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High Quality Gypsum Board Line High Quality Gypsum Board Line High Quality Gypsum Board Line

High Quality Gypsum Board Line

Specifications 1.gypsum board production line 2.we are the member of the chinese assoication of gypsum 3.capacity:2million sqm ---30 million sqm...
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Product Description


1.gypsum board production line

2.we are the member of the chinese assoication of gypsum

3.capacity:2million sqm ---30 million sqm

4.exported to more than 15 countries such as: Iran, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Ethiopian, Tanzania etc.

Product Description

The gypsum board production line includes hot oil type and direct burning type, the capacity is from 2million square meters per year to 30million square meters per year, ajusted by customers' request.Our production line consists of the parts below:

1.Paper supplying system of plasterboard production line

It adopts special pneumatic shaft and magnetic powder brake. The high accuracy paper connecting way and high precision electro-hydraulic alignment device, along with the automatic marking device played very big roles for shaping, and ensured the good appearance quality.

2.Gypsum powder supply system of plasterboard production line

It takes the exclusive impeller feeder and high precision weighing belt as the core of powder feeding. Thus it ensured normal supply of the gypsum powder. Moreover, it contains series of powder additive storages, discharging and metering feeding systems; glass fiber cutting and its metering feeding systems.etc.

3.Water supply system of plasterboard production line

It has the accurate screw measurement pump and visual liquid flow meter device which lead great convenience for operation.

4.Foaming system of plasterboard production line

It adopts high volume pressostat for gas supply, got screw metering pump and advanced foaming station. The foaming station adopts advanced dynamic and static combined foaming system which makes the foam uniformly enter into the mixer.Thus it has a key effect on improving product quality and testing productsweight.

5.Forming System of plasterboard production line

The vertical mixer and the pneumatic forming device are made of special wearable stainless steels which enhance the systems wearable ability and prolonged its life span. The vertical mixer got pin type, none-pin type and other types to choose.

6.Conveying System of plasterboard production line

This system added the waste board dumping device which reduces the workerslabor intensity and ensures the cleaness of workshop.

7.Drying System of plasterboard production line

The drying system is the core of the whole production line and it affects the quality and the energy consumption of the products. It has interior muti-layer coiler heat releasing type, external finned heat exchanging type, and hot air direct drying type. According to the airflow direction, it has longitudinal airflow type, transverse airflow type, and Longitudinal, Transverse combined airflow type. And it also can configure waste heat recovery system under customers demand. Inside of the dryer, there are various regulation and controlling mechanisms to stabilize the temperature and airflow of each layer freely, thus it guarantees the quality of the gypsum board, and reduces energy consumption.

8.Heating System of plasterboard production line

Most of this system uses the organic thermal carrier boiler (thermal oil boiler and hot air boiler), which takes coal, oil, and nature gas as main fuels. The thermal oil type boiler takes thermal oil as the carrier and the oil is carried into the heat exchanger of the dryer by the high pressure oil pump, as for the hot air boiler, it makes direct use of the hot air, and blow it to the dryer, fully makes use of the energy, and reduces the cost.

9.Edge Cutting and Sealing System of plasterboard production line

After turning over and folding the board, the system cuts the folded board and seals it together. The waste raw material after cutting is chopped into powder, let this powder absorb slurry, then can be used as accelerator. The sealing system adopts advanced technology from abroad and domestic, reduced cost, and improved efficiency.

10.Dust removal system of plasterboard production line

This system uses the pulse blow bag dust collector, this kind of dust collector improves the dust removal effect, and makes it reach the environmental standard. In addition. It is convenient to deal with the dust and recycle. This system is good for the country and the people.

11.Control system of plasterboard production line

All of the three control stations adopt PLC control system. AC contactor and drive device chose reliable brand, and it also uses the contact-less equipments such as frequency converter, photoelectric sensor etc. Insured the reliable operation and realized the long-term and continuous fully automatic running of the gypsum board production line.

Finished gypsum board Specification

Dimension of gypsum board:

Thickness: 7mm-22mm

Width: 1200mm or 1220mm

Length: 1800mm~3600mm

Types of Gypsum Board

a) Common paper surface gypsum board
b) Fireproof paper surface gypsum board (H)
c) Waterproof paper surface gypsum board (S)

Advantages of Gypsum Board

1) Product quality: product quality is priority to the international standard GB/T9775-1999 (equal to European Standard).

2) The gypsum board which produced by the gypsum board production line is heat-resistant, fire-resistant, insulated, light, nonpoisonous, little pollution, adjusting the humidity of the room.

Our Services

1. Our company has professional installation & debug teams. We will install and debug the production line at the customers’ place until the equipment produces the qualified products.
2. We supply the accessories all the year round. The guarantee time of the equipment is one year.
3. We are responsible for the technical consultation and service all the year around and solve all kinds of technical problems at any time.
4. We can help the customer to do the consignment and the relevant procedure for import and export.
5. Our company will supply the information of the seller for all kinds of raw material and relevant information.


1. Do you have sample project?

A: Of course. Welcome to our sample projects in anytime.

2. Do you have engineers to help us for training workers?

A: Of course. Technical support is available at any anytime.

3. How long is your warranty?

A: One year.

4. Where can we get the raw materials?

A: Our company supply the information of the seller for all kinds of raw materials and relavant information for free.

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