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food powder crusher machine food powder crusher machine food powder crusher machine

food powder crusher machine

can automatically finish raw materials preparation, extrusion, shaping, cutting, drying and flavoring at a time.food powder crusher machine has the advantages of more machines...
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Product Description

can automatically finish raw materials preparation, extrusion, shaping, cutting, drying and flavoring at a time.food powder crusher machine has the advantages of more machines choice, flexible and diverse configurations, wide range of raw materials application, numerous in products variety and easy opration. food powder crusher machine can make the puffed snacks, corn bars, corn sticks and so on. After being puffed by , the products are crispy, easy to digest and unique taste. They are the perfect leisure food for food powder crusher machine consumers.

of food powder crusher machine comprises of U-shape barrel,transmisstion parts and ribbon agitating blades usually have doubleor triple layers with outside screw gathering material from side to center and inside screw transmitting the material from center of food powder crusher machine to sides to form convection mix.food powder crusher machine has a very good effect for mixing spice or dry powder with liquid.

comes from defatted soy flour, which is a by-product of soybean oil, so it is plentiful in supply. food powder crusher machine is also quick to cook and a great source of vegetable protein without all the fat.food powder crusher machine uses the newest production equipments. are researched and developed according to the market demand and basing on the advanced equipments. Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. food powder crusher machine has become the serialization and many kinds of collocations can meet the different customer's needs.

food powder crusher machine

Electrical stone miller machine, it can process many kinds of grain, such as sesame, soybean, rice, wheat and so on. Stone miller is made of natural white sandstone plum. Low working speed, low milling temperature, won’t broken nutrition ingredient of raw material. Food contact part and machine appearance all are made of 304 stainless steel.

Fully automatic: one person to operate a machine with automatic feeding, automatic baskets surface multipurposed

it can be processed peanut, sesame wheat, corn, beans, rice, spices.

Low-temperature processing, authentic.

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wheat /rice/corn flour grinding stone mill

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The use of advanced technology professional production equipment combined with traditional stone sesame oil, sesame paste, peanut butter stone. Fine grinding stone with sesame oil, the oil is high, heat, grind not change color, long life advantages. Sesame oil stone mechanical transmission part adopts differential, with transfer torque, long life and other advantages of stainless steel base as a whole package, beautiful, safe, and sanitary. Sesame, peanut butter taste pure, grind sesame oil is rich in nutritional value, promote appetite, help digestion, contains large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, minerals, etc., can reduce the accumulation of body fat.

1.For the single machine,we will provide proper model according to customers requirement.

2.For the non-standard equipments and production line,our engineer will design machine layout according to customer workshop and Product processing technology

3.We send engineers and technicians to customers’ factory to install the machine and train the worker for the production line.

4.We can provide the machine parts all the time.

5.We will reply your inquiry and email within 24 hours.

1.Q:what kind of material that the stone mill can process

A:It can mill sesame/peanut/coconut into butter, tea and all kind of grain into powder and soybean mill.

2.Q: Which kind flour mill you can processed ?
A: we can offer wheat flour mill and maize / corn flour mill

3.Q: what is the basic processing step ?
A: Full automatic line :
Cleaning the raw material------Milling the material into flour--------Packing the flour into bags

4.Q:Which kind final products we can get form the wheat flour mill? And the usage of the products ?

A: Semolina(very high gluten)-----Pasta
Strong flour (gluten >13%)------Bread
Plain flour (gluten 9%-12%)-------Noodle,Steamed bread
Soft flour (gluten

5.Q :Which kind final products we can get from the maize / corn flour mill ?
A: maize flour, maize grits (meal),maize germ, bran and animal fodder .

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