as catfish, tilapia, shrimp; Pets, such as dog, cat, rabbit; Poultry animals, such as chicken, duck, goose, and other small animals, like fox, pet bird, etc.
  • The extruder machine of this fish feed pellet production line is with single screw.
  • The puffing feed can float on the water for more than 24 hours.
Flow chart

Flow chart of the poultry feed production line

There are 7 processes as showed in the flow chart:

1. Crushing. 2. Mixing. 3. Extruding. 4. Drying. 5. Cooling. 6. Seasoning. 7. Packing

Brief introduction of main machines

1. Crushing process------Crusher machine/ Hammer mill

It's a common hammer mill with simple structure, and used for crushing different material, such as corn, wheat, fish meal, soybean meal and so on. Generally, the sieve hole of crusher is 0.8mm for fish feed material. So the fineness of crushed material can reach the requested mesh.

2. Mixing process------Mixer machine

Mixer machine has one single shaft inside, which is mainly used to mix all kinds of powder, such as the wheat flour , corn flour , sorghum flour and so on. It also could mix other micro- ingredients such as vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and other feed additives, which is the key steps on the feed production line. With fast mixing time 10-15 minutes, the capacity can reach 100kg per batch.

3. Extruding process------Feed extruder machine/ Feed making machine

The feed extruder machine is the most important equipment in the feed pellet line. It is widely used for processing grain materials into floating and sinking fish feed, different shaped pet food, poultry feed pellets and so on. The floating feed can float on the water for at least 12 hours without water pollution. The feed diameter can be 1-20mm.
1) We will send 3 sets moulds,1 whole set of wearing spare parts and service tool for you freely.
2) The free moulds diameter and shape can be customized according to your request.

4. Drying process------Feed dryer

The dryer belongs belt type hot air dryer machine, which is mainly used in the feed processing. This dryer could reduce the moisture of pellet quickly due to its multilayer belt circle round design.
It is composed of several independent units. Each unit consists of circulating fan, heating device, separate or common fresh air suction system and exhaust system. The operating parameter of each unit is controlled independently, ensuring reliable and optimized operation.
The belt inside is made of stainless steel.

5. Cooling process------Cooler machine

The counterflow cooler principle is adopted to cool the pellets with high temperature and moisture. Hot air touches hot pellets and cool air touches cool pellets so as to avoid the pellet surface crack caused by sudden cooling produced by direct touching between cool air and hot pellets. At the same time, the airlock is used for feeding and space of air inlet bigger, therefore it can get better cooling effects.
Cooling time: 15minutes

6. Seasoning process------Coating machine/ Seasoning machine/ Flavoring machine

The coating machine is modified from ribbon mixer. So the working principle is similar to the mixer. After put the feed and flavorings inside, the machine can mix them by the stirring shaft. The shaft speed is very slow, so it cannot break the feed. The oil pump is connected to inner spraying nozzle by pipes and oil tank, which can spray oil on the surface of pellet feed.

7. Packing process------Packing machine

The complete set of packing machine includes weighing scale, belt conveyor, sealer and control cabinet. The packing machine can be used to pack animal feed pellet, sugar, rice, wheat, grill,etc. It has advantages of wide quantitative extent, high precision and a platform that can be raised and lowered, making it have more functions and higher efficiency. It can pack feed into plastic bags with 1-50kg per bag, with packing error 0.1%F.S.

The following are parameters of all dry models of feed extruder machine, please kindly check this according to capacity requirement.

Model Capacity(t/h) Motor power(kw) Feed power(kw) Screw Dia(mm) Cutting power(kw)
FY-DGP60 0.12-0.15 15 0.4 60 0.4
FY-DGP70 0.18-0.25 18.5 0.4 70 0.4
FY-DGP80 0.3-0.35 22/27 0.4 80 0.6
FY-DGP90 0.4-0.45 30/37 1.1 90 0.6
FY-DGP120 0.5-0.7 55 1.1 120 1.5
FY-DGP135 0.8-1.0 75 1.1 133 2.2
FY-DGP160 1.2-1.5 90 1.5 155 2.2
FY-DGP200 1.8-2.0 132 1.5 195 3.0

Final feed pellets sample made by the poultry feed production line

  • It’s easy to be digested for animals, especially fish.
  • The sterilization effect of fish feed extruder is better to avoid gastrointestinal disease.
  • Aquaculture feed are generally required to put in water, and aquatic animal feeding time is Dry type poultry feed production line/ Fish feed mill plant, in order to reduce the feed loss in the water and water pollution, the feed is maximized the stability of the feed in the water.

Packaging & Shipping

1. These machines will be packaged by plastic film, and wooden case to ensure a safe delivery.

2. If the machines are shipped by full container, then they can be loaded into container directly.

Company Information

ZHENGZHOU FANWAY MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD is the professional manufacturer which has devoted in developing, designing and manufacturing top quality pellet making equipment. Engineers research and experiment pellet mill and pellet plant design; skilled labor assembly machines: pellet mill, pet & fish feed extruder, hammer mill, mixer, dryer, cooler, packaging machine, etc.
Furthermore our experienced and professional pellet plant project consultants can offer you turnkey wood pellet plant solution, animal feed pellet plant solution, fish feed pellet plant solution as well as pellets production solution.

easy to operate, high yield, good shape, the cut potato chips French fries surface smooth, uniform thickness and thickness can be adjusted freely. The new energy-saving frying machine has electric heating, coal heating and other forms. Dry type poultry feed production line/ Fish feed mill plant uses imported high-quality stainless steel materials, exquisite workmanship, sturdiness and durability.
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