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hot sale fish feed expander production line hot sale fish feed expander production line hot sale fish feed expander production line

hot sale fish feed expander production line

can automatically finish raw materials preparation, extrusion, shaping, cutting, drying and flavoring at a time.hot sale fish feed expander production line has the advantages...
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Product Description

can automatically finish raw materials preparation, extrusion, shaping, cutting, drying and flavoring at a time.hot sale fish feed expander production line has the advantages of more machines choice, flexible and diverse configurations, wide range of raw materials application, numerous in products variety and easy opration. hot sale fish feed expander production line can make the puffed snacks, corn bars, corn sticks and so on. After being puffed by , the products are crispy, easy to digest and unique taste. They are the perfect leisure food for hot sale fish feed expander production line consumers.

of hot sale fish feed expander production line comprises of U-shape barrel,transmisstion parts and ribbon agitating blades usually have doubleor triple layers with outside screw gathering material from side to center and inside screw transmitting the material from center of hot sale fish feed expander production line to sides to form convection mix.hot sale fish feed expander production line has a very good effect for mixing spice or dry powder with liquid.

comes from defatted soy flour, which is a by-product of soybean oil, so it is plentiful in supply. hot sale fish feed expander production line is also quick to cook and a great source of vegetable protein without all the fat.hot sale fish feed expander production line uses the newest production equipments. are researched and developed according to the market demand and basing on the advanced equipments. Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. hot sale fish feed expander production line has become the serialization and many kinds of collocations can meet the different customer's needs.

hot sale fish feed expander production line

Product Description

Introduction of fish feed expander production line

The designing is to be made based on the customer’s demand as well as the local conditions, investment and future profits are other factors that are put into serious consideration when designing. I will use DGP70 as an example to describe in detail the entire production line need machines and their respective characteristics.Our factory can make proper adjustments according to your specific requirements.


Pellet production line by adjusting raw materials, process parameters such as temperature, moisture, so that products with novel shapes, unique taste, nutrient-rich, organic fine features, suitablefor different pets. The pellet production lines widely

used in dogs, cats, fish, foxes, birds and various pet food production,is the ideal choice for manufacturer .

Fish feed production line

1. crushing indoor hammer rotating kept hitting material crushing, comminuted material through shredders on the fan out, most of the material gathered through the aggregate Chakroun discharged, the lighter dust collection bag through customs wind discharged into hopper
2. screw elevator to transport materials from the ground to the next connected device or silo, vertical hybrid electro-mechanical machine driven by high-speed rotation allow material to be fully mixed evenly. Cutting device and stepless feed material extrusion
3. expansion of material by pneumatic conveying equipment and dryers to dry the material and processed by spraying machines and counter flow cooler, the material can smooth out the machine.
4. quantitative automatic packaging, displays the cumulative weight, size, operation is simple and quick. A control system, used to control in addition to a host of other equipment to make the operation easier. Control of the whole line more.

Pellet production line equipment configuration and functionality


Type 400 hammer mill through the crushing Chamber hammer rotating kept hitting material crushing, the side fan, crushed materials through the fan exhaust fan negative pressure drain and improve efficiency. Crushing fineness only needs to replace the different size screen.

The mill's power is 7.5kw, output is 200-300kg/h. overall dimensions are 1350*930*1250mm, the overall weight is 220kg.

2.Aggregate Chakroun, bag and bin

Crushed material through shredders on the fan, and after most of the material gathered through the Chakroun of aggregate from the lighter dust collection bag through customs wind discharged into hopper.

Discharge of power of the machine is 0.75kw, 0.5-1.0 m hopper capacity. overall dimensions are 1200*1000*3200mm, the overall weight is 240kg.

3.Screw elevator

Outer barrel is made of seamless steel tubes welded together, which is composed of helical blade and spindles welded together, driven by motor spindle running, by ground transport the items to the next connected device or silo, simple structure, convenient operation, good sealing, low prices. Generally used for transporting grains or powder materials, not suitable for conveying granular sticky, fragile and easy caking of material.

Screw elevator power is 1.5kw, output is 300-400kg/h. overall dimensions are 3000*820*630mm, the overall weight is 75kg.

4.Vertical mixer

50kg vertical mixer, the barrel is stainless steel, equipped with mixing shaft, motor driven high-speed rotation allow material to be fully mixed evenly.

Vertical mixing machine power 7.5kW, a batch of feed 50kg, time 5-10 minutes. overall dimensions 1200*620*960mm, weight 240kg.

5.Feed extruder machine

Adopting stepless speed regulation feeding and cutting device, there are set the axis to prevent the hopper material with arch. Feed speed can be adjusted according to the material situation. Motor adjusting speed to control the cutting length, cutting thickness. Cutting tool using soft knife, blade flexibility and mold close, low cost does not produce burrs, and cutting blades. External extrusion cavity equipped with temperature control of electric heating devices, auxiliary heating, improved applicability of extruder for raw materials. By adjusting the formula, mould may be aquatic (buoyant material, immersion materials, food, etc), pets (such as cat food, dog food), livestock (pigs, chicken, ducks, etc) such as pelleted feed. Simple and cost-effective.

Extruder motor power of main 18.5kw, feeding power 0.4kw, cutting power to 0.4kw. production 180-200kg/h. overall dimensions are 1650*1400*1350mm, total weight 600kg.

6.Pneumatic conveying equipment

Pneumatic conveying equipment through the top of the fan exhaust fan negative pressure pumps material, and material evenly over the bottom discharger discharges. Does not damage the integrity of the particles in the transportation process and ease of movement and adjustment, and at the time of delivery to some cooling effect.

