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FY-DGP160 Fanway new type animal feed extrusion usage pet food processing machine

FY-DGP160 Fanway new type animal feed extrusion usage pet food processing machine

FY-DGP160 Fanway new type animal feed extrusion usage pet food processing machine Product Description I. Structure ------ pet food processing machine...
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Product Description

FY-DGP160 Fanway new type animal feed extrusion usage pet food processing machine

Product Description

I. Structure ------ pet food processing machine:

II. Introduction------ pet food processing machine:

***Our pet food processing machine is widely used for producing grains into the pet feed (such as cat feed, dog feed, bird feed and so on) and the fish food (including floating fish feed and sinking fish feed). The puffing fish feed pellets can float on the water surface without dissolution for over 24 hours.

*** The pet food processing machine not only could make aquafeeds, but also could make pet feed (such as cat feed, dog feed), poulty feeds and so on.

III. Raw material------- pet food processing machine:

Our pet food processing machine is based on the raw material of corn meal, flour, Wheat middling, Wheat bran, rice bran, soybean meal, cottonseed meal, fish meal, bone meal, meat meal and etc. Then the material can be expanded to pellet feed which is different shaped, unique taste and rich nutrition, suitable for dog, cat, fish, bird, rabbit fox etc.

Please note that the request on the raw material as following:
---Moisture of raw material: 20%-25%
---Raw material type: Powder
---Fineness of material: 60-80 mesh

IV. Finally feed pellet sample------ pet food processing machine:

A. Aquafeeds---The fish feed pellet is 0.9-20mm size, you can choose the size you prefer.

1) The floating time can reach 24 Hours, which can be seen clearly by you and it won’t waste feed.

2) It’s easy to be digested for animals, especially fish.

3) The sterilization effect of fish feed extruder is better to avoid gastrointestinal disease.

4) Aquaculture feed are generally required to put in water, and aquatic animal feeding time is longer, in order to reduce the feed loss in the water and water pollution, the feed is maximized the stability of the feed in the water.

B. Pet feeds---There have 9 shapes feed for your choosing, such as three prism-shaped, triangles, cross-shaped, square-shaped, plum-shaped, feet shaped, wafer-shaped, large bone-shaped, small bone-shaped.

All of these types feed pellet be made through changing the different shape molds, amd we will supply 3 sets molds freely for you.

Technical parameters

V. Technical Parameter------ pet food processing machine:



Screw Diameter

Main Power

Feeding Power

Cutting Power












































1.2- 1.5T/H






1.8- 2.0T/H






VI. Features------ pet food processing machine:

1) Our pet food processing machine can make pellet from dia.0.9mm-20mm just by changing the mold.
2) The cutting device can make pellets of different length.
3) The wet type pet food processing machine needs a boiler device.
4) We can provide whole floating fish feed making machine plant for you

5) Electric heating device is adopted which can improve the feed expansion rate and pellets floating time.
6) High temperature and high pressure cooking process can kill the salmonellosis and bacterial infections and also makes the pellets easily to digest.

7) We will provide 3 sets molds and one whole set of spare wear for you freely

Our Factory

VII. Factory and Warehouse------ pet food processing machine:

Our Factory

Our Warehouse


1. The pet food processing machine will be sent to you by sea, by air or even by International courier service.
2. The dievery time is usually 20-25 days upon receipt of your depoist or LC.

Our Services

1. The warranty time is one year from the date you get the pet food processing machine, except the easy-wear parts.

2. We will provide 3 sets molds and one whole set of spare wear for you freely on the first order.
3. If any parts are found defective in quality in the first year, we shall replace it freely.
4. We are responsible for the smooth operation of the pet food processing machine. If you have any problem during production, just feel free to contact us. We assure you our soonest response.

Company Information

Zhengzhou Fanway Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of the different kind of feed pellet machine. Our products has been exported to all over the world, Especially to Europe, North and South America, Africa, East and South Asia, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Through our joint efforts, we have gained good reputation from our clients in communication, products quality, delivery, after-service, and other aspects.

We are looking forward to establishing a long-term and mutual-benefit business relationship with all of you. We will assure you our competitive price with better quality and service. We believe you will get what you expect from our company.


*** FAQ------ pet food processing machine:

Q: What kind of pet food processing machine do we supply?

A: We have two types feed pellet machine, one is dry tye machine and the other is wet type machine. If you want to make sinking fish feed, We recommend ring die and flat die feed pellet mill .
Q: What’s the difference between dry type machine and wet type machine?
A: The biggest difference is the wet type need a steam boiler while the dry type doesn’t. In this case, the dry type is cheaper than wet type, and the feed pellets made by wet type extruder is much smooth and with better quality.
Q: What kind of raw materials should I use?
A: Soybean meal,wheat meal,corn meal,flour,bone meal,meat meal,fish meal etc.Finess in 60-80mesh.
Q: How long does the floating fish pellet float on the water surface?
A: The feed pellets made by our extruder can float on the water surface for over 24 hours. While the floating time can be adjusted when the pellets are extruded.
Q: Does the fish pellet machine can only make feed pellets for fish?
A: No. It’s not only can make high-grade aquatic feed pellets for fish, catfish, shrimps, crab etc., but also can make pellets for cat, dog, etc.
Q: What size of pellet can be made by your pet food processing machine?
A: The size of pellet is based on the diameter of the die moulds. We can customized die moulds with diameter of 1-12mm.
Q: Do you supply the fish feed production line
A: Yes. We can supply a fish feed product line include feed hammer mill, powder mixer, fish feed pellet extruder, feed pellet dryer, fish feed pellet cooler, fish feed pellet weighing and packing machine. The capacity is from 60-5000kg/h.
Q: Is there a formula of making fish feed pellet?
A: It totally based on the situation of your fish. We can offer free formula to our customers.

*** We will appreciated if these following 2 tips contained in your inquiry
Tips 1. The model you prefer is:
Tips 2. The capacity of the machine you need is:

*** Please contact with me------ pet food processing machine

Contact Person: Ms Linda Yang

Skype: lindayang0820

E-mail: lindayang(at)zzfanway.com

Whats App & Viber & Telphone: 0086 15037137614

FY-DGP160 Fanway new type animal feed extrusion usage pet food processing machine adopts world-class technology to customize and produce special racks. High strength, high wear resistance, sharp teeth, uniform and delicate powder slag processing, higher starch extraction rate. The replacement of racks is quick and easy, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of labor and greatly increases the production efficiency. The separation part adopts a non-frame type three-section separation structure, which has small resistance and is more energy-efficient.
FY-DGP160 Fanway new type animal feed extrusion usage pet food processing machine main functions:
For the extraction of potato starch, automatic fresh potato feed, crushing, separation, slagging, pulping. is also suitable for sweet potato, sweet potato, hawthorn, kudzu, plantain, and cassava.
1: The smashing part is the first to use thorn bar type, discarding the manual sprint method in the past.
2: The lifespan of steel piercing teeth is twice the life of the previous piercing teeth, and can be replaced in ten minutes after wear.
3: The separation section uses a thick 40cm diameter separation tube, the separation is more clean, and the powder extraction rate is more than 99%.
Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a modern food machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprise integration R&D, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales services.

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