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Dextrine glue for paper core making Dextrine glue for paper core making Dextrine glue for paper core making

Dextrine glue for paper core making

Starch glue introduction This product is a modified starch glue, non-toxic, harmless, non-corrosive and oxidation resistance ,in line with environmental...
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Product Description

Starch glue introduction

This product is a modified starch glue, non-toxic, harmless, non-corrosive and oxidation resistance,in line with environmental standards.Currently used in paper tubes,paper core industry; Grey Board laminating,printing laminating industry;paper packaging and others.In the natural environment, this product easily biodegradable, is a new generation of environmentally friendly products.

Product Specifications:

Type: Modified starch
State: Powdery(semi-finished product),liquid(finished product)
Appearance: light yellow
Smell: Light
Viscosity: 600 Positive and negative 100Pa.s(25℃)(Controllable)
Finished product solid content: 58-62% (Controllable)
P H: 9-10
Solubility: Soluble in water

Package: 25 kg and 500 kg of packaging supplies(semi-finished product);

ng to customer

requirements, the finished product


choose the appropriate packaging.

shelf life: Packaging intact and in a cool, dry environment,

semi-finished products can be stored for 12 months;finished product can be stored for 6 months,please stir well before use,to prevent physical stratification,18-25 ℃ best bonding effect.

Cleaning method: machines and tools can be cleaned with water before glue dry;post-cured glue can be soaked in water,then clean it.

Operating Requirements: Wear protective gloves and goggles.

Semi-finished products avoid to dust accumulation,in order to avoid Inhale and enter the eye.When using a large number of the semi-finished products to avoid sparks, flames, no smoking.

Storage requirements: the finished product should be kept indoors, and try to prevent freezing.
Stable performance: Semi-finished temperature exceeds 200 ℃, can quickly break down.
Finished processing mode: According to the formula provided,add water first,turn on the blender(1400- 1500 R.P.M),then add the corresponding glue powder,stirred for 60 minutes.Stirring time varies depending on how much the amount of stirring,if more than one ton mixing time should be extended.

In case of accident, the corresponding emergency measures can be taken.


Protection measures

Inadvertently enter the eyes

Rinse with plenty of water for at least 10 minutes. If there is persistent discomfort, go to the hospital.

Eat by mistake

Drink lots of water to clean the mouth, nose and throat, if necessary, go to the hospital.

Catch fire

Almost extinguishing materials used are applicable. Fire fighters should wear breathing equipment and protective clothing.

Dextrine glue for paper core making uses broken paddy flour as raw material, and with extruding, drying and polishing procedures, the new rice have good shape with color shine. Also, 's various nutrition matters can be added as nutritional rice.The usage is same to natural rice,but more simple and convenient than before. Dextrine glue for paper core making not only nutrition but also adapts to the fast rhythm of the modern life.

Dextrine glue for paper core making is a kind of shape machine which can produce many kinds of unique design snacks and cookies dry base by squeezing out and taking shape the dough and has characteristics of modern techniques, compact structure, multifunction, simple operation etc. is one of the most ideal new type food machinery deeply welcomed by the masses of users and investors of market at present as well.

garlic processing machine line.Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. offer garlic separate machine,garlic peeling machine, garlic slicing machine ,,garlic harvester machine etc. Now our Dextrine glue for paper core making have sell to 40+ countries include Canada ,Austria ,India ,South Afraic etc.We promise we will supply good quality of Dextrine glue for paper core making ,and meet your need of Dextrine glue for paper core making.


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