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Kemp microwave air dryer desiccant dryer Kemp microwave air dryer desiccant dryer Kemp microwave air dryer desiccant dryer

Kemp microwave air dryer desiccant dryer

TQ Seris psa nitrogen generator high quality and low price professinal manufactory over 15 year experinces low running coat ,low pressure drop and steady dew...
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Product Description

TQ Seris psa nitrogen generator high quality and low price

professinal manufactory over 15 year experinces
low running coat ,low pressure drop and steady dew point.microprocessor control.,hmi touch screen easy operate.

heatless adsoption air drer and micro heated asorption air dryer best price with high quality

Adsorption air dryer professinal manufacturer lowest price


With drop force of bottom impact and side vibration, the manufacturer tightly fill the senior moisture-absorption chemical raw materials-molecular (Alumina) inside both drying towers. When the Moisture-Contained gas impacts the sorbent in a curve following specific flow direction, the vapor water in the air will be absorbed under the pressure state. The water will be released automatically from the sorbent with the instant pressure drop method when the sorbent absorbs the water and saturated. Just by this characteristic, this product works alternatively in the sequence of absorbing, releasing, regenerating and charging in the manner of shifting between two towers.


1. The excellent design of the two tower or use our patent there towers desigh high efficiency

It can ensure activated aluminium oxide contact time enough to dry the saturated wet air entering in dryer to the needed dew point, 30% extra desiccative can compensate the desiccative consumption and ensure the life time, then guarantee the best performance

2. Adopts the large scale diffuser

To ensure the air stream well proportioned to get through the desiccative level

3. Reliable controlling system

3.1 Within 10 minutes period dry the compressed air to very low dew point of -40°C or within 4 minutes period dry to -70°C,and can be conditioned at site

3.2 Micro CPU control way , and the PLC control is optional

4. System Pressure drop is lower than 0.02MPa

5. Easily operation & easily maintenance

Power on-off switch, the period mode setting, power on light, regenerative on light

Technical parameters

Rated Inlet Temperature: ≤38°CMaximum inlet temperature: ≤70°Cinlet oil content: ≤0.1ppmOutlet Pressure Dew Point: -20°C (-70 °C below zero is optional) Adsorbent: Activated alumina or molecular sieve Rated Working Pressure:0.5~1.0MPa(1.0MPa or above is optional)Pressure loss: 0.07MPaControl Model: CPU (standard configuration), PLC is optional Working Mode: Automatic switching between tower A and tower B, continuous working
Regeneration Way: Heatless regenerativeRegeneration Air Consumption: 3-8%
Cycle Period: 10~90min, adjustablePower Supply: 220V/50HZ/60hz,380v/50hz-60hz

TQ Series heatless adsorption air dryer technical data
Model No Capacity(m³/min) WeightKG) Outlet diameter(mm) Desicative(KG) Power(W) Voltage(V) Dimension(MM) (L×W×H)
TQ-10XF 1.3 135 20 25 50 220V 50-60Hz 800*550*1680
TQ-20XF 2.6 205 25 55 50 220V 50-60Hz 800*550*1680
TQ-30XF 3.8 265 25 90 50 220V 50-60Hz 900*600*1780
TQ-50XF 6.8 370 40 155 60 220V 50-60Hz 1050*650*2000
TQ-60XF 7.6 425 40 175 60 220V 50-60Hz 1050*650*2000
TQ-75XF 10.5 480 50 250 60 220V 50-60Hz 1150*700*2250
TQ-100XF 14.5 630 50 305 60 220V 50-60Hz 1250*750*2280
TQ-150XF 21.6 945 65 385 60 220V 50-60Hz 1450*950*2600
TQ-200XF 28.5 1250 65 530 60 220V 50-60Hz 1550*1050*2650
TQ-250XF 33.5 1580 80 645 70 220V 50-60Hz 1600*1100*2500
TQ-300XF 38.0 1860 80 725 70 220V 50-60Hz 1650*1150*2550
TQ-350XF 45.0 2200 80 860 70 220V 50-60Hz 1900*1200*2650
TQ-400XF 51.0 2470 100 910 80 220V 50-60Hz 2100*1250*2750
TQ-450XF 58.0 2780 100 1050 80 220V 50-60Hz 2150*1300*2750
TQ-500XF 66.0 3200 100 1210 80 220V 50-60Hz 2200*1350*2750
TQ-600XF 75.0 3350 125 1360 80 220V 50-60Hz 2400*1450*2750
TQ-700XF 86.0 3780 125 1600 100 220V 50-60Hz 2400*1500*2800
TQ-800XF 95.0 4100 150 1850 100 220V 50-60Hz 2450*1550*2800

