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high capacity peanut roaster machine cheap price high capacity peanut roaster machine cheap price high capacity peanut roaster machine cheap price

high capacity peanut roaster machine cheap price

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Product Description

Product Description

peanut roaster machine cheap price

Roasted soybean soybean wok frying machine machine known as the seeds frying machine is a widely used frying dry roasted seeds and nuts drying equipment, suitable for small chemical plant operations, wholesale and processing, can be used for frying processing of various cereals, dried fruits and nuts material at present, we can provide a variety of specifications of making baking machine equipment can be divided into ordinary coal, firewood, gas fired cargo electric heating machine, roasted seeds and nuts roasted seeds and nuts drying machine. Each machine can according to the requirements of roasted seeds and nuts made of steel, stainless steel, baking machine and other forms of roasted fried material drying machine.
Fried cargo characteristics:
Roasted soybean frying machine can be divided into 25, 50, 100 and three kinds of common types, there are 150, 200, 300 medium-sized roasted seeds and nuts drying machine. Super 400, 500 type self suction type dehumidifying machine of each type of roasted seeds and nuts, can be used in hand fired furnace and gas furnace, and electric heating three heating methods. The overall use of the drum horizontal structure, uniform heating, good sealing performance. Stir fry effect is particularly good.
A gas is upgrading roasted seeds and nuts machine based on hand fired furnace, equipped with such care head, can adjust the size of the fire, the drum heating is more uniform and reasonable.
Roasted seeds and nuts machine two, using electric heater with a temperature controller, can be adjusted according to the drum temperature baking machine.
The roller interlayer three, electric heating machine is arranged in the roasted cotton insulation material with high quality, good insulation properties, high utilization rate of hot, can guarantee to meet the needs of all kinds of materials, temperature, fried food taste good, but also greatly reduce the heat loss.
Heat four, electric heating baking machine for the selected electric heating tube. Energy consumption is much lower than that of other manufacturers, and the safety and convenience of the fire is not seen.
In five, fried fried material, the material into a three-dimensional stir in the drum, not stick pan fried fried phenomenon, cargo material to meet the requirements, just press the switch, you can pan sieve separation, without artificial aid.
The applicable scope of soybean fried cargo:
Roasted frying machine suitable for supermarkets, shopping malls, food stores, chain stores, snack street and other densely populated areas such as fixed-point operation and processing. Suitable for processing all kinds of nuts, high capacity peanut roaster machine cheap prices, especially in the oil industry is the indispensable equipment of rapeseed. Sesame, peanut. Beans, melon seeds and so on a one-time fried to make delicious food.

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