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Hot Sale CE Certified Peanut butter making machine south africa Hot Sale CE Certified Peanut butter making machine south africa

Hot Sale CE Certified Peanut butter making machine south africa

Hot Sale CE Certified Peanut butter making machine south africa Introduction of Peanut butter making machine south africa Peanut butter...
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Product Description

Hot Sale CE Certified Peanut butter making machine south africa

Introduction of Peanut butter making machine south africa

Peanut butter making machine is a fine-fluid materials processing machinery. It combines functions of a variety of machinery such as a homogenizer, ball mill, three roll machine, shearing machine, mixer and so on. It has the performance of superfine grinding, dispersion, emulsification, homogenization, mixing and so on. After processing, the particle size can reach 2-50μm, homogenization degree over 90%. The machine is the ideal equipment for superfine particle processing. Homogeneity, is the ideal equipment for processing of ultrafine particles.

The machine can apply to superfine material grinding in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. It can grind, emulsify, homogenize and mix various half wet and emulsion material. The main technical index can reach top level in the same kinds of products domestic and abroad.

Application of Peanut butter making machine south africa

Food industry: aloe vera, Pollen, pineappie, sesame, fruit tea, ice cream,

Moon cake stuffing, butter, jam, fruit juice, soybeans, soybeanPaste, red bean, peanut milk, proteit milk, soy milk, dairy Products, wheat milk essence, flavor, variety of drinks, chickenMud, pig and other animal hides.

Chemical industry: paints, pigments, dyes, paints, lubricants, grease,

Diesel, petroleum catalyst, emulsified asphalt, adhesives,

Detergents, plastics, explosives, glass, steel, leather, Emulsion explosives.

Daily Chemical: toothpaste, detergent, shampoo, shoe polish, cosmetics,

Bath essence, soap, balsam etc..

Pharmaceutical industry: all kinds of syrup, nutrition, medicinal paste

Pharmaceutical, biological products, cod liver oil, pollen, royal

Jelly, vaccines, various creams, a variety of oral, injection,

Intravenous fluid, pancreatic enzyme preparations, emulsions,Etc..

Other industries: plastic industry, textile industry, paper industry,

Bio-chemical, environmentally friendly energy, coal flotation

Agent, nano-materials, among major colleges scientific research Units.

Technical Specification of Peanut butter making machine south africa

Working principle of Peanut butter making machine south africa

This machine works through different shapes of stator and rotor, the stator and rotor will relative motion at the high speed rolling, when the materials will be grinded at the self-possessed, air-weight, and centrifugal force, when adjusts the gap of the stator, the materials will bear powerful shearing force, friction force, impact force and high-frequency vibration, the material will be crushed and grinded and mixed well, then can get the ideal products.

The grinding chamber has three grinding distracts: first class--coarse grinding, second class—fine grinding, third class---- micro grinding, can adjust the gaps between the stator and rotor to get the ideal products. (Can recycle the materials).

Features of Peanut butter making machine south africa

1. Main spare part use the best quality stainless steel, corrosion resistance and non-toxicity.

2. the main parts stator and rotor, Using special machining and heat treatment process, High precision, long service life.

3. the stator and rotor can select different materials, and match grinding and sharing structures and tooth type, the client can select according the usage.

4. the working gaps can be adjusted, and match the dial scale, easy to control, can make sure the quality of the products.

5. the main seat, adjust ring match the Stopper and locking device, which can make sure the stability of the working gap between the stator and rotor.

6. the machine has cooling system, which can keep the character of the materials.

7. the design of the machine has the usual feeding hopper, and pipe outlet which can make the material to be recycled in the machine, can satisfy the requirements of users.

8. The user can select the usual motor or Explosion-proof motor.

9. The whole design of the machine can according the requirements of the clients.

10. main axle and motor, the client can select the rotary speed of the motor and the axle.

11. The standard motor.

12.The machine is well designed, stability performance, simple operation, easy maintained.


1.How is the machine Warranty or Guaranty period ? Do you have CE Certificate ?

The machine warranty period is one year.We have CE certificate.

2.Does the motor have thermal overload protection fitted? If so do you have details / pictures of this?

The motor have no thermal overload protection fitted,but the machine has water cooling system.

3.What is the specifications of the material the grinding components are made of? (grade of steel)

The grinding components are made of 420 martensitic stainless steel.

4.Can we order spare grinding components if we order the machine?

Yes,sure. The spare grinding components are stator and rotor.

5.Do you have these machines in stock? What is the expected delivery time?

Yes,we have stock. Usually the delivery time is 7 working days after receiving deposit.

6.What is your machine voltage ? Can you do it as our local voltage request ?

The voltage of Model MJ-50 and MJ-80 can be either single phase or three phase power supply.

But other bigger models are three phase voltage.We can change the voltage as customers' local request.

Wooden Case Package of Peanut butter making machine south africa

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