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easy operation fish killing scaling gutting machine easy operation fish killing scaling gutting machine

easy operation fish killing scaling gutting machine

easy operation fish killing scaling gutting machine whatsapp: +86 17752521253 Product Description Product Description Brief introduction of...
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Product Description

easy operation fish killing scaling gutting machine

whatsapp: +86 17752521253

Product Description

Product Description

Brief introduction of automatc gut fish scaling machine

1. The machine instead of manual killing fish, simple operation, easy to clean, stable

performance, safe and reliable,

2. Mainly used for medium-size fish (0.7-1.1kg), can automatically open maw, pulled out

offal, the offal discharge from discharge port.

3. Made of stainless steel, wear-resistant and durable, up to food hygiene standards.

4. Widely used in canteen, aquatic processing plants,food and beverage industries, etc.

Detail Data

Power: 1.6kW

Power supply voltage: 220V

Working speed: 5-6 fish per minute

Kill the fish range: 250g-2kg size of fish

Dimension: 1000x500x700mm

Weight: 180kg

The fish production line is a collection of fish scales, open maw, to the internal organs and body cleaning function, you can processing silver carp, bream, grass carp, herring, carp, salmon, mandarin fish, tilapia, bass, All kinds of fish. Fish scales to remove clean, do not hurt the skin, do not hurt the fins, fish looks beautiful, does not affect the fish cooking effect. Remove the fish scales at the same time open to remove the internal organs, open bore accurate, dirty internal organs to clean, do not destroy fish bile.


1. Made of stainless steel, wear and durable, in line with food hygiene standards.

2. Simple operation, easy to clean, safe and reliable, stable performance.

3. Powerful, direct to fish scales and kill the fish process, high production efficiency, yield.

4. to scale and visceral effect is good, clean, basically no damage to the fish.

4. Can be customized according to customer needs size.

Working principle: the staff of the workstations on the fish, orderly into the feed port, the machine within the rolling axis of the fish forward transport, in the transport process, the bottom of the tool to fish open, and dig out the internal organs, The fish is transported to the front of the rolling circular groove to the fish scales, in the rolling process, the circular groove above the high pressure sprinkler system, in the process of fish scales, the shedding of the fish scales and internal organs rinse. And finally through the conveyor belt to transport the fish out. Treated fish, fish body clean no scales, visceral all clear and remove the black film, can be directly to the next step processing.

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging & Shipping

1. Testing Machine before package

2. Package : Inside plastic bag, outside wooden case.

3. Shipping: By sea, By air.

By sea: if customer not urgently the machine, we advice by sea, even though by sea took time is long, but by sea reduce much money about the freight, and it is good for customer if the machine is heavy and big size.

By air: it is faster than by sea, but its freight is higher much than by sea, so this kind of type always suggest for light, small size and urgently demand machine.

Our Services

Pre-sale service
1.Related machines’s technical parameter will be supplied to customer.
2.According to customer’s factory size, factory layout can be provided in advance.

3. According to customer’s material cost, general formulation can be prepared well.
4.Special machine can be supplied as customer’s request.
5.Professional Advice about Market, machines, processing , materials, packing can be supplied
6. Suggesting professional ship agent or helping book ship as customer request.

After sale service:

1.Allocation chart as the buyer’s request will be supplied.
2.Operation manual will be supplied after shipment.
3.One year warrantee, life time maintenance with cost price.
4.Free easy broken spare parts will be sent with container .
5.First installation can be done by engineer.
6.Training workers in customer’s factory.

Contact Person

If you had any problem, just feel free to contact with us.

Any time, we will reply you as soon as possible!

Customized Service

Customized Service

1. Products

Some of our products can be customized, if you want to know your demand products whether can be customized, just contact with our Salers, they will reply you as soon as they got your message or mail, so if you want to know the products about customize or not, pls do not hesitate to ask.

2. Service

In order to keep the customer can smooth communication, one foreign customer has his or her one-on-one service as soon as the business start,

Butif you are not satisfied your one-on-on service, you can contact with our General manager ask for exchange your one-on-one service any time.

Switching on the power,easy operation fish killing scaling gutting machine putting the fish into machine bin, then clicking the switch button, Fish cutting machine the machine will start to work, 20 to 30 seconds later, turning off and opening the discharge hole, pointing switch button to fish logo, the scaling will be finished.Fish cutting machine is mainly used for removing all kinds of fresh fish scale, adopting brush structure that is no hurt to fish. easy operation fish killing scaling gutting machine is made of high quality stainless steel which is clear and healthy, up to the international standard of food sanitation. The stainless steel fish descaler has advantage of quickly removing speed and time saving, labor saving, hygiene and healthy, very fit for restaurant, hotel, eatery, fish shop, super market, fish suppliers, fish processing factory, and so on.

Fish cutting machine Adopting pure 304 high nickel stainless steel to manufacture, the machine is with clean and sanitary appearance, easy operation fish killing scaling gutting machine no alkali and rust. Fish cutting machine Also can customize special size as required.easy operation fish killing scaling gutting machine at suitable location, checking whether each bolt is fastening. There is water inlet installed on the offside of the easy operation fish killing scaling gutting machine, can automatically washing and cleaning fish in the scaling processing after connecting tap water.

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