Fan power 2.2kw, discharging power 0.75kw. production 200-400kg/h. overall dimensions are 750*600*1800mm, total weight 120kg.


Electric-heating mesh-belt drier, belt is made of stainless steel material, resistant to high temperatures and corrosion. Material by feeding device for uniform tiling on the net, net uniform rotation, falling from above the first layer to the second floor and then into bottom discharge, configured on the dryer cycle hot air fans and exhaust fans, make drying more uniform. Mesh belt motor for variable-frequency adjustable-speed can be adjusted according to the drying effect, particle diameter in order to achieve the drying effect.

Dryer heating power 15-18kw, network power 1.5kW, exhaust fan power 0.37kw ,circulating air fan power 0.15kw. production 150-200kg/h. overall dimensions 3200*1100*1550mm, weight 580kg.

8.Spray oil-drum roller

Single-drum machine, drum for all stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean. Material from drum high end into, through built-in of nozzle will liquid of oil, and lure food agent, and trace elements, uniform of spray in particles surface, nozzle of another end connection of pump and insulation oil tube, oil tube has heating function can in electric control box Shang adjustment temperature, makes additives keep must temperature, even in temperature more end of of situation Xia also not solidification and effect spray effect.

Engine power 0.75kw, pumps power 0.37kw. Output is 200-250kg/h. overall dimensions are 2450*650*1450mm, the overall weight is 190kg.

9.Reflux condenser

Countercurrent cooler is made of steel plate and angle Iron, and slot steel welding and into, material through pneumatic conveying device Shang of closed wind device uniform of into to cooling indoor, each batch into material about 50 kg around, can stop into material, into material of while started Chakroun above installation of wind machine, cold from cooling device bottom of row material mouth into, through material layer will heat and more light of dust away, dust will fell to Shaq Dragon within, regularly cleanup can.General cooling time for each batch of 8- 10 minutes cooling time to manually open after discharging material discharge closed again after feeding.

Fan power 2.2kw, 50kg item can be batch required time was 10-15 minutes. Size of host is 950*900*2150mm, Chakroun size is 700*600*2300mm, the overall weight is 280kg.

10.Quantitative packaging

Quantitative automatic packaging, using new dual display instrument Meter of high precision, stable performance, can display cumulative weight, size, operation is simple and quick. Wide weight range, high accuracy, with the elevated conveyor sewing machine or heat seal sealer, one machine with high efficiency. Adopts imported sensor, actuator, reliable, easy to maintain, and no pollution. Shell Advanced Spray technology, with the material contact part use 304 stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, long service life of equipment.

Quantitative power pack is 0.75kw, can handle 300 bags an hour of material, each about 25kg. overall dimensions are 2650*800*2740mm, the overall weight is 490kg.

11.Control system

Used to control in addition to a host of other equipment to make the operation easier. Control of the whole line more.

The final products of different diameters

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We sell a single machine, and machines throughout the production line. Accepted customized.

Packaging & Shipping

Floating fish feed extruder packaging with two layers, first layers is in PP bags,the second packing in the plywood cases.

For the single machine, we use the plywood cases for packing, and for the whole container machine, we will ask the shipping company send one container to our factory and we will loading ourself, to make sure the machine are carefully loading and delivery

Our Services

Pre-sales services
* Any concerns of our machine by email/phone will be replied ASAP within 24 hours
* According to the customers’ requirements and circumstance to make the best design
* Cost/benefit analysis
* To support factory layout

In the sale of services
* We are in charge of installing,debugging and training
* Technical guidance of frequently asked questions

After-sales service
* One year guarantee for whole machine except of quick-wear part
* 24 hours technical support by email/phone
* Calling, network or door-to-door service
* Use friendly English software, user manual and detailed Videos/CD

Company InformationCompany Information @key@

HENAN MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT COMPANY LIMITED is a manufacturer of machines with well equipped testing equipment and strong technical force.We own import & export rights and

mainly produce small and medium agriculture machinery and a range of supporting facilities. There are 6 branches company and a research institute,Now, We integrate the research, development, production, and sale together. We welcome new and old customers from all walks of life to contact us for future business relationships and achieving mutual success!

FAQ Q. Finished time
The production line will be finished in 30-40 days after confirmation.
Q. Payment Term
30% is paid by T/T as the down payment, 70% is paid by T/T or L/C before shipment.
Q. Delivery Time
When the machines are finished, we will invite you to our factory for testing machine.
then we will arrange the worker to load container promptly after all corresponding inspection issues finished.Q: What kind of raw materials should I use?
A: Soybean meal,wheat meal,corn meal,flour,bone meal,meat meal,fish meal etc.Finess in 60-80 mesh.
Q: How long does the fish feed pellet float on the water surface?
A: The feed pellets made by our machine can float on the water surface for over 24 hours. While the floating time can be adjusted when the pellets are extruded.
Q: Does the machine can only make feed pellets for fish?
A: No. It’s not only can make high-grade aquatic feed pellets for fish, catfish, shrimps, crab etc., but also can make pellets for cat, dog, etc.
Q: What size of pellet can be made by your machine?
A: The size of pellet is based on the diameter of the die moulds. We can customized die moulds with diameter of 0.9-15mm.
Q: Do you supply the fish feed production line?
A: Yes. We can supply a fish feed product line include feed hammer mill, powder mixer, fish feed pellet extruder, feed pellet dryer, fish feed pellet cooler, fish feed pellet weighing and packing machine. The capacity is from 100-4000kg/h.
Q: Is there a formula of making fish feed pellet?
A: It totally based on the situation of your fish. We can offer free formula to our customers.


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