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Corn Starch Adhesive Corn Starch Adhesive Corn Starch Adhesive

Corn Starch Adhesive

Corn Starch Adhesive [ name of product ] corrugation starch glue power [ main composition ] Corn Starch, Denatured corn starch,...
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Product Description

Corn Starch Adhesive

[name of product] corrugation starch glue power

[main composition] Corn Starch, Denatured corn starch, Silicate Mineral filler, Carbonate filler, Sodium borate chemicals and so on.

[physical property]




White free flowing powder


Easily dispersive in cold water & form homogenous slurry


No peculiar smell

Fineness (%), (80mesh)


Intensity stick (N/cm2)

9 min.

Ph (the finished glue)


Moisture content (%)


Viscosity (No.4 viscosimeter)



Polythene woven bag

Net weight


[dangerous] Nonpoisonous, innocent. Easy fire when heating

[emergency measure]When into eye: please wash 15 minutes directly ,then go to The ophthalmology seeing a doctor, is cured

Conflagration measure: Method of cutting out an engine. Prompt transfer the starch to the safe place. When being able to not transfer, the bag covers package with the wet woollen blanket

[Disclose measure]The denatured starch by the empty space package bag to reclaim. Then Use water to wash, Wash water not discharging to the river or sea

[Handle and storage item]Be careful about water and dust, The working site carries out sufficient circulation of air

Storage: Plastic weaves bag package, the storing place in ventilation gloomy and cold.

[Protect an implement] Protect the glove , the dust prevention gauze mask , protect a mirror , protect clothes

[Physical chemistry character] Appearance: white powder

Smell: insipid

Specific gravity: 1.2

Other: alkali character

[Hazardous wastes]: No

[Environmental effect]:No

[Paying attention to the environment being handled] Put the starch into the package bag, not coming out from package bag when being fond of carrying.


--- fast dry;

--- strong adhesion;

--- making carton and box stronger;

--- moisture resistance;

--- green and environment protection.

--- warranty: two years


1) Glue:

2)Package and delivery

3) Production:

4): Warehouse

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Our Company:

G&Z group is one of Corn Starch Adhesive manufacturers specialized in laminating machines in China, our laminating machines are suitable for the color printed top sheet and corrugated paperboard, and have been installed all of the world, besides of the top machines' quality, we also have earned good reputation on our aftersales services.

Corn Starch Adhesive uses broken paddy flour as raw material, and with extruding, drying and polishing procedures, the new rice have good shape with color shine. Also, 's various nutrition matters can be added as nutritional rice.The usage is same to natural rice,but more simple and convenient than before. Corn Starch Adhesive not only nutrition but also adapts to the fast rhythm of the modern life.

Corn Starch Adhesive is a kind of shape machine which can produce many kinds of unique design snacks and cookies dry base by squeezing out and taking shape the dough and has characteristics of modern techniques, compact structure, multifunction, simple operation etc. is one of the most ideal new type food machinery deeply welcomed by the masses of users and investors of market at present as well.

garlic processing machine line.Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. offer garlic separate machine,garlic peeling machine, garlic slicing machine ,,garlic harvester machine etc. Now our Corn Starch Adhesive have sell to 40+ countries include Canada ,Austria ,India ,South Afraic etc.We promise we will supply good quality of Corn Starch Adhesive ,and meet your need of Corn Starch Adhesive.


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