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Photosynthetic Bacteria - Aquatic feed additive Photosynthetic Bacteria - Aquatic feed additive Photosynthetic Bacteria - Aquatic feed additive

Photosynthetic Bacteria - Aquatic feed additive

Product Description Photosynthetic Bacteria - Aquatic feed additive [The main components] Viable count :min 6.0X10 9 CFU/ml.It is rich in amin...
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Product Description

Product Description

Photosynthetic Bacteria - Aquatic feed additive

[The main components]Viable count :min6.0X109CFU/ml.It is rich in amino acids,Vitamin B,coenzyme Q,anti-viral factors and microelements which is very necessory for the growth of animals.


1.Adding this product can promote the growth of beneficial algae,such as chlorella,diatoms,unicellular algae etc.It can effectively improve the quality of water.

2. Inhibiting the pathogenic microorganisms,improve the ecological environment of water and promote the activation of beneficial bacteria and algae growth,maintaining the ecological balance of the culture water,the fish,shrimp provide a rich base of natural bait,lower feed conversion rates.

3.Increasing dissolved oxygen,rapid removal of water of ammonia,nitrite and hydrogen sulfate harmful substances.

4.The product is safe and effecive,without any side effects,and it is high-tech green products.

[Usage and Dosage]

1.water spill: a,adult fish,shrimp,crabs and other farming life:water per acre(one meter depth)for the first time 2-5L,sunny morning in full uniform splash pool after every 15 days of a spill,the amount is halved.b, fish,

shrimp,crabs and other breeding period:the first use of 2L,once every fifteen days after the spill;acre using about 1-2L.

2.feed use:for every 100kg of feed to the FDA 2L,diluted bait soak for 10-15 minutes.

3.to improve water quality:better water quality,mu(one meter depth) using this 0.5-1L,

spill once every seven days,poor water per acre(one meter depth)FDA 2-3L,

every a spill about 10 days;during the hot season or a serious deterioration in water quality can be doubled using.


1.the bacteria are active bacteria can not be heated to ensure the use of live bacteria,disinfection and other drugs to kill the bacteria around,so its better not to use the sanitizer,disinfectant in the water after 2-3 days use.

2.using the broth is best not to change the water three days.

3.before using the broth after shaking the bottle to use.

4.when the FDA was more than the water temperature 20.

[Storage and shelf life] placed indoors stored in a cool dark place for 6 months in a refrigerator at 4,valid for 1 year.

Packaging & Shipping


25kg/bag or 50kg/bag. Or as your requirments.

Both of them can be suitable for long term transportation and tightly enough.

Kindly noted:Notice: This product is easy to absorb moisture, please store in a cold, dry and ventilated place, and remember to seal well after open.


Delivery date: Generally within 15 days after the payments.

Loading: One 20'container can load about 20 tons meat and bone meal without pallet

Loading Port: Tianjin Port

Company Information

Factory Location:

HEBEI SHIXIANG BIOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is located in Xitun Industrial Park, Cangzhou City, China.

Scale of Company:

HEBEI SHIXIANG BIOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD covers a total area of about 18,000 square meters and annual production is 4,000 tons of the feed yeast, additives, together with 4,000 tons of the premixes and 2,000 tons of microbial agents.

Main Products and Business

It is engaged in microbial feed additive, premix, agricultural production and research. After 20 years of development, it has transformed in to a high-tech and professional enterprise.

Quality Contral:

The company has passed the ISO9000 quality management system certification. We have fist -class equipment and strict quality management system.

We got our own Testing Lab to make sure the qualilty follow up with the related standar. Each lot of the produts will be strictly and carefully inspected before they leave the factory.


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Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating science, industry and trade. It is committed to the development of Photosynthetic Bacteria - Aquatic feed additive expanded snack food equipment, tissue protein equipment, pasta/macaroni equipment, corn flakes production line, pet food equipment and experimental extruders, etc. Development, production and sales.
Photosynthetic Bacteria - Aquatic feed additive's screw has a taper, so there are unequal gaps between the sleeve and the material. When the screw rotates, the material will be pushed forward, resulting in shear deformation and internal friction, so that the mechanical energy becomes thermal energy and variable performance. Photosynthetic Bacteria - Aquatic feed additive can produce a variety of pasta products, now can produce rice flour, hollow powder and other product technology has matured.


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