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blending agent feed premix colistin sulfate 2% blending agent feed premix colistin sulfate 2% blending agent feed premix colistin sulfate 2%

blending agent feed premix colistin sulfate 2%

Product Description Colistin Sulfate Premix - Blending Agent Veterinary drug GMP acceptance through the enterprise [Main Ingredients] Colistin...
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Product Description

Product Description

Colistin Sulfate Premix - Blending Agent

Veterinary drug GMP acceptance through the enterprise

[Main Ingredients] Colistin

[Properties] This product is white or almost white powder.

[Pharmacological effects] Pharmacokinase is a class of peptides, is an alkaline cationic surfactant, through the bacterial cell membrane

Of the phospholipid interaction, infiltration into the bacterial cell membrane, destruction of its structure, thereby causing membrane permeability changes

, Resulting in bacterial death, resulting in bactericidal effect. This product on aerobic bacteria, Escherichia coli, Haemophilus, grams

Listeria, Pasteurella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella, Shigella and other Gram-negative bacteria

Strong antibacterial effect. Gram-positive bacteria are usually insensitive. And polymyxin B is completely cross-resistant between

Sex, but no cross-resistance between other antimicrobial agents.

Pharmacokinetics of oral administration of almost no absorption, but non-gastrointestinal administration of rapid absorption. Into the body of drugs can be fast

Rapid distribution into the heart, lung, liver, kidney and skeletal muscle, but not easy to enter the brain spinal cord, chest, joint cavity and sense

Stained. Mainly by renal excretion.

[Drug interactions] (1) and bacitracin 1: 5 with a synergistic effect. (2) with muscle relaxants and aminoglycosides and other gods

The combination of muscle blockers may cause muscle weakness and apnea. (3) with chelating agents (EDTA) and cations

The cleanser has a synergistic effect on Pseudomonas aeruginosa and is often used in combination with local infection. (4) with energy loss

Injury kidney function of drugs combined, can enhance its renal toxicity.

[Role and use] peptide antibiotics. Mainly used for the treatment of sensitive Gram-negative bacteria caused by cattle, pigs, chicken intestinal infection.

[Usage and Dosage] to the amount of mycobacterium. Mixed feed: every 1000kg feed, cattle, pigs, chickens 75 ~ 100g, once every 3 to 5 days.

Adverse reactions: Cystin class in the oral or topical administration of animals can be well tolerated, systemic application can cause nephrotoxicity, nerve

Toxicity and neuromuscular blockade effect, the toxicity of colistin is less than polymyxin B.

[Note] (1) laying period of laying hens. (2) overdose may cause renal impairment. (3) less oral absorption of this product, not for the treatment of systemic infectious diseases.

[Off] pig, chicken 7 days.

[Specification] 100g: 2g (0.6 million units)

[Packing] 1000g / bag

[Storage] shading, sealed, stored in a dry place.



Company information

Hebei ZB-Gamay Biological Technology Com.,Ltd
ZB-Gamay is a professional manufacturer of veterinary medicine with GMP from 2009 invested tens of million.
we export products by a long time research and development,so that our quality standards.
All of products have passed strict training have a skills and experience.
See what company you will work with:
1.A professional supplier of veterinary medicine over 15 years.
2.Completely Production Line. From Raw Material to Delivery, all links
are under our control.The quality can be assured.
3.GMP Certificated.

ZB-Gamay Teams

Our service

1.Sample: We offer free sample to test.

2.Medicine use: Our professional teams can help you solve your problems of veterinary medicines and find a best way to save livestock,pets.

3.Medicine effects: Before bulk production ,our medicines will be tested on animals and pass the national test. You can see clearly indications and side effects, precautions to make sure the correct use.

4. Trial order: we could offer one carton medicine for the trial order.

5. Delivery time: 10production lines ensures the shortest delivery time within 7~30days after deposit received.

6. Additional services: We can also offer the OEM service.


If you still have doubts about us, maybe below FAQ can help you know more of us.

1. Are you GMP manufacture?

ZB-Gamay is a GMP factory with investing tens of million once at the year of 2009.

2. What kinds of veterinary dosage forms ZB-Gamay can supply?

ZB-Gamay has 10 production lines includes Water soluble powder, Liquid injection, Oral solution, Tablet, Disinfectant, Powder injection, Granule, Feed additive, Pet medicine, Aquatic drugs etc.

3. What the function and indications ZB-Gamay medicines include?


Gamay products function range from Nutritional, Antibiotic, Parasite drugs, Antidote, Antiviral, Respiratory ,Enteritis diarrhea, Antipyretic analgesic, sanitizer, Anti-bloat, Reproductive system medicine etc.

4. What kinds of animals ZB-Gamay medicines suit for?

ZB-Gamay products can apply in Ruminant, Cattle ,Fowl, Horse, Camel, Poultry, Chicken, Aquatic animals, Pets, Sheep, Pig etc.

5. What’s the delivery time?

ZB-Gamay can finish the delivery within 7-30days after contract.

6. What’s ZB-Gamay service of international trade?

ZB-Gamay has professional international sales. We will feedback at first time (within 1hour) once we receive the enquiry.


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