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Peanut butter Making Machine |Colloid Mill Machine |Chilli Paste Making Machine Peanut butter Making Machine |Colloid Mill Machine |Chilli Paste Making Machine

Peanut butter Making Machine |Colloid Mill Machine |Chilli Paste Making Machine

Commercial stainless steel tomato paste making machine It is using different shape of stators and rotors, crushing under the high circumgyration....
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Product Description

Commercial stainless steel tomato paste making machine

It is using different shape of stators and rotors, crushing under the high circumgyration.

Grinding the material through cutting, milling, high- frequent-shaking.

The distance between stators could be adjusted and grinding by recirculation.

This machine has many advantages. Compacted structure, stable working, low noise, rust-proof,

easy to clear and maintain.We can get smooth and fine butter by this machine.

Raw materails:all kinds of nuts(peanut,sesame,etc),fruits(strawberry, carambola,etc),

vegetables(chili, tomatoes,etc),etc

Final products: paste, juice, paste

Machine structure:stainless steel(inside molds)+carbon steel

Contact person :

Ms. Grace

Mobile:Peanut butter Making Machine |Colloid Mill Machine |Chilli Paste Making Machine26659141

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Product Description

Machine shapes:a little different based on various materails.

If for juice,one recyling tube to get fine final product.

Tomato Paste Making Machine|Tomato paste colloid mill

1.Feature of Tomato Paste Making Machine

1)Simple operation, high efficiency and energy saving.

2)keeping the traditional flavor, taste pure millstones exquisite, very rich.

3)modeling beautiful, stable performance.

4)motor not waterno leakage, not easy to damage, safety and health.

5)compact structure, low noise, corrosion resistant, easy cleaning, convenient maintenance and so on.


1)Food industry: aloe, Pollen , pineapple , sesame, tea, ice cream , moon cake stuffing , butter , jam ,

fruit juice , soybeans, soybean paste , red bean paste , peanut milk, milk protein , soy , dairy ,

wheat milk fine , flavor, variety of drinks , chicken mud , pig and other animal hides.2)Chemical

industry: paints, pigments , dyes , paints, lubricants, grease , diesel, petroleum catalyst ,

emulsified asphalt , adhesives , detergents, plastics, glass, steel, leather and so on.3)Daily Chemical

: toothpaste, detergent , shampoo, shoe polish , cosmetics , bath essence, soap, balms , etc.

Main features:

1. Main material can be Stainless steel or Semi-stainless steel.

2. With Scale Ruler adjust to precise production.

3. Working principle: Through high speed relative motion of Rotor and Stator, make the material get strong Shearing force, Friction and High mode Vibration. Effictively Crush, Emulsify, Homogeneity material to reach refined product.

4. Application:

Food Industry, such as Peanut Butter, Soybean Paste, Jam Paste, Cream,Sesame/Tahini Paste, Gingli Paste, Chili Sauce, Almond Butter, Cacao Paste, etc.

Chemical Industry, such as Paint, Lubricant, Elestex.

Daily Life products, such as Cosmetic, Toothpaste, etc.

5. Capacity from Lab Scale to Mass Production. according to your request

JWR50 for Lab Scale;JWR85 for Middle Scale Production

JWR130,JWR180& JWR210 &JWR-240 for Mass Production.

cod liver oil , pollen , royal jelly , vaccines, various creams , a variety of oral , injection,

intravenous fluids, pancreatic enzyme preparations , emulsions , etc. .5)construction industry :

a variety of coatings include: interior and exterior paint , waterproof anti-corrosion coating,

cold porcelain paint, colorful paint , ceramic glaze .6)Other industries: plastics industry,

textile industry, paper industry , bio-chemical , environmentally friendly energy ,

coal flotation agent , nano-materials, major universities , research institutes and other

3.Working Principle

a. By high speed relative movement of different shapes stater and rotor, the butter

machine can crush and grind the materials.

b. Adapting the space between stater and rotor, will receive the powerful shear force,

frictional force, impact force, high frequency vibration etc; then the materials will be

efficiently crushed, dispersed, emulsified and mixed to a perfect situation.

c. Peanut butter machine is a different geometry of the rotor in high-speed rotation

of the relative motion, breaking through the shearing, grinding, and

high frequency vibration.

Packaging & Shipping

We could arrange shippment by sea, by air, by express.

If by express, could directly to your home. shipping time:3-5days

If by air, could ship to your destination airport,shipping time:5-7days

If by sea, could ship to your nearest seaport,shipping time is different based on your port details

Our Services

In last many years, we have exported our machines to more than 50 foreign countries, such as Nigeria, Kenya, Thailand, Vietnam, Cyprus, Brazil, Indonesia, etc. High quality Best Service, A Competitive price, Timely delivery is our philosophy, we are to fully cooperate on the basis of equality and mutual benefit with partners from abroad. We hope sincerely become your Chinese supplier and partner in the mechanical field.

To be better and better, your satisfaction will be our motivation and direction!

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