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30-500 TPD soya bean oil expeller mill 30-500 TPD soya bean oil expeller mill 30-500 TPD soya bean oil expeller mill

30-500 TPD soya bean oil expeller mill

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Product Description

30-500 TPD soya bean oil expeller mill

Company Information

About us

Our company is a manufacturer of all kinds of oil production line equipment. Established in 1978. We have a big plant and rich experience in this field. We have exported our equipments to many countries like Egypt, Chile, Argentina, Ethiopia, Zambia, Nigeria, Russia and Turkey etc.

1.Soybean pretreatment flow chart:

Soybean→Materials dosing →Magnetic separation→Cleaning→crusher→flaker→ Extrusion Puffing →Counter-current drying→To leaching plant

Main process description:

Extrusion section

Process feature:

Pretreatment process feature:

1) Different combinations of process can process various oil plants in one workshop.

2) Use special intensified pretreatment technology for aroma peanut oil to make it more aroma.

3) Adopt advanced and reliable shelling technology to meet higher requirements for protein content in meal.

4) Extrusion treatment is used for raw materials with hard extraction, large-sized powder, and large capacity, which can reduce residual oil and solvent consumption, and increase the capacity by 50-80%.

5) The new technology of shelling and low-temperature treatment can ensure high protein and least denaturation.

Economic and technical parameters

Steam consumption:Soybean≤90kg/t Materials(Soybean moisture12%,Temperature:20°C)

Power consumption:365.95KW(Installed power)

Soybean extrusion cake quality:

Moisture ≤10%

Temperature 55°C~60°C

Oil content 19-24%

2.Extraction flow chart

Material embryos→Extraction→Wet meal→Evaporation→Cooling→Product meal packing

Mixed oil→Filter→Negative pressure evaporation → Crude oil

Solvent recovery

Negative pressure evaporation advantages:

• 30-500 TPD soya bean oil expeller mill evaporation features high efficiency, thorough de-solvation and low solvent consumption in crude oil.

• Use the second steam of desolventizer toaster and remaining steam from steam jet pump as the heat source of the first steam, which can save energy, reduce the condenser configuration area and save investment.

• Due to the low temperature of the steam, the crude oil features light color, good quality and low residual solvent.

Main economic and technical parameters:

500T/D Solvent Extraction Plant


Residual oil in meal

≤ 1% (Soybean)


Solvent consumption

≤ 1.5Kg/T (N-hexane)


Crude oil moisture and volatile matter

≤ 0.30%


Power consumption

Installed capacity:320KW


Steam consumption

≤ 280Kg/T (0.8MPa)


Water consumption

0.3t/T soybean cake


Finished meal moisture

≤ 10-13% (adjustable)


Urease activity



Residual solvent in finished meal

≤ 100PPM (qualified detonated experiment)


Mechanical impurity

≤ 0.20%


Continuous Oil Refining Process Introduction

Alkali hot water

Crude oil→filter→mix→reactor→mix→reactor→centrifugal separation→oil residue

↑ ↓

Phosphoric acid hot water→mix ↓

↓ ↓

degumming oil←cooler←dry←centrifuge separation←mix←alkali liquor

↓ ↓

↓ 30-500 TPD soya bean oil expeller mill steam jet pump← steam citric acid

↓ ↓ ↓

↓ ↓ ↓

bleaching earth→mix→decoloring→filter→decoloring oil→ mix→ heat

refined oil←filter←cool←deodorizing←30-500 TPD soya bean oil expeller mill

Oil Refining Workshop Exterior

text-align: center;

Part of Deodorization Tower

Process characteristics of 3T/D edible oil refining equipment.

Process description:

The whole process of intermittent refining:

Oil inlet→heating up→deacidification→dealkalizing→washing 2-3 times→dry dehydration. The total time is about 24 hours.

According to the difference of alkali thickness and oil temperature, the process of dealkalizing is divided into two types, one is low temperature with thick alkali (its initial temperature is 20 ~ 30 , alkali thickness is 20 ~ 30 Be) and another one is high temperature with light alkali (its initial temperature is 75 , alkali thickness is 10 to 16 Be). The former is generally applied and the latter is mainly used for crude oil which has low acid value, light clour and lustre, and less impurity.

I. Low temperature with thick alkali:

Adjust the oil temperature to 20~30, then put in 20~30Be alkali liquor in 5~10 minutes, and stir it about 20~60 minutes on condition of 60r/m. Increasing the temperature slowly when notice the separate of neatsoap after reacted, 1 per minute, when it reach 60, stop stiring, keep still and make soap feet settlement, it will takes nearly 6~8 hours, then let out the soapstock.

