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wood microwave sawdust dryer for wood charcoal production line wood microwave sawdust dryer for wood charcoal production line wood microwave sawdust dryer for wood charcoal production line

wood microwave sawdust dryer for wood charcoal production line

Factory price high performance wood sawdust drum dryer for wood charcoal production line Brief Introduction : In recent years, with the environmental resources,...
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Product Description

Factory price high performance wood sawdust drum dryer for wood charcoal production line

Brief Introduction :

In recent years, with the environmental resources, the comprehensive utilization of biomass energy has been our attention, the use of biomass fuels has also been further developed. In the biomass power generation, due to sawdust, sawdust, wood moisture content is high, the combustion is not complete, resulting in the rear of Mars burned dust bag, not only excessive emissions, the replacement of the bag is also a large loss and in the production of wood products And in the process of making high-burning biomass fuels, these require that the chips and crushed slag be dried. High-quality materials drying experts Zhengzhou vigorously based on the market demand for the development of targeted biomass fuel dryer for wood chips, sawdust, bamboo chips, wood chips, wood shavings, barley straw, oat straw, wheat straw, rye straw , Straw, sorghum straw, stalk and corn stalks and potato vines, beans stem drying, including soybean stalks, broad bean stalks, pea stalks, cowpea stalks, lupine and peanut vines and other materials drying. Our company can optimize the drying technology according to the characteristics of each biomass material, the output size, the application demand, the cost control and the operation convenience. Recommended products: three-tier rotary drum dryer Patent No .: ZL2009 2 0089749.2, the equipment production, energy efficient, small footprint, energy saving than ordinary dryer 30-50%, can maximize the energy conservation and drying cost.

Main Features :

1. Automatic control, can ensure that dry wood moisture dry and stable.

2. Automatic to stone, in addition to iron, can ensure that the baking wood impurities do not enter the post-process.

3. Equipment required investment is foreign imports of 1/6.

4. Self-insulation thermal efficiency of the cylinder up to 70% or more (traditional single-cylinder dryer thermal efficiency of only 35%), improve thermal efficiency of more than 50%.

5. The use of tail drive, transmission more stable and reliable; completely change the wheel rotation often slip affect the production phenomenon.

6. than the single-cylinder dryer to reduce the area of about 50%, civil construction investment by 50% or so.

7. A variety of weekly hairpin combination distribution, effective control of drying time. Drying effect is good.

8. Can be easily adjusted according to user requirements to the final indicators of moisture.

9. The use of frequency control speed control material flow, according to user needs to easily control the required final moisture index.

10. Low outlet temperature, dust removal equipment for a long time, continuous production for the next process.

11. Supporting new energy-saving hot air stove, energy efficient, thermal control, simple operation, coal consumption down as high as 60%, 50% lower power consumption and lower operating costs.

Technical parameters:

Specification Daily capacity (t/d) Evaporation capacity Early moisture(%) Final moisture(%) Drying temperature (℃) Power (kW) Weight (kg) Area (m2)
DLGT1210 44.0-19.5 0.565 35-50% 12-15% 270±30℃ 28 13500 5m*15m
DLGT1409 46.5-20.5 0.wood microwave sawdust dryer for wood charcoal production line 35-50% 12-15% 270±30℃ 34 15500 5m*15m
DLGT1615 88.0-39.0 1.130 35-50% 12-15% 270±30℃ 45 19500 6m*22m
DLGT2010/3 144.5-63.5 1.850 35-50% 12-15% 270±30℃ 78 25000 8m*18m
DLGT2210/3 154.0-67.5 1.976 35-50% 12-15% 270±30℃ 85 27000 8m*18m
DLGT2510/3 193.0-83.5 2.427 35-50% 12-15% 270±30℃ 110 35000 10m*18m
DLGT2512/3 227.0-100.0 2.912 35-50% 12-15% 270±30℃ 125 38000 10m*20m
DLGT2912/3 268.0-120.0 3.432 35-50% 12-15% 270±30℃ 135 43500 10m*22m

Working principle :

The material is fed into the inner layer of the rotary drum by the feeding device, and the material is continuously dried in the inner layer, and the material is moved to the other end of the inner layer into the middle layer, The material in the middle layer is constantly being pushed forward, into a two-step step by step approach, the material in the middle of both the full absorption of the inner layer of the heat emitted by the drum, but also absorb the heat of the middle roller, while extending the dry Time, material in this to achieve the best dry state. The material line to the other end of the middle and fall into the outer layer, the material in the outer drum was rectangular multi-loop way to achieve the effect of drying materials in the hot air under the action of the rapid discharge of the drum, did not reach the drying effect of wet material due to their own weight can not be fast Travel, material in this rectangular copy board to fully dry, thus completing the purpose of drying.

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Through continuous exploration and practice, the company has developed the advantages of low investment, high efficiency, low operation cost, high product quality and convenient control and operation. The microwave frequency thawing equipment with microwave frequency of 915MHz and output power of 20kw-200kw is above. For food processing enterprises such as chain fast food industry in China, food thawing is provided, and the improvement of food thawing technology in China is also renewed. The benefit is not only "farsightedness", but also at the foot of the eyes. According to experts, the traditional food thawing are based on heat conduction method, material surface temperature is higher than the internal temperature in the thawing process, inevitably there will be drop loss, which will increase the business loss. If merchants use microwave dryer, wood microwave sawdust dryer for wood charcoal production line power, material temperature and transmission speed can be used to achieve adjustable linkage, and the overall heating process control advantages can greatly reduce material consumption and improve food utilization. In addition, as the microwave thawing only needs electricity, no need to consume a lot of water, in the low carbon era, this is not lost a recommended fashion trend.

microwave dryer is a new type of environmental protection drying method. When dry, wood microwave sawdust dryer for wood charcoal production line directly to the medium molecules converted into heat, because the wood microwave sawdust dryer for wood charcoal production line penetrating performance of heating medium and at the same time, no need to heat conduction, so the heating speed is very fast, the water content below 30% of the food, the drying speed can be shortened hundreds of times.


microwave dryer advantages of equipment

1, microwave dryer, short, fast

Conventional thermal sterilization is used to transmit heat from the surface of the food to the interior through heat conduction, convection, or radiation. It often takes a long time to get the germicidal temperature. The wood microwave sawdust dryer for wood charcoal production line is the direct interaction between microwave energy and microorganisms such as food and bacteria. The interaction between heat effect and non thermal effect can achieve fast warming and bactericidal action, and the processing time is greatly reduced. The sterilization effect of various materials is usually 3-5 minutes.


2, wood microwave sawdust dryer for wood charcoal production line low temperature sterilization keep the nutrition and traditional flavor The wood microwave sawdust dryer for wood charcoal production line is through special heat and non thermal effect sterilization, compared with conventional thermal sterilization, it can get the desired disinfection effect at relatively low temperature and short time. Practice shows that the general sterilization temperature can reach the effect at 75-80 degrees centigrade. In addition, microwave dryer processed foods can retain more nutrients and color, aroma, taste, shape and other flavors, and have puffing effect. For example, the vitamin C retained in vegetables treated by conventional heat treatment is 46-50%, while that in microwave treatment is 60-90%, while that in conventional heating is 58%, while that in microwave heating is 84%.


3 microwave dryer and wood microwave sawdust dryer for wood charcoal production line save energy Conventional thermal sterilization often has heat loss in the environment and equipment, and microwave is directly treated to food, so there is no extra heat loss. In addition, the conversion efficiency of the electric energy to the microwave energy is in the 70-80%, and the power is generally reduced to 30-50%.



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