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new functional baby food processing line QM-2 new functional baby food processing line QM-2 new functional baby food processing line QM-2

new functional baby food processing line QM-2

have wide range of equipment sizes to suit your new functional baby food processing line QM-2 space and its lab item sterilization and decontamination needs of BB.Find here...
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  • 2000*1030*1600MM
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Product Description

have wide range of equipment sizes to suit your new functional baby food processing line QM-2 space and its lab item sterilization and decontamination needs of BB.Find here manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in China,Get contact details & address of companies manufacturing and supplying new functional baby food processing line QM-2. services and products used in hospitals, laboratories, scientific institutes and pharmaceutical industry.

, Wholesale Various High Quality new functional baby food processing line QM-2 Products from Global Peanut Shelling Machine Suppliers and Factory,Importer,Exporter.This small new functional baby food processing line QM-2 mainly contains 3 parts, the destoner for peanuts, conveyer and the groundnut sheller. new functional baby food processing line QM-2 features compact structure, stable operation and less noise. One of the advantages of is that the conveyor part is effective and economical.

Find here new functional baby food processing line QM-2 manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in China. Get contact details & address of manufacturing and supplying new functional baby food processing line QM-2, , Pellet Frying Line across Shandong,China.
Features: adopts flour, corn starch and potato starch as raw material, makes food through the process of extruding, cooking, shaping, drying and frying.By choosing different dies, you can make different shapes food such as shell, screw, square tube, round tube, lotus root slices etc.

new functional baby food processing line QM-2

company website:http://en.shh28.com/

baby food processing line Product pictures:

Made from guangdong shenghui factory, sell and supply, good quality and best price. Shenghui machinery is one of the biggest food manufacture factory of china.

This machine can be customized according to the size, the actual needs of customers, it is practical and reliable.

baby food processing line Parameters:




Stainless steel





Net Weight





By standard export wooden case

Delivery Time

Within 7 days after receiving payment

Port of loading

Guangzhou/Shenzhen port


One year (for non-human factor malfunction)


One set

baby food processing line Description:

Name: Professional High quality Fruit washing machine with burshesQM-2

Type: QM-2
Voltage: 380V
Power:2. 4kw
Rollers number:six for superstratum,seventeen for substratum
adjustable scopes for superstratum rollers: 10-50MM
Out put: 1000KG/H
Specification: 2000*1030*1600MM

Deep cleaning brush cleaning machine is suitable for horseshoe, nectarine, has the following characteristics:
1. According to the required size and cleaning all kinds of different materials, adjusting the distance between the upper and lower brush, set at the same time control and speed control
2. The ozone generated by the ozone generator into the water tank, going onozone sterilization. (additional functions)
3. With four rows of high pressure water jet device above the brush, sediment impurities effectively separate vegetable & fruit surface adhesion.

This machine production is large, with high production efficiency, it can save labor costs.

baby food processing line Details


1. What is best method of cleaning and maintenance the tool ?

Answer: Wash with water, can also be appropriate to join detergent to clean it. Tool maintenance: after each tool is cleaned, it should to dry. And then you should coated it with cooking oil to keep the cutting tool lubrication and anti-oxidation.

2. What is the machine maintenance?

Answer:Maintenance methods: machine should be added lubricant on the chain, the gear, bearing every six months, reduction gearbox should add oil.If the machine frequently used, it is recommended that each quarter will be maintenance once a year. If the machine with a belt, conveyor belt, spring, every quarter to check whether is flabby, found relaxation timely adjustment or replacement.

3. If the cutter is blunt, or oxidation with a yellow, how to do?

Answer:If the cutter is blunt, you can grind the knife with grinding wheel or oilstone. If the cutter is oxidation with a yellow, you can use the scouring liquid to scrub, after washing you should add some cooking oil to protect the cutter.

4.How many hours a day the machine can continuously work?

Answer:Generally a machine can 24 hours of uninterrupted work. But we suggest that the machine should stop for a while after work 4-5hours. It has a certain protection on the machine.

5. How to choose and buy vegetable cutter, why the price has a big difference?

Answer: The vegetable cutter can be divided into melon cutting, vegetables cutting and fruitcutting. You can choose according to the material properties and yield. Some vegetable cutter price is high, there are magnetic control protection switch,.The cutting tool is easy to unpick and wash, the cutting effect is good, the blade material is good.

6. what are the advantages of ozone machine of vegetables cutter?

Answer:Ozone is known as a broad-spectrum, efficient, fast, safe, no secondary pollution of the gas sterilization. It can kill bacteria spores, viruses, fungi and can be damaged botulinum toxin. It can exterminate the escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella, aspergillus flavus,fusarium, penicillium, black variant of bacillus, natural bacteria, neisseria gonorrhoeae and so on which attached to the fruits, vegetables, meat and other food . It also can kill the infectious virus, such as hepatitis B and also can remove the pesticide residue in fruits and vegetables and washing product residue toxicity.

Why choose us:
1. 10734 m*m factory area, 12 years experience

2. Warranty date :one year, MOQ: one piece

3. ISO, CE & FDA certificated
4. Fast delivery and good service
5. All of our products have been strictly inspected before shipment.
6. Customers first, satisfying customers forever.

Transactions notes

Trade description:

We provide EXW of product in first quote in most cases, not containing shipping freight and taxes.

After-sales description:

1.Warranty of all product is one year, while consumable items, such as blades, knife tackles, motors and so on are beyond guarantee range

2.We own professional engineering department and maintenance department, providing perfect after-service for customers.

3.We're always in your service to deal with any problem occurs on machine you purchased from us.

4.Any product sold from our company is attached with a warranty card and a product instruction.

Logistics description:

Products delivered from our factory are required to be packed in standard wooden cases or cartons.


1.After cleaning the cutters and accessories touching food, don't forget to dry liquid on surface before you re-assemble them on machine.

2.Lubricate the axis of cutter with edible oil. Dismantle the blunt cutter and polishing it by abrasive stick.

3.Add oil into the reducing gear-box every half a year; lubricate bearings, chains, gears inside machine with oil every quarter.


1.Place machine on the flat ground; trundles of wheeled machine should be locked if there is need to move it.

2.Make sure the feeding mouth equipped on machine should not be blocked by foreign objects,

3.Connect the ground wire and suitable power box based on required voltage described on the labels.

4.Keep hands away from the feeding mouth and outlet of machine when it is operating.

5.Cut power first to stop running machine before dismantling and cleaning the parts.

6.Be careful when dismantling and cleaning the cutter and other sharp part

7.Circuitry part is forbidden to clean.

Trading Flow



Payment and business card

About company

Production processes:

Successful case:

Welcome to visit our factory at any time!!

new functional baby food processing line QM-2


Professional and affordable beet peeling machine,high quality stainless steel made,quality stable.


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