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Strongwin small feed plant pellet production making line Strongwin small feed plant pellet production making line Strongwin small feed plant pellet production making line

Strongwin small feed plant pellet production making line

Strongwin small feed plant pellet production making line Product Description 1. small pellet production making line introduction A. complete feed pellet making line...
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Product Description

Strongwin small feed plant pellet production making line

Product Description

1. small pellet production making line introduction

A. complete feed pellet making line include feed hammer mill, feed mixer, feed pellet machine,cooling machine, packing system. it can make all kinds of animal feed pellet. usually for poultry feed, cattle,cow,sheep. etc.
B. in the complete chicken feed production line , the machine machine is feed pellet machine which can be used singly.
C. we have agents in Russia, South Africa,South Korea,Sudan,Oman,Yemen,Thailand, etc.
and for all of our pellet machine past CE,ISO,SGS certificate. and we use Strongwin small feed plant pellet production making line motor,SKF NSK Bearing. so for the machine quality, it's very competitive. meanwhile, for our machine body thickness, it's 2mm thick than standard.

Advantages of Feed Pellets

  • Decreased ingredient segregation
  • Decreased feed wastage
  • Easy storage and transportation
  • Improved palatability
  • Reduced selective feeding
  • Destruction of pathogenic organisms

Production Flow

Equipment Related to Complete small plant pellet production
Feed Grinder →Feed Mixer → Feed Pellet Mill → Counterflow Cooler → Feed Pellets Crumbler → Feed Pellets Grading Sieve → Automatic Weighing and Packing Machine

  • Raw Materials for Feed Pelletizing

The feed pellets are usually made of corn, brown rice, paddy, sorghum and soybean meal etc.

  • Raw Material Grinding Process

The feed grinder can grind the raw material ingredients to the required size. The grind fitness is different of different grinders. We supply four types of feed grinders. The hammer mills are suitable for small-sized or medium-sized feed pelletizing plants. The wide chamber fine grinders and water drop hammer mills are usually used in large-sized and medium-sized feed pelletizing factories. The ultra fine feed grinder is designed for grinding raw materials of special aquatic feed.

  • Feed Material Mixing Process

Mixing is considered to be one of the essential operations in feed pellet processing. Lack of proper mixing may lead to reduced diet uniformity, affecting the feed pellet quality. We supply two kinds of high efficiency feed mixers: twin-shaft mixer for mixing powdered or particle materials and screw belt mixer for mixing powdered materials. Both of them can be equipped with atomizing spraying system to add needed liquids, which can improve the feed pellet quality.

  • Feed Pelletizing Process

Feed pellet mill is the main equipment of the whole production line. There are two common kind of feed pellet mills: ring die feed pellet mill and flat die feed pellet mill. If you want to produce feed pellets with large quantity, the ring die feed pellet mill is the ideal choice. If your demanded quantity is small, you can choose the flat die feed pellet mill. Also, we supply the aquatic feed pellet mill for pressing fish feed pellets and shrimp feed pellets etc. If you have more question about customized feed pellet production requirement, please feel free to contact us for more support.

  • Feed Pellet Cooling Process

The feed pellets pressed out by the feed pellet mill are hot and moist. They can’t be crushed, screened or packed immediately. Counterflow feed pellet cooler is designed to cool or dry the feed pellets. It can decrease the temperature and moisture of the feed pellets, preparing for the following processes.

  • Feed Pellet Crushing Process

Different poultry, livestock or aquatic feed pellets are with different sizes. Some big ones should be crushed into small ones. Roll type feed pellet crumbler is just the equipment for feed pellet crushing. Double-roll feed pellet crumbler is suitable for crushing poultry feed, such as chicken feed, duck feed and goose feed etc. Three-roll feed pellet crumbler is suitable to crush aquatic feed including fish feed and shrimp feed etc.


2. small plant pellet production data:

Small feed mini pellet line
Capacity(t/h) 1-2 2-4 2-6
Power(kw) 65 120 150
Cover Area(m) 7*3*8.2 10.5*5.5*11 11.5*5.5*12
Main Parts

hammer mill, mixer,

pelletizer, cooler

hammer mill, mixer,

pelletizer, cooler

hammer mill, mixer,

pelletizer, cooler

3.The main equipment parameters of the small pellet production making line

pellet machine





SZLH 400

SZLH 420


Main Motor Power (kw)







Conditioner Power (kw)







Dia of mould (mm)







Feeder Power (kw)







Size of Finished pellets (mm)







Yeild (t/h) for animal feed








4. pellet making line CE ISO SGS certificate

Packaging & Shipping

Packing condition

Wooden or metal case according to specific size of each equipment, we twine thick plastic coating for each machine.
Tight the equipment in the truck without space to ensure no rubbing during the transportation.


Q: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
A:we are the manufacturer , which has about 19 years experience, has own research and development team.

Q:i know little for feed machine and production line , what should i do ?
A:please tell us your requirement, such as what kind of feed you want produce, the output you want per hour, how many raw materials you use and so on, we will design the flow diagram for you, and further our engineer will designer the whole feed factory for you depend on your site.

Q:our worker can not know how to operation the production line, what should i do?
A:we has installation and after-sale service team, our engineer can go to give customer installation guide. If customer need, our whole engineer team also go to customer's country.

Q:if the machine has a little mistake when produce and can not solve, what should i do?
A: please contact us immediately, by email, SKYPE, or telphone. Our worker will give you the solution.


ONE: Pursue the highest level of Feed Processing Machinery in China,encourage customer to inspect machineries by caliper and calculator. Select Strongwin small feed plant pellet production making line Motor,Choose Swedish SKF Bearing.

TWO: Transform factory into university,build the most professional training & trusteeship team in Chinese feed industry,Ensuring that Strongwin Machinery can be running in a healthy condition by remote supervisory control and nanny trusteeship service.

THREE: Material thickness of main equipment is more than feed machinery standard 2mm,you can weigh and contrast -- Please pick up the caliper and calculator to inspect.

Contact Details

Our feed pelletizing solutions feature great flexibility. According to different feed types, different output configuration can be customized. There are great after-service and pelletizing solutions. If you are intended to start your business to make feed pellets in small or large scale, please do not hesitate to contact us for details.

Looking forward to cooperating with Friends all over the world.

Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating science, industry and trade. It is committed to the development of Strongwin small feed plant pellet production making line expanded snack food equipment, tissue protein equipment, pasta/macaroni equipment, corn flakes production line, pet food equipment and experimental extruders, etc. Development, production and sales.
Strongwin small feed plant pellet production making line's screw has a taper, so there are unequal gaps between the sleeve and the material. When the screw rotates, the material will be pushed forward, resulting in shear deformation and internal friction, so that the mechanical energy becomes thermal energy and variable performance. Strongwin small feed plant pellet production making line can produce a variety of pasta products, now can produce rice flour, hollow powder and other product technology has matured.

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