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chitosan food/pharmaceutical grade chitosan food/pharmaceutical grade chitosan food/pharmaceutical grade

chitosan food/pharmaceutical grade

can automatically finish raw materials preparation, extrusion, shaping, cutting, drying and flavoring at a time.chitosan food/pharmaceutical grade has the advantages of more...
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Product Description

can automatically finish raw materials preparation, extrusion, shaping, cutting, drying and flavoring at a time.chitosan food/pharmaceutical grade has the advantages of more machines choice, flexible and diverse configurations, wide range of raw materials application, numerous in products variety and easy opration. chitosan food/pharmaceutical grade can make the puffed snacks, corn bars, corn sticks and so on. After being puffed by , the products are crispy, easy to digest and unique taste. They are the perfect leisure food for chitosan food/pharmaceutical grade consumers.

of chitosan food/pharmaceutical grade comprises of U-shape barrel,transmisstion parts and ribbon agitating blades usually have doubleor triple layers with outside screw gathering material from side to center and inside screw transmitting the material from center of chitosan food/pharmaceutical grade to sides to form convection mix.chitosan food/pharmaceutical grade has a very good effect for mixing spice or dry powder with liquid.

comes from defatted soy flour, which is a by-product of soybean oil, so it is plentiful in supply. chitosan food/pharmaceutical grade is also quick to cook and a great source of vegetable protein without all the fat.chitosan food/pharmaceutical grade uses the newest production equipments. are researched and developed according to the market demand and basing on the advanced equipments. Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. chitosan food/pharmaceutical grade has become the serialization and many kinds of collocations can meet the different customer's needs.



Chitosanis a substance obtained by deacetylation of chitin. Food Grade Chitosan is made from Alaska deep-sea snow crab shells, absolutely unpolluted and safe.Industrial Grade Chitosan uses offshore shrimp & crab shells as raw materials.


Off-white,innocuous,flavorless,pearly color schistic or powdery,dissolved at 185°C.Insoluble in water and organic solvents,but soluble in inorganic and organic acid such as dilute acid,acetic acid,and so on.


Chitosan is the only natural active polysaccharide with cationic, and called the Six Element of Life after Protein, Fat, sugar, mineral and vitamin, can be widely used in Food, Medicine, Health Care, Chemical Engineering, Agriculture,Paper-making,Waste water treatment,etc.

1.In Food Field:

Chitosan is Used as food additives, fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping agent, juice and fruit wine clarifying agent, Chinese medicine flocculation clarifying agent, water purifying agent, food zymotic fluid flocculating agent, forming agent, adsorbent, and health food,etc.

2.In Medicine & Health Care Field:

Chitosan has the effects of improving the immunity, guarding against hypertension, regulating blood sugar, anti-ageing, enhancing acid constitution,etc,also can be used in membrane materials ,medical materials,etc.

Chitosan is as the chitosan non-toxic,has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, and immune function, can be used as artificial skin, self-absorption of surgical sutures, medical dressing Branch, bone, tissue engineering scaffolds, enhance liver function, improve digestive function, blood fat, lowering blood sugar, inhibiting tumor metastasis, and adsorption and complexation of heavy metals and can be excreted, and so on, was vigorously applied to health food and drug additives.

3.Agricultural field:

Chitosan As growth promoters, bio-pesticides, feed additives, seeds, etc.

As a foliage fertilizer, fertilizer, it can be used in different of periods the seedlings, buds, bearings, known as “not a pesticide, but a pesticide" and "not a fertilizer, but a fertilizer", can be used for seed treatment, soil improvement and so on.

As feed additives, can inhibit and kill the harmful bacterium, improve animals’ immunity.

4. In Chemical Engineering Field:

Can be used for the curing of the borehole wall and acidification of wastewater flocculation, sewage treatment,etc.

5. Environmental protection field:

Chitosan and its derivatives is a good flocculant for wastewater treatment and metal recovery from metal-containing waste water.

6. In Paper Industry:

Can be used as paper sizing agent, reinforcing agent, retention agent, an increase of paper strength, recovery of the loss of pulp.

7.Field of tobacco:

Chitosan can be applied as good tobacco film,having good flavor,and burned with nontoxic and peculiar smell,etc.

8.In Light Textile Field:

Chitosan can be applied in fabric finishing,keep-fir under wears,etc. As a mordant, health care fabric, sizing agents, printing and dyeing.

9.In Cosmetic Field:

It can preserve moisture. Applicable to various cosmetics, such as emollient cream, shower gel, cleaning cream, mousse, advanced ointment frost, emulsion and colloid cosmetics, etc.

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