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high quality home use peanut butter making machine high quality home use peanut butter making machine

high quality home use peanut butter making machine

high quality home use peanut butter making machine Product Description 1. This peanut butter machine home is multi-functional, it can be used for peanut butter, cocoa...
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Product Description

high quality home use peanut butter making machine

Product Description

1. This peanut butter machine home is multi-functional, it can be used for peanut butter, cocoa butter, sesame butter, chili paste, walnuts, almond butter, dates paste, corn paste, chicken meat paste, corn milk, soybean milk, rice milk, turmeric, mayoonaise, garlic, tomato etc.

2. We have two types: full stainless steel type and ordinary type(stainless steel with carbon steel). You can choose it freely based on your demands.

Work Principle:

The machine is fixed by different gepmetry, the relative rotation of rotor and stator under high speed rotation, when the material under the weight, air pressure and centrifugal force through adjustable stator clearance, subject to the strong shear, friction, impact force, high frequency vibration and other complex forces are effectively broken, dispersed emulsification and mixing, resulting in the ideal product.

Product Overviews

1. Contact with the material are made of stainless steel, corrosion resistance, in harsh environments can be a long time continuous and stable work.
2. Static and static grinding, with special treatment, grinding high hardness, high precision, grinding fine, durable long life
3. Pump body, adjust the disk, cover, etc. are made of raw steel, high density, no sand holes, more durable.
4. The machine uses non-contact bushing seal, with anti-leakage, maintenance-free features.
5. Adjust the disc can be adjusted thickness, easy to operate. Standard copper coil motor with long service life.

Technical Parameters:

Model Voltage Power Capacity Dimension Weight
GMS-JT50 220v 1.1kw 10-30kg/h 520*250*555mm 67kg
GMS-JT80 220/380v 4kw 70-100kg/h 685*335*928mm 173kg
GMS-JT110 380v 7.5kw 200-300kg/h 700*430*1000mm 235kg
GMS-JT130 380v 11kw 400-600kg/h 975*456*1054mm 400kg
GMS-JT180 380v 22kw 800-1000kg/h 981*476*1124mm 420kg
GMS-JT240 380v 37/45kw 1000-5000kg/h 1319*500*1276mm 1000kg

Note: The capacity varies according to the materials' properities.


1) This machine adopts 304 stainless steel materials. It is corrosion resistant, non-toxic.

2) The main working parts are stator and rotor. They adopt specially machining and heating technology. So the machine has high machining accuracy and long life.

3) The stator and rotor can be made of different of material according to your application. They have different structures and gear. The user can choose according to their need. It is widely used.

4) The main body and the adjusting ring are equipped with limit device and locking device to ensure the stability of machining gap.

5) Users can choose ordinary motor or explosion-proof motor according to their need.

6) The collod mill machine has all kinds of out packing to choose.

7) The main spindle and motor are designed separately. The user can choose the according rotate speed according to the requirements.

Product Effects

Packaging & Shipping Company Information

1. Our company---Henan Gems Machinery specializes in food processing since 2010. Currently our machines are exported to more than 20 foreign countries, such as USA, Portugal, Dubai, Panama, Australia, Bahrain, Austria, Netherlands, Ukraine, Costa Rica, Morocco, Egypt, Ecuador, Zambia, Philippines, Thailand etc.

2. For different areas or different countries, we can provide customers CE, ISO, Certificate of Origin to help you clearance customs or reduce tax.

3. China has signed The Free Trade Agreement with some countries, such as Australia, Pakistan, Chile etc. If you need CO, FORM F etc, please inform me in advance.

4. We have professional engineers and after-sale service team, any questions about the machine will be solved within 12 hours.

Our Services

Pre-sale Service:

1. Confirm the voltage in your region, we will customize it as your demands.

2. Confirm the nearest port to your location and provide you the shipping cost for your reference.

3. Take pictures or videos of the goods, send them to you to confirm.

4. Any technical questions about our machines, our engineers team will solve it within 24 hours.

After-sale Service:

1. Make one english instructions in time for your reference.

2. We provide one year warranty. During this period, we provide the spare parts at factory price or for free. If there is something wrong with the quality, we promise change one for you for free.

4. For the production line, we can send engineers to help you to install.

5. Any questions about the machine or operation, please feel free to contact us.


1. What is the different of these models?

The capacity is different; the degree of fineness is different. Such as the smallest model JT50, the final fineness is 150mesh, for other models, it can be up 200mesh.

2. Thecirculation pile is necessary?

No, you can choose it freely. If you process rice milk, soybean milk etc, you can equip it. It is suitable for good fluidity materials.

3. How about the volume of hopper?

Take the JT80 model for example, the normal size is 10L, but we can also customize it based on your demands. And we make for our Netherlands client with 45L hopper.

4. Can you provide explosion-proof motor?

Yes, we can, but the price is a little higher than normal motor. It is suitable for chemical industry.

5. How about the service life of spare parts?

The main spare parts are stator and rotor, usually it can be used for one year. Must keep the materials clean without small stones or other things.

6. How about the voltage?

Uausally, we have 220v 50hz single phase and 380v 50hz three phase, but we also can customize it as your demand.

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