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Feed garde products alfalfa Extract Lucerne powder supply Feed garde products alfalfa Extract Lucerne powder supply Feed garde products alfalfa Extract Lucerne powder supply

Feed garde products alfalfa Extract Lucerne powder supply

Feed garde products alfalfa Extract Lucerne powder supply Alfalfa, Medicago sativa, also called lucerne, is a perennial flowering plant in the pea family Fabaceae...
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Product Description

Feed garde products alfalfa Extract Lucerne powder supply

Alfalfa, Medicago sativa, also called lucerne, is a perennial flowering plant in the pea family Fabaceae

cultivated as an important forage crop in many countries around the world. The name alfalfa is used in

North America. The name lucerne is the more commonly used name in the United Kingdom, South Africa,

Australia, and New Zealand. It superficially resembles clover, with clusters of small purple flowers followed

by fruits spiralled in 2 to 3 turns containing 10-20 seeds. Alfalfa is native to warmer temperate climates. It

has been cultivated as livestock fodder since at least the era of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Product Name: Alfalfa Extract; Medicago Sativa Extract

Part Used: Whole herb

Appearance: Yellow brown fine powder


Ratio: 5:1 10:1 20:1,

Saponin 5%, 20%,40% HPLC

Flavones 5%, 20%,40% UV

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What is Alfalfa:

Alfalfa has played an important role as a livestock forage. Its use probably originated in Southeast Asia.

The Arabs fed alfalfa to their horses, claiming it made the animals swift and strong, and named the legume

“Al-fal-fa” meaning “father of all foods.” The medicinal uses of alfalfa stem from anecdotal reports that the

leaves cause diuresis and are useful in the treatment of kidney, bladder, and prostate disorders. Leaf

preparations have been touted for their anti-arthritic and antidiabetic activity, for treatment of dyspepsia,

and as an anti-asthmatic. Alfalfa extracts are used in baked goods, beverages, and prepared foods, and

the plant serves as a commercial source of chlorophyll and carotene.

Some possible traditional uses of Alfalfa Extract Powder may include:

High cholesterol. Taking alfalfa seeds seems to lower total cholesterol and “bad” low-density lipoprotein

(LDL) cholesterol in people with high cholesterol levels.

Kidney problems.

Bladder problems.

Prostate problems.




What is the recommended dosage?

Alfalfa seeds are used commonly as a supplement to lower cholesterol at doses of 0.75 to 3g/day.

However, clinical trials have not been performed to validate this dosage.

Animal Feed

Alfalfa has been fed to horses for over 2000 years. The cavalries of Greece, Persia and Romans relied

heavily on alfalfa to keep their horses in prime condition for battle. Alfalfa is a great source of protein, fiber,

vitamins and minerals. As such it has a high feed value.

Alfalfa Hay for Horses from Anderson Hay

A horse’s need for protein is relatively low and is easy to meet with alfalfa. Alfalfa contains between

15 – 22% crude protein. With the exception of milking mares, most 66- to 122- pound horses need from ¾

to 1 pound of digestible protein daily. Feeding alfalfa hay as half of a horse’s roughage will meet this need.

Though some rely on supplements, they can have a laxative effect. High quality alfalfa hay supplied by A

nderson provides an excellent and safe supply of protein.

When combined with Timothy Hay as the other half of their daily roughage, horses will Feed garde products alfalfa Extract Lucerne powder supply. Horses,

especially race horses, need trace minerals in order to avoid skeletal distress. Strong, long-lived horses

have their trace minerals supplied in a good feeding program which includes alfalfa. One of the most important

characteristics of alfalfa is its high nutritional quality as animal feed.

Alfalfa is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. The USDA reports that alfalfa contains vitamins A, D, E,

K, U, C, B1, B2, B6, B12, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Inositol, Biotin, and Folic acid. Alfalfa also contains the

minerals Phosphorus, Calcium, Potassium, sodium, Chlorine, Sulfur, Magnesium, copper, manganese, Iron,

Cobalt, Boron and Molybdenum and trace elements such as Nickel, Lead, Strontium and Palladium. Horses

receiving good quality alfalfa in their daily feed ration will receive the vitamins they need.

In addition to being a tasty option for horses, the nutritional value of alfalfa cannot be matched. Alfalfa’s long

standing use as safe, quality feed for horses has kept it in stables for thousands of years.

Comparison of the nutrients in alfalfa with other forages

While many people think of alfalfa hay as a kind of high-octane fuel for horses, the fact is that much spring

pasture grass has more protein and calories than alfalfa hay.


Energy (Mcal/kg)

Protein (%)

Calcium (%)









Brome Grass




Spring Pasture




“In general, alfalfa has more energy than most grass hays, and that’s where its bad reputation comes from.

Excess calories are energy. If you don’t exercise your horse enough, yes, it will make him crazy. But if I fed

him excess grain or vegetable oil and didn’t exercise him, it would make him crazy too,” said Cubitt.

Alfalfa is especially helpful for a hard keeper because of its high palatability—horses love to eat it. Feeding

alfalfa is an excellent alternative to feeding excessive concentrates to get more calories into a horse’s diet.

“Alfalfa is usually lower in fiber, higher in energy, higher in protein and higher in calcium than grass hays.

Because it is higher in energy and protein, using alfalfa makes it easier to meet those needs with minimal

or at least lower levels of supplementation,” said Lawrence.Because of its high calcium content, alfalfa

needs to be fed with an eye to calcium-phosphorous ratio in the diet. Grass hay has low amounts of

calcium and phosphorus, while feed concentrates (especially rice bran) have a lower amount of calcium

and higher amounts of phosphorous.

Packaging & Shipping

· Packing and Storage

Packing: Packed in double plastic bags inside, outside with 25kg Fiber Drum.

Drum Size: 40cm*40cm*50mm, 25KG/drum Nt.;27.5Kg/drum.Gt. Store in a well-closed container

away from moisture.

Shelf Life: 2 years if sealed and store away from direct sun light.

Storage: Stored in a clean, cool, dry area; keep away from moisture and strong, direct light/heat

Delivery time: Around 3-5 workdays after your payment.

· Shipping

Shipping Terms

By Express

By Air

By sea

Suitable for under 50kg

Fast:3-7 day

High cost

Door to door service,

easy to pick up goods

Suitable for over 50kg

Fast:3-7 days High cost

Port to port,

professional broker needed

Suitable for Bulk

Slow:7-45 days Low cost

Port to port,

professional broker needed


Company Information

Hunan Zhengdi Biological Resources Development Co., Ltd. is a GMP manufacturer and we have

provided high quality product and service to the plant extract industry of dietarysupplements,

functional foods/beverage,animal feed, cosmetics, and pharmaceutics for a long time.

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Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1993. It is located in Shandong Province with a registered capital of 2 million RMB and covers an area of 9,800 square meters. It is a professional food machinery manufacturing company integrating research and development, professional production, direct sales and after-sales services. We took the lead in awarding and passing the quality standards of commercial products in Shandong Province, and successfully passed ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification, and exported to the European Union's CE safety certification, BV certification, third-party certification. Now we have successfully obtained the trademark.


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