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Algeria market popular sales poultry feed pellet making production line,output 1-2t/h Algeria market popular sales poultry feed pellet making production line,output 1-2t/h Algeria market popular sales poultry feed pellet making production line,output 1-2t/h

Algeria market popular sales poultry feed pellet making production line,output 1-2t/h

Algeria market popular sales poultry feed pellet making production line,output 1-2t/h Video On Algeria market popular sales poultry feed pellet making production...
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Product Description

Algeria market popular sales poultry feed pellet making production line,output 1-2t/h

Video On Algeria market popular sales poultry feed pellet making production line,output 1-2t/h: https://youtu.be/MPu3r828ASA

Product Description

HKJ-250 Ring Die Poultry Chicken Feed Pellet Making Production Line Brief Specification:

HKJ-250 Poultry feed pellet production line is our company popular sales animal pellet feed making plant,it can process all kinds of grain feed into pellet feed,use to meet customer feeding chicken,duck,pig,cattle,rabbit,sheep,etc feed pellet demand. The feed pellet making line production capacity around 1-1.5ton per hour. During pellet line produce pellet feed,it also can also produce mash feed for chicken or pig feed,output 1.5-2 ton per hour.
HKJ-250 Poultry Chicken Feed Pellet Making Production Line Main Advantage:
(1) The ring die feed pellet making line can both produce mash feed,pellet feed,crumb feed.
(2) Feed pellet production line compact structure,low noise and less dust,durable in use and easy to maintenance.
(3)Ring die feed pellet machine can very good to keep all kinds of trace elements in raw materials, animal feed intake, conducive to digestion and absorption,by steam boiler and steam cooking,can improve feed pellet quality and grade.
(4) After feed pellet cooling,feed pellet appearance is neat, smooth surface,high density, easy store and transport.

HKJ-250 Poultry Chicken Feed Pellet Making Equipment Line Including Following Process:
Feed raw materials receiving and cleaning process, crushing process, mixing process, pellet making process, pellet cooling process, (pellet crumbling process), sifting process and pellet feed packaging process.Introduction Of Chicken Feed Pellet Production Line Main Production Section:

Section1. Horizontal Feed Hammer Mill And Mixer:(Crush and mix feed 2t/h,Produce Mash Feed)

Section 2. HKJ-250 Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine:(Produce feed pellet 1-1.5t/h,Produce Pellet Feed)

Ring Die Feed Pellet Mill Machine Can Use Steam Boiler System Match Steam Conditioner:

Professional Ring Die Animal Feed Pellet Mill Machine Main Model:

Item NO. HKJ-200 HKJ-250 HKJ-300 SZLH-320 SZLH-350 SZLH-420 SZLH-508
Capacity(t/h) 0.4-0.6 0.8-1.5 1.5-2.5 2-4 3-6 3-12 4-15
Main Power(kw) 15 22 30 37 55 110 132
Feeder Power(kw) 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75 1.5 1.5
Conditoner(kw) 0 2.2 2.2 2.2 2.2 5.5 5.5
Inside Dia(mm) 200 250 300 320 350 420 508
Roller Qty(pc) 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Feeder Speed(rpm) 20-120rpm
Conditioner Speed 360rpm
Feed Pellet Dia


Pellet Shaping Rate

≥ 95%

Steam Pressure 0.1-0.4Mpa
Steam Consumption

≥ 0.1-0.5t

Steam Temperature 130-150°C
Pellet Mill Noise



Use to produce feed pellet for fish/poultry/chicken/rabbit/sheep/cattle/cow farm.

Our Pellet Mill Including Steam Conditioner Ring Die Pellet Mill Have Follow Advantege:

1. Steam conditioner make aging treatment on powder feed material.

The ability of most animal digestion of starch is very low, but easy digestion of cooked starch, conditioning device to make the feed material under the action of heat and hot water, starch gelatinization degree increased significantly, but also promote the material thermal denaturation of protein, denaturation of protein by enzymatic hydrolysis easily, thus improves the digestion of pellet feed utilization rate.
2. Steam conditioner for sterilization processing powder material.Most harmful pathogenic bacteria such as e. coli and salmonella bacteria, not heat-resisting, the conditioning device for material under a certain temperature conditioning can kill the bacteria, guaranteed to feed hygiene standards, through the conditioning device for material sterilization method compared with drug prevention, has the advantage of low cost, no pollution, no drug residues and side effects, etc.
3. Steam conditioning equipment can significantly improve the pellet feed water resistance, in the process of quenched and tempered by through the role of the heat and water vapor, viscosity of the material components manufacture gelatinized starch, modified protein can give full play to the adhesive for bonding around other components effectively, in pressure die roll extrusion With the particles and particle together more closely, to make it more dense granule feedstuff, appearance is bright and clean, not in the process of breeding Vulnerable to water erosion and increase the stability of the water.
4. Steam conditioning equipment can improve the material granulating, increase production capacity, save the energy consumption of the granulating, improve the use life time of pelletizer ring die and roller.

