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ZH-40 Poultry Pluker/ Feather Plucker ZH-40 Poultry Pluker/ Feather Plucker ZH-40 Poultry Pluker/ Feather Plucker

ZH-40 Poultry Pluker/ Feather Plucker

chicken plucker ZH-40 with CE Product Description Detailed: Type ZH-40 Depilation net rate 100% / 15 pcs/time...
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Product Description

chicken plucker ZH-40 with CE

Product Description




Depilation net rate

100% / 15pcs/time



Net Weight


Main axis Rotational speed


Motor Power


Machine Dimension


Depilate object


Unit price

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1.Used in quail,pigeon and birds' feather plucking

2.Elegant in style and compact in structure

3.With feather plucking of high efficiency4.Electric motor from famous factory having stable performance,high efficiency and electricity saving

5.With easy operation and timen and energy saving

6.Less in land,lighter in weight,easy to moveble

How to use plucker

1. Scald the poultry after slaughtered by hot water of 65-80 degree.

2. Then turn on the machine,put the scalded poultry into the machine(ginger,potato

and fish can put into directly).

3. After 10 seconds working,turn on the tap,and wash away the removed feather,

then take out thepoultry.

4. The whole process of process quail is about 20seconds

Packaging & Shipping

Company Information

The advantages of Our factory as following:

1. Our factory is more large-scale than other small factory.We have professional production line and skilled worker.

2.Our factory has CE certificate. And all the incubators meet the european standard. And all the incubators has the warranty of three years. We will give you the best quality in the same price.

3. Due to the high volume production, we could give you the best price than other small factories. We will give you the best price in the same quality.

If you have chance to come to China, welcome to our factory.

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Our Services

Our products warranty : 3yrs, any problem,don't hesitate to contact me,thanks.

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Q:This is my first time to import, how can I trust your company and ensure to get the goods if I order from you?

A:We are ZH-40 Poultry Pluker/ Feather Plucker legitimate certification company (VIP), and we support payment terms: L/C.Escrow, to ensure your safety.

Q:There are too many models, i don't know which one to choose.

A: Welcome to contact us through ZH-40 Poultry Pluker/ Feather Plucker,we will recommend according to your requirement. If during closing time or weekend,Please send mail to us,we will response within 24 hours.

Q: How to ensure that I received the machine undamaged?

A: At first , our package is standard for shipping, before sign in, please cfm product undamage, otherwse, pls contact with us within 2days, we've bought insurance for you, we or shipping company will be responsible!

ZH-40 Poultry Pluker/ Feather Plucker is used to pluck the feather after scalding, Chicken Plucking Machine's designed to corresponding numbers of working boxes and length to suit varies kinds poultries or processing capacity requirements, ZH-40 Poultry Pluker/ Feather Plucker gets perfect pluck performance without beak damage. The latest water proof and noise reduction design for bearing chamber brings the bearing long duration using Chicken Plucking Machine has good feature suck as high pluck rate, low damage rate, low fault rate, easy operation and repair, easy and convenient adjust, high automatization and etc.
Chicken Plucking Machine can also be used for the removal of duck and goose. Compared with the traditional depilating machine,ZH-40 Poultry Pluker/ Feather Plucker the hair removal machine can effectively remove the fine hairs that are difficult to remove from the duck.


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