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wholesale electric power tools tree branch cutting saw wholesale electric power tools tree branch cutting saw

wholesale electric power tools tree branch cutting saw

wholesale electric power tools tree branch cutting saw Product Description Battery capacity 1500~3000mAh Voltage...
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Product Description

wholesale electric power tools tree branch cutting saw

Product Description

Battery capacity 1500~3000mAh
Voltage 12V,16.8V,21V
No-load speed 0-3000SPM
Reciprocating stroke 26mm
Maximum cutting thickness Wood:150mm Metal:6mm Plastic:40mm
Power mode Direct current(Rechargeable)
Speed mode Stepless speed change
Shelf life One year
Machine size Length and width(cm):40*7.5*20

Product Overviews

1, cnc made the AL parts, have been used for 6 years. Costs higher by 30%.Accuracy greatly improved

2, China's most high-end gears , Carburizing treatment high wear resistance.warranty 6 months

3, high-quality motor, warranty 6 months.220-degree heat and enameled wire.

4, Be selling in china professional field for 6 years,
, good technical experience.

5, high-quality silver contact switch.You can use 200,000 times.

6, Chassis:design and manufacturing by our company, with the imported materials to ensure product high temperature deformation. Effective anti-wrestling.

7,Designed to prevent inhalation of DUTY, to protect the motor

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Chinese electric tools factory analysis

Chinese manufacturing electric tool factory is mainly divided into two kinds, one kind is export-oriented factories, the design of their research and development are generally in accordance with the foreign market needs to do, because most of the factories use customer is Europe and the United States of DIY users, so the quality is not good, but the appearance is very beautiful. because they are accustomed to made the cheap products. The second factory is specialized in the Chinese professional factories and the construction team to use power tools. Because Chinese users work 8 to 10 hours a day, and the scope of use very much, so they tend to be demanding to quality. So often the factory quality is better, because they have to deal with perfect after-sales service and market competition.

About us

Company Information

Our Services

Our Services
1, we will strive to create the conditions for your specific needs. We have taken four days to improve parts according to a overseas customer specific requirements. Because we know that good cooperation must with our efforts .

2, we have our own three-dimensional shape of the design, if you have special needs, we can effectively serve you.

3, the warranty period of the battery and motor is six months. 3,for the large order we'll complimentary 2% of accessories.

4, We deliver the goods strictly in accordance with the commitments

5, we will only establish a dealer each region, to ensure your long-term interests.

6, your trust is our greatest asset.


1. What's the Minimun order quantity

A: Over 10 pcs is acceptable.

2. How about the payment Term?

A: We accept T/T,Western Union, Paypal

3.Can we mix the 20FT container?

A: Yes

4.Can we use our own shipping agent?

A:Yes,you can. we had cooperated with many forwarders.If you need,We can recommend some forwarders to you and you can compare the price and the service.

5.Our port of shipment?


6. Can we use our own LOGO or design for sticker?

A:yes,you can contact with the salesman.And sent us more details about the LOGO or sticker.

7. What is the price of your product positioning?

A: Our products are professional positioning, for professional work. All of our products can reach the quality level of 70-80% of world-class brand.

8. can I acquire a sample or a small amount of the product user to detect it?

A: of course. We want you to do. Only after use, we know the quality is good or bad of the power tool. We are very confident in our products.


Welcome to the camel tools wholesale electric power tools tree branch cutting saw website. I believe you came here is to find their satisfaction with high quality products, wish you have a perfect purchasing experience, we will give you a brief introduction of the Chinese factory, so you do some reference.

Switching on the power,wholesale electric power tools tree branch cutting saw putting the fish into machine bin, then clicking the switch button, Fish cutting machine the machine will start to work, 20 to 30 seconds later, turning off and opening the discharge hole, pointing switch button to fish logo, the scaling will be finished.Fish cutting machine is mainly used for removing all kinds of fresh fish scale, adopting brush structure that is no hurt to fish. wholesale electric power tools tree branch cutting saw is made of high quality stainless steel which is clear and healthy, up to the international standard of food sanitation. The stainless steel fish descaler has advantage of quickly removing speed and time saving, labor saving, hygiene and healthy, very fit for restaurant, hotel, eatery, fish shop, super market, fish suppliers, fish processing factory, and so on.

Fish cutting machine Adopting pure 304 high nickel stainless steel to manufacture, the machine is with clean and sanitary appearance, wholesale electric power tools tree branch cutting saw no alkali and rust. Fish cutting machine Also can customize special size as required.wholesale electric power tools tree branch cutting saw at suitable location, checking whether each bolt is fastening. There is water inlet installed on the offside of the wholesale electric power tools tree branch cutting saw, can automatically washing and cleaning fish in the scaling processing after connecting tap water.


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