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Complete Poultry Feed Production Line Animal Feed Pellet Processing Machine

Complete Poultry Feed Production Line Animal Feed Pellet Processing Machine

Complete Poultry Feed Production Line Animal Feed Pellet Processing Machine Product Description Chicken Feed Pellet Making Production Line Brief...
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Product Description

Complete Poultry Feed Production Line Animal Feed Pellet Processing Machine

Product Description

Chicken Feed Pellet Making Production Line Brief Introduction

HKJ-250 cattle feed production line is our company popular sales animal pellet feed making plant,it can process all kinds of grain feed into pellet feed,use to meet customer feeding chicken,duck,pig,cattle,rabbit,sheep,etc feed pellet demand. The feed pellet making line production capacity around 1-1.5 ton per hour.it also can also produce powder feed for chicken or pig use,output 1.5-2 ton per hour.

HKJ 250 Chicken Feed Pellet Making Production Line Main Advantage:
(1) This chicken feed pellet production line can both produce mash/powder feed,pellet feed,crumb feed.
(2)Feed pellet production line compact structure,low noise and less dust,durable in use and easy to maintenance.
(3)Ring die feed pellet machine can very good to keep all kinds of trace elements in raw materials, animal feed intake, conducive to digestion and absorption,by steam boiler and steam cooking,can improve feed pellet quality and grade.
(4) After feed pellet cooling,feed pellet appearance is neat, smooth surface,high density, easy store and transport.

HKJ-250 Chicken Feed Production Line Manufacturing Process Introduction

section1:Self-priming vertical hammer mill and mixer unit(Use to produce mash feed,output about 1-2t/h)

1. Self-priming hammer mill and mixer unit can by fan absorb grain feed raw material by itself,only one worker can operate it,so it can save labor and production cost.
2.This machine group can crush all kinds grain feed,such as corn,soybean,sorghum,grain, legume,barley,etc.
3.It is very suitable to produce mash feed for laying hens,low invest,high output, very convenient to adjust the egg chicken feed raw material mix proportion.
4.Chicken feed mixer and grinder also the main part of our low invest SH-250 feed pellet production line,it can meet feed pellet production capacity 1t/h,so if customer want to produce pellet feed in the future,it easy to modify and expand feed production line,we also can provide free disign and solution,help you save cost.

section2:HKJ-250 Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine:(Produce feed pellet 1-1.5t/h,Produce Pellet Feed)

Working principle of hkj-250 ring die feed pellet mill

1. Ring die pellet mill consists of the feeder, the conditioner, the ring die and the motor;
2. Firstly, the material go through the feeder from which the material can flow into the pellet machine at the best speed to ensure the full load working of the pellet machine;
3. The hot dry steam mixing with the material and soften, steam the material for easier palletizing. (This design can extend machine's life).
4. Finally, the softened and steamed material go through the ring die to be made into pellets, different size pellets can be got by adjusting ring dies.

Main model of ring die feed pellet mill

Item NO.
















Main Power(kw)








Feeder Power(kw)
















Inside Dia(mm)








Roller Qty(pc)








Feeder Speed(rpm)


Conditioner Speed


Feed Pellet Dia


Pellet Shaping Rate

≥ 95%

Steam Pressure


Steam Consumption

≥ 0.1-0.5t

Steam Temperature


Pellet Mill Noise



Use to produce feed pellet for fish/poultry/chicken/rabbit/sheep/cattle/cow farm.

Section 3. Feed Pellet Cooler And Vibration And Packing Silo:(Feed Pellet Cooling and Packing)

Complete HKJ-250 chicken cattle feed production line with automatic packing Picture:

High Quality Poultry Feed Pellet

CE Approved

Packaging & Shipping

Full Container or Wooden Box Packaging & Shipping Picture:

Our Services

1.We devote to all-round service of all the products from shipment to maintenance.
2.Our professional service include:free training,guidance,onsite installation,and debugging.
3.After selling, we provide the warranty of one year and free technical guidance and spares parts supply.
4.If your equipments have any problems, we will help you to solve online or onsite in time.
5.Welcome oversea agents to join us expand internation market.
6.Welcome to contact us for further information

Company Information

Shandong Double Crane Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd.

Shandong Double Crane Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd. is located in Economic Development Zone, Leling City, Shandong Province, very close to the expressway from Beijing to Shanghai,and is the professional pellet machine manufacturer dedicated in supplying feed pellet and biomass pellet production to worldwide customers.

Sticking on the product developing ideas of simpleness,perfection,quality and innovation,we have been always focused on designing and manufacturing biomass pellet machines since the foundation in 2005. Cooperated with domestic famous universities like Shandong University, Jinan University and Shandong Agricultural University in feed and biomass pellet production line research and development since 2008,we had obtained more than 30 patents and successfully developed 8 series,60 different kinds of products. We had been taking advantages in man-machine design,functional performance design,user experience and reliable quality in pellet production industry, and become the leading professional pellet mill manufacturer in China. We have strong competitive advantages in feed production line under 30t/h and biomass pellet plant under 50t/h. There were more than 1200 sets of pellet mills running around the world.

In recent years,we were continuously investing in technology and manufacturing. We had invested up to 60 million RMB to build 19200 square meters manufacturing base,and 10 million in technological innovation,automatic and integrative technology development. So the new generation products were manufactured to provide best solutions for feed and biomass equipment customers.

Double Crane Machinery is willing to become your partners with our high cost-performance products,excellent quality and perfect after-sale service.

Join in Double Crane,Win-win Our Future.


If you're interested in our feed pellet machines, please kindly reply us the following question:
1. What's the feed pellet production capacity do you want?
R:we can supply feed pellet mill or production line with output from 0.1-20t/h.
2. What's your feed raw material and size and feed formula content?
R:Tell us feed material formulation,then we can design the suitable production line based on actual demand.
3. What's the final feed pellet diameter or size do you want?
R:Our equipment can produce feed pellet diameter 2-8mm,for chick feed,we can produce crumb feed particle.
4. What's your country industrial electricity voltage?
R:General standard motor in China work under 380V,50Hz,3Phase,if not match,tell us we can modify motor.

Complete Poultry Feed Production Line Animal Feed Pellet Processing Machine is a food processing equipment developed, developed and produced on the basis of Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. absorbing advanced foreign technologies. The technical performance and quality indicators of have reached the advanced level of similar international equipment. Complete Poultry Feed Production Line Animal Feed Pellet Processing Machine From ingredients, extrusion, filling, forming, baking, spraying to finished products can be completed at one time, can produce all kinds of puffed foods, fragrant rice cakes, sandwich rolls (cakes) and crackers, cereal porridge, nutritional powder, etc. food. can produce all kinds of puffed foods, fragrant rice cakes and other sandwich rolls (cakes) and crisp biscuits, cereal porridge, nutritional powder and other foods. Using potato starch, corn starch, and flour as the main raw materials, the unique extrusion molding process is used to produce popular puffed foods with different shapes on the market. 222222 has a reasonable design, a high degree of automation, a clear control of extrusion parameters, the host is equipped with high and low pressure screws, increases the scope of use of raw materials, reduces costs, and improves product quality. The main products are spirals. Shells, round tubes, square tubes, circles, cartoon shapes, sports shapes, etc., produce products that are lifelike, crisp and crisp after being fried.
Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a modern food machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprise integration R&D, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales services.

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