By steam conditioning,feed material softening, more flexible, on the inner wall of the ring die, die and roller appearance of extrusion process, the friction force is reduced,Avoided in the granulating process a large amount of mechanical energy into heat energy, and slows down the ring die and roller wear and tear.

Section 3. Feed Pellet Cooler And Vibration And Packing Silo:(Feed Pellet Cooling and Packing)

Successful HKJ-250 Ring Die Animal Feed Pellet Production Line Install In Uzbekistan Picture:

Produced High Quality Poultry Feed Pellet:(Can Add Pellet Crumbler Produce Crumb Feed)

High Grade HKJ-250 Ring Die Animal Feed Pellet Production Line Exhibtion Hall Picture:

Packaging & Shipping

Full Container or Wooden Box Packaging & Shipping Picture:

Our Services

About Professional Service:
1.We devote to all-round service of all the products from design,offer,production,shipment to maintenance.
2.Our professional after-sales service include:free training,guidance,onsite installation,and debugging.
3.After selling, we provide the warranty of one year and free technical guidance and spares parts supply.
4.If your equipments have any problems, we will help you to solve online or onsite in time.
5.Welcome oversea agents to join us expand internation market.
6.Welcome to contact us for further information! John Double Crane,Win Our Future!

Company Information

Double Crane Machinery Area 67000m² Modern Feed Machinery Production Factory Show:

Shandong Double Crane Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd. is located in economical and technological development zone,Leling city,Shandong province,very close to the expressway from Beijing to Shanghai.Our company is the high and new technological enterprise dedicated to manufacture feed pellet machines and biomass pellet machines to worldwide users.

Sticking to the product developing ideas of simplicity,perfection,quality and innovation,we have been always Algeria market popular sales poultry feed pellet making production line,output 1-2t/hed on designing and manufacturing feed pellet machines and biomass pellet machines since the foundation in 2005.We had cooperated with domestic famous universities like Shandong University,Jinan University and Shandong Agricultural University in feed pellet production line and biomass pellet production line research and development since 2008.We had obtained more than 30 patents and successfully developed 8 series of products,including 60 different kinds of machines. In the feed pellet industry ,we had achieved advanced level in man-machine design,functional design,automatic control and user experience and became the professional pellet mill manufacturer in China.We have strong competitive advantages in feed production line with the capacity of 1-30 tph and biomass pellet complete line with capacity of 1-50tph.Until now,we had installed more than 1200 sets of machines worldwide.

In recent years,our company continuously increase investment.We had invested up to 60 million Yuan to build 19,200 square meters manufacturing base and 10 million Yuan for technological innovation,in-depth automatic and integrative technology development.These investments have greatly promoted the upgrading of the machines,offering best quality solutions for feed industry and biomass pellet industry.Double Crane Machinery is willing to become your partner with our high price-performance products,excellent quality and perfect after-sales service.

Join our company and win our future.

Double Crane Machinery Modern Workshop Picture Show,Welcome To Visit Us:


If you're interested in our feed pellet machines, please kindly tell us the following requirement:

1. What's the feed pellet production capacity do you want?

R:we can supply feed pellet mill or production line with output from 0.1-20t/h.
2. What's your feed raw material and size and feed formula content?

R:Tell us feed material formulation,then we can design the suitable production line based on actual demand.
3. What's the final feed pellet diameter or size do you want?

R:Our equipment can produce feed pellet diameter 2-8mm,for chick feed,we can produce crumb feed particle.
4. What's your country industrial electricity voltage?

R:General standard motor in China work under 380V,50Hz,3Phase,if not match,tell us we can modify motor.

Welcome to contact Jack to inquire detailed design and best offer:

As a leader in the food machinery industry ,we adhere to the principle of honest and trustworthiness all the time,and have a good reputation on the international market.Over the years, we explore and research in extrusion technology, so that the screw extrusion technology application areas are more extensive. Our single and double screw device has been used in the production of snack foods, breakfast cereals: corn chips, fried food, bread crumbs, soybean tissue protein, pet food, over 20 different functions and yield of the production line for choice; also can manufacture special designed according to special requirements the user's.Our products sell well both at home and abroad.Such as Gemany,Italy,Holland,Spain,Russia,Canada,USA,Mexico,Columbia,Japan,SouthKorea,Uzbekistan,Egypt,South Africa and so on.Welcome your enquiry.

3333333 professional production 111111.11111111 is a continuous feeding operation. 22222 production can be used for cattle feed processing, sheep feed processing, horse feed processing, rabbit feed processing, poultry and poultry feed processing, is a new type of small household particle machine, can also be used as feed processing plant Special particle machine, no dust, add the mixed powder feed into the hopper when working, no heating, no water, no drying, once formed by extrusion, the surface of the processed particles is smooth, the hardness is moderate, and the internal curing is deep and transparent. Starch gelatinization, protein coagulation and degeneration, improved nutritional value and digestion and absorption capacity,


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