. High temperature light alkali operation:

Firstly,determine the alkali thickness in accordance with the alkali value of crude oil(according to the table below), account the alkali and water added in, when the alkali value is under 5, for each unit acid value, the total water added into per ton oil is 23 kg. When the alkali value is over 5, no more than 12% of the oil heavy, the exceeded alkali is only 0.005~0.002%.

Crude oil alkali value





Alkali thickness Be






When operating, first mix the crude oil, heat the temperature to be 70 ~ 75 diluted saline or phosphoric acid (concentration 90%) , when particles appear, add alkali, then continue to stir for 40 ~ 50 minutes and heat up to be 90 ~ 95 until soap grain obviously separated, and put into nigre after 2 ~ 3 hours' static.

. Washing:

After releasing the nigre, grease heated up to boom 90, then add in the hot water for washing, stirring. Water temperature should be about 5 ~ 10 higher than the oil temperature, for low water temperature tends to emulsification. After adding the water, continue to stir for 5 minutes, then rest 4 hours for precipitation, and release the soap water, wash 2 ~ 3 times depending on the oil quality and decide. Washed oil slowly heated up to 105, stirred dehydration for 1 hour, washed oil can also direct inhaled decoloring pot and 30-500 TPD soya bean oil expeller mill drying 30 minutes.

Method of operate for descoloring

Start the 30-500 TPD soya bean oil expeller mill pump,30-500 TPD soya bean oil expeller mill degree ≥700mmHg

First, after washing of alkali refining inhaled decoloring pot, stirring, at the same time warming up to 90 , and stir another 30 minutes, decrease moisture below 0.1%, then inhale a few decoloring agents "white earth, activated carbon >, the quantity depends on the oil color, generally, oil amount 2 ~ 4%, stirring 30 minutes, cooled to 70 , use compressed air pressure to filter oil machines to separate the white earth and oil, then get decoloring oil.

Method of operate for deodorizating

l By 30-500 TPD soya bean oil expeller mill pump oil bleaching inhaled deodorization pot, up to 755 mmHg in 30-500 TPD soya bean oil expeller mill degree , begin distillation and deodorization timing;

l Deodorizating time : 4 Hours

l Deodorization temperature: 240/755mmHg~260/759mmHg

l Deodorization 30-500 TPD soya bean oil expeller mill degree: above 755mmHg

l There is steam distillation during the whole timing process.

l After deodorization, shut off the direct steam in 30-500 TPD soya bean oil expeller mill condition , close conduction oil,open the valve for cooling water.,until the oil temperature nearly 40~80 ,shut off the 30-500 TPD soya bean oil expeller mill pump valve,make test of the oil sample,if it is passed inspection,packing and finish all the manufacturing of edible oil.


l Both short mixed and long mixed process are adapted in washing sector, which ensures washing effectiveness.

l Equipped with vertical leaf filter to remove used bentonite from the oil, operating conveniently and continuously, low laboring tense, keeps environment well, keeps oil residence in deposable bleaching earth in low level.

l Due to accurate stirring method, decreased the maximum distance between the oil of cooling facet so as to ensure the same temperature of crystal with same quality. Better guaranteed that in the process of crystallization, crystal will not cluster in a intense area.

l Flexible system, cooling curve can be easily altered by changing water temperature, thus the kinds of products can be changed easily.

The main economic technical parameters:

Capacity T/D


Steam consumption

900KG/T oil

Electric consumption:

28Kwh/T oil

Water(soften water)

150Kg/T oil

Phosphoric acid

2~3 kg/T oil


Acid valuex1-3kg/T oil

Circulating water cooling water yield


Bleaching earth consumption


Waste bleaching earth oil content

Refining losses

Acid valuex1.2(chemical refining)

acid valuex

0.6(physics refining)

Bleaching losses

The quantity of bleaching earth×0.25%

Deodorization loss consumption


Refining rate

1-refining consumption %

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Contact Information

30-500 TPD soya bean oil expeller mill Systems range in size from the Introductory 1-liter and 5-liter models to the larger 2000psi Mid-range Production and 5000psi which are expandable up to 40 liters and 80 liters, respectively. Our largest 5000psi Production system is capable of processing up to 100 pounds of material per day!
In addition to designing and manufacturing new systems, 30-500 TPD soya bean oil expeller mill and sells used and refurbished systems from our Introductory trade in program – a great option for businesses just getting started or who want to increase their with minimal capital investment.

30-500 TPD soya bean oil expeller mill Function: is an oil extractor through soaking or spraying prepressed cake by a certain organic solvent. The principle of this part is the different solubility of solvent.
30-500 TPD soya bean oil expeller mill Use range: fits for pre-press extraction of high oil- content materials and direct once time extraction of low-oil-content materials.
30-500 TPD soya bean oil expeller mill Main parts: making series includes rotary extractor, toaster, 1st evaporator, 2nd evaporator, stripping tower, condenser, etc.


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