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Acrylic Fish Tank Laser Cutter Machine Acrylic Fish Tank Laser Cutter Machine

Acrylic Fish Tank Laser Cutter Machine

Product Description We are a company specialize in acrylic aquarium, acrylic tunnel and acrylic fish tank. We have the best technolegy in the industry....
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Product Description

Product Description

We are a company specialize in acrylic aquarium,
acrylic tunnel and acrylic fish tank.

We have the best technolegy in the industry.

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The following pictures were taken from our aquarium project in Jeju Island, South Korea:

(acrylic laser cutting)

(acrylic laser cutting)

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Company Information

Zhangjiagang Sanxing Acrylic Co., Ltd. is a large comprehensive company integrating the production, processing,

manufacture and sale of acrylic products. Our company is located in the lower reach of Yangtze River and on the

bank of Taihu Lake - Zhangjiagang of Suzhou, which is named as Agricultural Base and Jiangnan Water Region.

Our company moves towards the world with convenient transportation, complete corporate culture and powerful

technical force.

Sanxing stands in the market with top technology, sincere attitude and scientific management.

Sanxing will serve you wholeheartedly with the business concept of "Quality-Based and Consumer First". We

look forward to advancing with you and creating a bright future together with you!


Q: Acrylic aquarium products compared to other materials What are the advantages?

A: Acrylic, also known as plexiglass special treatment, the Department of plexiglass upgrades, acrylic fish tank is

a high-grade aquarium products transparent cylinder seamless whole, than ordinary glass aquarium is more aesthetic

and safety performance.

Q: Which case is particularly suitable for application of acrylic aquarium?

A: Use is made of acrylic aquarium fish tank has excellent weather resistance and acid resistance, can feel at ease

both indoor and outdoor use, high hardness, hardness values average around Dahlonega 89 degrees, impact resistance,

it is common sixteen times the glass, suitable for installation in special needs a safe place.

Q: The other advantage of acrylic aquarium?

A: The large acrylic fish tank light weight than ordinary glass aquarium light half, small buildings and the load on the bracket.

Q: How to clean acrylic tank?

A: The easy acrylic aquarium maintenance, easy to clean, the general dust processing, you can use feather duster or rinse,

then wipe with a soft cloth, if the surface of the oil with detergent or soapy water and a soft cloth to scrub.

Switching on the power,Acrylic Fish Tank Laser Cutter Machine putting the fish into machine bin, then clicking the switch button, Fish cutting machine the machine will start to work, 20 to 30 seconds later, turning off and opening the discharge hole, pointing switch button to fish logo, the scaling will be finished.Fish cutting machine is mainly used for removing all kinds of fresh fish scale, adopting brush structure that is no hurt to fish. Acrylic Fish Tank Laser Cutter Machine is made of high quality stainless steel which is clear and healthy, up to the international standard of food sanitation. The stainless steel fish descaler has advantage of quickly removing speed and time saving, labor saving, hygiene and healthy, very fit for restaurant, hotel, eatery, fish shop, super market, fish suppliers, fish processing factory, and so on.

Fish cutting machine Adopting pure 304 high nickel stainless steel to manufacture, the machine is with clean and sanitary appearance, Acrylic Fish Tank Laser Cutter Machine no alkali and rust. Fish cutting machine Also can customize special size as required.Acrylic Fish Tank Laser Cutter Machine at suitable location, checking whether each bolt is fastening. There is water inlet installed on the offside of the Acrylic Fish Tank Laser Cutter Machine, can automatically washing and cleaning fish in the scaling processing after connecting tap water.


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