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Easy Absorption Nutritional Artificial Rice Mill For Sale Easy Absorption Nutritional Artificial Rice Mill For Sale Easy Absorption Nutritional Artificial Rice Mill For Sale

Easy Absorption Nutritional Artificial Rice Mill For Sale

Easy Absorption Nutritional Artificial Rice Mill For Sale rice mill for sale Application: rice mill for sale is the process that helps in...
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Product Description

Easy Absorption Nutritional Artificial Rice Mill For Sale

rice mill for sale Application:

rice mill for sale is the process that helps in removal of hulls and bran`s from paddy grain to produce polished rice.

It is the most ideal paddy-processing machine for grain distribution station,

and farm as well as self-employees.

rice machine Structure:

This kind of machine was one COMBINED TYPE.

One set rice mill for sale include:2 sets Elevators,1 set De-stoner machine with Blower,1 set Paddy hulling machine,1 set Paddy Seperator and 1 set Rice Polishing machine.

Also have pipe and Cyclone for the Rice Husk and Rice Bran.

Also have Distribution Box to control these parts.

rice mill for sale Advantage:

1. Our machine Wide application: ideal machine for pressing various rice, such as long-shaped rice, polished round-grained rice, sticky rice, thaliland jasmine rice, basmati rice, etc; also can pressing millet
2. High rice yield: the rice output is 85% - 91% higher than common rice mill
3. Low residual: the broken rice only about 5%
4. Little land occupancy: only 6-8m2 is enough

Product Description

rice mill for sale Description:

The rice mill for sale unit is a kind of comprehensive equipment for rice processing. Rice goes into machine through vibrating screen and magnet unit, and then forward under rubber-roller for hulling. Winnowing and air blowing to husk. The machine may complete all the processing works from cleaning grain, rice husking in hulling to rice husking in succession. As to husk, chaff, blighted grain as well ad polished rice, they are all pushed out of machine separately. This machine is comprehensive expression for all the good qualities of varied kinds of rice milling plant. For instance, it is arranged with a comprehensive view of situation and is designed rationally.

It`s structure is compact and well organized. It has less noise and can be easily operated and reliably regulated. Rice after processed consists of less chaff and few of them are damaged (broken). The neatness of such rice may be up to above standard 1. It consumes less power and it has high efficiency in work. It is indeed a combined rice milling unit of a new generation.

This rice mill for sale is our latest production for milling equipment. It has virtues as follows: high efficiency, low energy consumption, advanced structure, beautiful outlook, easy to operate and maintain. At the same time it has the advantage of low noise, high capacity, high rate of gaining rice, low temperature and high quality etc.

This model is special-scale equipment for paddy-processing. It is composed of feeding hopper paddy husking unit, separating unit for brown rice and chaff, milling unit and air jet blower, etc. The paddy can finish the process of cleaning, husking, air-blowing selecting, and milling in succession. Then husk, chaff, runtish paddy, and white rice are pushed out of machine respectively. This machine has a rational layout, compact structure and little noise in operation. It is light and easy to operate with less power consumption and high productivity. The model can produce white rice with high purity above national standard 1, and with less chaff containing and less broken rice. so it is a new type paddy-processing machine for the countryside.

rice mill for sale Main Technical specifications:

Rice huller

  1. Rubber roller Φ254×254(mm)(diameter*length)
  2. R.P.M of fast roller: 1200 r/min
  3. R.P.M of slow roller: 890 r/min
  4. R.P.M of husk blower: 1680 r/min

Rice polisher:

  1. Iron cylinder: Φ138×340mm(outer diameter of protrudes*length)
  2. Screw conveyor: Φ138*150mm(outer diameter*length)
  3. Hexagonal screen: Φ148*335mm(diameter of inscribed circle*length)
  4. Mesh of hexagonal screen: 0.95*15mm(width*length)
  5. R.P.M of main shaft of rice polisher1000 r/min
  6. R.P.M of high pressure blower: 3400 r/min

Company Information

Zhengzhou Sida Agriculture Equipment Co., Ltd has decade years of researching, designing and producing experience, as a professional manufacturer specialized in producing grain processing machineries.We are engaged specially in project design on grain processing factory of wheat flour and corn/maize flour. Our superior products are complete set of 30T-200T/D rice mill for sale and cassava processing machine.

Customer visted our factory:


1. Does this rice milling equipment need a generator?

Yes, it is electronic type will be needing a generator especially in Nigeria where electricity is not stable.

2. Does your rice milling equipment has ISO certificate.

Yes, with experience of more than 20 years we have this certificate.

3. Can this rice milling equipment process wheat and corn flour?

No because they are different machines.

4. What is your guarantee time?

At least one year with all necessary after-sale service provided.

Easy Absorption Nutritional Artificial Rice Mill For Sale is a kind of breakfast with high nutritional value. usually use corn powder and other cereals as main raw material, through mixing, extruding, drying, baking, coating and cooling, to get crispy flakes. Easy Absorption Nutritional Artificial Rice Mill For Sale always service as breakfast cereal mixed with milk of coffee. But Easy Absorption Nutritional Artificial Rice Mill For Sale can also be a kind of leisure snacks. can also make other shapes of cereals such as rings, balls, chocos, curls etc. has adopted technology from America.

Easy Absorption Nutritional Artificial Rice Mill For Sale take corn flour as main raw material,Easy Absorption Nutritional Artificial Rice Mill For Sale's is very crispy after extruding,granulating,flaking, frying,seasoning. The outstanding characteristic of flakes is co-ntaining abundant compound carbohydrate and dietary fiber.Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. can also add some trace elements and minerals. is very popular because of high nutritional value, delicious and convenience.

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