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Single microwave and Three Shell Rotary Drum Dryer Special Offer 15% off Single microwave and Three Shell Rotary Drum Dryer Special Offer 15% off Single microwave and Three Shell Rotary Drum Dryer Special Offer 15% off

Single microwave and Three Shell Rotary Drum Dryer Special Offer 15% off

Applications Sand/mineral ore/filter cake drying River sand, molding sand, mining sand Limestone, gypsum, potash, kaolin clay, Coal drying...
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Product Description


Sand/mineral ore/filter cake drying

River sand, molding sand, mining sand

Limestone, gypsum, potash, kaolin clay,

Coal drying

Lignite (brown coal, wood coal),coal slime

Animal feed drying

Green fodder (alfalfa) drying and pelletizing

Corn cobs

Brewery mash drying (spent brewers grain, distillers’ grain, beer meal residue, etc..)

Bean and potato dregs drying

Tapioca (cassava) residue

Industrial solid waste drying

Municipal sludge drying

Electroplating sluge drying

Paper mill sludge drying

Printing and dyeing and textile sludge drying

Leather sludge drying

House waste Drying

Food waste drying

Industrial solid waste

Steel mill solid waste drying

chemical industry solid waste drying

Industrial residue

Metal chips

Fruit Pomace (apple, grapes, etc.)

Beet pulp, bagasse


Chinese herb residue drying

Poultry treatment

cow manure treatment / cow dung drying/organic fertilizer production

chicken manure / chicken dung drying/organic fertilizer production

other animal manure treatment and recycling

Wood drying

wood sawdust, wood chips, wood fibers, etc.

Description of Rotary Drum Dryer

The Rotary Drum Dryer is also called rotary dryer, rotary tube dryer, rotary cylinder dryer, widely used in the field of building materials, metallurgies, chemical industry, cement plant and so on. It can dry slag, coal, mining powder, clay, sand, limestone and so on. It is composed of rotary drum, lifters, driving device, supporting device etc. The dryer has advantages of reasonable structure, high efficiency, low energy consumption and convenient for transportation.

According to the basic structures of the Rotary Drum, it can be divided into three types: single drum dryer, double drum dryer and triple drum dryer. In our factory, single drum dryers and triple drum dryers are produced on daily basis.

Triple Drum Rotary Dryer:
Triple Pass Rotary Dryer has 3 drying zones in the 3 cylinders (internal one, middle one and external one) which construct the rotating body. Heat processing of a product with high moisture content is done efficiently in those 3 drying zones. The product is put in from the inlet of the hopper, sent to the internal cylinder where heating of the product is made, then moves to the middle cylinder where evaporation of moisture is promoted further. The solid constituent of the product is gradually broken into pieces and discharged from the outlet via the third final drying zone. The hot air produced in the furnace is sent to the internal cylinder, passes through the middle and external cylinders. The hot air is then sent to the cyclone where dust is removed.


1. Heat efficiency improved 40%!

2. Coal consumption (as fuel) is 30% of conventional dryers!

3. shell temperature

4. Floor area reduced by 40%- 60%!

5. Lower investment for the same capacity!

Single Drum Rotary Dryer:

Generally, single pass rotary dryers are old drying technique but they are still widely in use due to their low manufacturing, operating and maintenance cost. Recent years, our single pass rotary dryers have been upgraded with more efficient heating system, better internal flight design, improved wear resistance on critical parts, making the drying system even more durable and efficient.

According to the flow direction of hot air, it can be divided into two types: co-current and counter-current as shown below:

Co-current flow is used for heat sensitive materials even for high inlet gas temperature due to the rapid cooling of the gas during initial evaporation of surface moisture, whereas for other materials countercurrent flow is desirable in order to take advantage of the higher thermal efficiency that can be achieved in this way.

To ensure that the dryer is loaded close to optimal, it is important to know the amount of solids that can be held up in the flights. If they are underfilled, the dryer will be performing inefficiently, below its capacity. Excessive overload of the shell will result in a

proportion of the material transported by kiln action,and the contact with the hot gases is limited. The residence time of the solids will be reduced and the quality of the product may be unacceptable.

Please contact us for a suitable rotary dryer design for your material !

Technical Data

Factory Introduction:

Our drying equipment factory was established in 1950s with technology assistance from Russian experts. Since then the factory has never stopped pursuit of upgrade of our drying equipment, many specially designed dryers for challenging materials had been developed during even 1960s-1970s without any outside help. The spirit of constant pursuit on technology upgrade and commitment to quality and process optimization had passed on from generations to generations.

Today, with an open mind and eagerness to better serve customers, we had learned from western counterparts, integrated European technology into our products selectively according to our current industrial circumstances in China based on our past experiences, which makes our products more effective, competitive and much easier for customers to accept. We are proud of products that had provided numerous businessmen new opportunities and even more workers jobs, all of which had been indispensable in our social welfare improvement and industrial development.

Time had witnessed our growth and we shall never cease to change times with our products.

To all ambitious and hardworking entrepreneurs all over the world, we offer our products to change your tomorrow for the better and better. Please give us a call for your requests. We are at your disposal at any time.

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microwave dryer is a new type of environmental protection drying method. When dry, Single microwave and Three Shell Rotary Drum Dryer Special Offer 15% off directly to the medium molecules converted into heat, because the Single microwave and Three Shell Rotary Drum Dryer Special Offer 15% off penetrating performance of heating medium and at the same time, no need to heat conduction, so the heating speed is very fast, the water content below 30% of the food, the drying speed can be shortened hundreds of times.


microwave dryer advantages of equipment

1, microwave dryer, short, fast

Conventional thermal sterilization is used to transmit heat from the surface of the food to the interior through heat conduction, convection, or radiation. It often takes a long time to get the germicidal temperature. The Single microwave and Three Shell Rotary Drum Dryer Special Offer 15% off is the direct interaction between microwave energy and microorganisms such as food and bacteria. The interaction between heat effect and non thermal effect can achieve fast warming and bactericidal action, and the processing time is greatly reduced. The sterilization effect of various materials is usually 3-5 minutes.


2, Single microwave and Three Shell Rotary Drum Dryer Special Offer 15% off low temperature sterilization keep the nutrition and traditional flavor The Single microwave and Three Shell Rotary Drum Dryer Special Offer 15% off is through special heat and non thermal effect sterilization, compared with conventional thermal sterilization, it can get the desired disinfection effect at relatively low temperature and short time. Practice shows that the general sterilization temperature can reach the effect at 75-80 degrees centigrade. In addition, microwave dryer processed foods can retain more nutrients and color, aroma, taste, shape and other flavors, and have puffing effect. For example, the vitamin C retained in vegetables treated by conventional heat treatment is 46-50%, while that in microwave treatment is 60-90%, while that in conventional heating is 58%, while that in microwave heating is 84%.


3 microwave dryer and Single microwave and Three Shell Rotary Drum Dryer Special Offer 15% off save energy Conventional thermal sterilization often has heat loss in the environment and equipment, and microwave is directly treated to food, so there is no extra heat loss. In addition, the conversion efficiency of the electric energy to the microwave energy is in the 70-80%, and the power is generally reduced to 30-50%.



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