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Crushing equipment-oil pretreatment equipment Crushing equipment-oil pretreatment equipment Crushing equipment-oil pretreatment equipment

Crushing equipment-oil pretreatment equipment

Crushing equipment-oil pretreatment equipment...
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Product Description

Crushing equipment-oil pretreatment equipment

Crushing equipment,oilseed crushing using the method of mechanical process called broken will fuel particle size smaller.Broken purpose, for the large oil, is to change its size to flaking;For squeeze cakes, bread is to make the block size is moderate, to leach or pressing for the second time to create the good conditions of oil.Breakage is often used in soybean, peanut, oil palm kernel, copra, tung seed and tea seed particles larger oil or squeeze the bread.

Product Description Introduction of seed oil pretreatment machine and pre-pressing machine Cold oil press machine refers to the process of machanically separating oil while crushing and pressing the oil seeds using only the application of pressure. There is no addition of heat and other chemicals during the process operation. Our cold oil press is best suitable for expelling oil from different oil seeds such as white sesame seed, black sesame seed, almond, peanut, coconut etc. The percentage oil extraction in cold press machine is slightly low as compared to the mechanical oil expellers. But the advantage of this machine is that the cold press machine gives purified oil with better aroma and fragrance.By using a cold oil press machine, the natural structure of the oil is maintained along with all its natural characteristics, we manufacture various capacity cold press machines having different designs and unique characteristics.

The raw materials for oil producting cover soybean, peanut, cotton seed, sunflower seed, palm kernel, sesame and so on. They are the most common oilseeds and have lots of advantages such as high quality and high output.

Pre-treatment for seed oil pressing equipment

oil seed → cleaning destorticating → shelling → crushing → flaking → cooking

→oil pressing → refining → finished oil

Oil extraction workshop for seed oil pressing equipment

Solvent extraction process of seed oil production line include: extraction, desolventizer, Evaporative system, condenser.

Oil extraction, can be regarded as solid - liquid extraction. It’s use solvent has different solubility for different raw material to separate oil from the cakes.

Oil refining workshop of seed oil pressing equipment

Oil Refinery process of seed oil production line is refining crude oil generally are Physical and chemical refining include Deodorization, degumming,deacidification, ,decoloring, dewaxing

New technology of HNLY supply oil prodcuting machinery
Based on the advanced technology and professional team, our company provides you with the high quality, top service and good price oil machinery. Henan Institute of Grain Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is always your sincere partner!

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Henan Institute Of Grain Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is established driven by the academy of Henan University of Technology. As a large joint-stock enterprise integrating technology, manufacturer and sales, our company is specializing in the production of grain and oil producing equipment, agricultural and sideline machinery.

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1. we provide professional technical advising to assemble most suitable machines to you according to the features of your raw material

2. we provide 12 months warranty for our machine
3. we can send our engineers to you to install the complete production line and train your staff
4. we have enginer team to make design for you according to your factory building, we can design technical drawing for you for the installation
5. we have large quantity spare parts in stock, whenever you need spare parts, we can deliver it to you by flight whin 15 days

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uses the deffatted soya/peanut flour as the raw materials. By high temperature and presser,Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. the materials can reorgnized and shaped into different shapes by Crushing equipment-oil pretreatment equipment , such as pipe, stick,ball, pellets, pillow and so on. As the line make more concentrated and healthy protein, has become the most popular line in all the world.

Crushing equipment-oil pretreatment equipment relies on additional energy being supplied that’s preferentially absorbed by the solvents in the process to enhance evaporation Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. . are a form of electromagnetic energy (300 Mhz–300 GHz), Crushing equipment-oil pretreatment equipment generated by magnetrons under the combined force of perpendicular electric and magnetic fields by .

This mixer Crushing equipment-oil pretreatment equipment is three layers and including cooling, heating and heating insulation. is mainly suitable for preparation of foodstuff.Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. pharmacy and liquid detergents (such as liquid soap,cleanser essence, shampoo and shower cream etc.).Crushing equipment-oil pretreatment equipment Integrating blending, homogenizing dispersing, heating and cooling etc functions, the reacting machine is an ideal device for liquid preparation in various factories.


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