TQ Series micro heated adsorption air dryer technical data
Model No Capacity(m³/min) WeightKG) Outlet diameter(mm) Desicative(KG) Power(W) Voltage(V) Dimension(MM) (L×W×H)
TQ-10XFW 1.3 145 20 22 1 220V 50-60Hz 800*550*1680
TQ-20XFW 2.6 215 25 48 1.5 220V 50-60Hz 800*550*1680
TQ-30XFW 3.8 275 25 80 1.8 220V 50-60Hz 900*600*1780
TQ-50XFW 6.6 395 40 120 2.3 220V 50-60Hz 1050*650*2000
TQ-60XFW 7.6 450 40 135 2.6 220V 50-60Hz 1050*650*2000
TQ-75XFW 10.5 520 50 215 3 380V 50-60Hz 1150*700*2250
TQ-100XFW 14.5 660 50 250 3.5 380V 50-60Hz 1250*750*2280
TQ-150XFW 21.6 980 65 330 4.6 380V 50-60Hz 1450*950*2600
TQ-200XFW 28.5 1285 65 450 5.5 380V 50-60Hz 1550*1050*2650
TQ-250XFW 33.5 1615 80 580 7 380V 50-60Hz 1600*1100*2500
TQ-300XFW 38.0 1990 80 630 8.5 380V 50-60Hz 1650*1150*2550
TQ-350XFW 45.0 2250 80 800 10 380V 50-60Hz 1900*1200*2650
TQ-400XFW 51.0 2520 100 840 12 380V 50-60Hz 2100*1250*2750
TQ-450XFW 58.0 2815 100 920 14 380V 50-60Hz 2150*1300*2750
TQ-500XFW 66.0 3250 100 1060 15 380V 50-60Hz 2200*1350*2750
TQ-600XFW 75.0 3520 125 1210 18 380V 50-60Hz 2400*1450*2750
TQ-700XFW 86.0 3850 125 1450 22 380V 50-60Hz 2400*1500*2800
TQ-800XFW 95.0 4200 150 1700 26 380V 50-60Hz 2450*1550*2800



Certificate and honor

Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd., relying on strong technical support, advanced production equipment, excellent processing technology and scientific detection methods, we ensure product quality and delivery time, and provide a fully optimized technical solution according to your requirements. Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. for thawing of meat products and seafood, the equipment has stable performance, reliable quality and short thawing time. It is an ideal defrosting equipment for high-tech meat products, made of stainless steel, conforming to food production standard. Welcome new and old customers to inquire. Our international business covers customers all over the world. We have competitive prices and are proud of our excellent after-sales service. The working attitude of the company and the continuous improvement of the innovation concept will lead Tuo Bo and you to step into the brilliant future hand in hand and create a better future.
Through continuous exploration and practice, the company has developed the advantages of low investment, high efficiency, low operation cost, high product quality and convenient control and operation. The microwave frequency thawing equipment with microwave frequency of 915MHz and output power of 20kw-200kw is above. For food processing enterprises such as chain fast food industry in China, food thawing is provided, and the improvement of food thawing technology in China is also renewed. The benefit is not only "farsightedness", but also at the foot of the eyes. According to experts, the traditional food thawing are based on heat conduction method, material surface temperature is higher than the internal temperature in the thawing process, inevitably there will be drop loss, which will increase the business loss. If merchants use microwave dryer, Kemp microwave air dryer desiccant dryer power, material temperature and transmission speed can be used to achieve adjustable linkage, and the overall heating process control advantages can greatly reduce material consumption and improve food utilization. In addition, as the microwave thawing only needs electricity, no need to consume a lot of water, in the low carbon era, this is not lost a recommended fashion trend.

microwave dryer is a new type of environmental protection drying method. When dry, Kemp microwave air dryer desiccant dryer directly to the medium molecules converted into heat, because the Kemp microwave air dryer desiccant dryer penetrating performance of heating medium and at the same time, no need to heat conduction, so the heating speed is very fast, the water content below 30% of the food, the drying speed can be shortened hundreds of times.


microwave dryer advantages of equipment

1, microwave dryer, short, fast

Conventional thermal sterilization is used to transmit heat from the surface of the food to the interior through heat conduction, convection, or radiation. It often takes a long time to get the germicidal temperature. The Kemp microwave air dryer desiccant dryer is the direct interaction between microwave energy and microorganisms such as food and bacteria. The interaction between heat effect and non thermal effect can achieve fast warming and bactericidal action, and the processing time is greatly reduced. The sterilization effect of various materials is usually 3-5 minutes.


2, Kemp microwave air dryer desiccant dryer low temperature sterilization keep the nutrition and traditional flavor The Kemp microwave air dryer desiccant dryer is through special heat and non thermal effect sterilization, compared with conventional thermal sterilization, it can get the desired disinfection effect at relatively low temperature and short time. Practice shows that the general sterilization temperature can reach the effect at 75-80 degrees centigrade. In addition, microwave dryer processed foods can retain more nutrients and color, aroma, taste, shape and other flavors, and have puffing effect. For example, the vitamin C retained in vegetables treated by conventional heat treatment is 46-50%, while that in microwave treatment is 60-90%, while that in conventional heating is 58%, while that in microwave heating is 84%.


3 microwave dryer and Kemp microwave air dryer desiccant dryer save energy Conventional thermal sterilization often has heat loss in the environment and equipment, and microwave is directly treated to food, so there is no extra heat loss. In addition, the conversion efficiency of the electric energy to the microwave energy is in the 70-80%, and the power is generally reduced to 30-50%.



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