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Road Roof Indoor Ground Heating System Road Roof Indoor Ground Heating System Road Roof Indoor Ground Heating System

Road Roof Indoor Ground Heating System

Product picture Brief Introduction: Aramid fiber stainless steel cable and the fibrous heating wire constitutes the environmentally...
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Product Description

Product picture

Brief Introduction:

Aramid fiber stainless steel cable and the fibrous heating wire constitutes the environmentally friendly snow melting system. Fibrous heating wire is developed by Japan, processed and manufactured from the aramid fiber and metal fiber. It has the excellent properties of soft coiling, bending resistanc and other excellent performance. The snow mealting system is used in residential, agricultural, industrial, military, technology and other fields, such as the heating electric heating brick bed, electric geothermal, floating window, floor and tatami and the drying of steaming room, high temperature yoga room, food, tea, seafood, medicine drying; vegetable greenhouses, garden house and constant temperature brood, ramps, bridges, driveway, pedestrians, parking lot, outdoor staircases, roof structure, groove and pavement road, lane and heating auxiliary snow melting system embedded in the concrete of tunnel.

Features of Road Heating System
China's existing products:
1. Nickel chromium cable: metal core has metal fatigue problem, easy to break. Life span is within 5 years, no automatic control system, big power consumption.
2. Carbon fiber cable: carbon fiber wire core is relatively crispy with many connectors, easy to break. Life span is within 5 years, no automatic control system, big power consumption.
Japan Heating cable:
1, Aramid fiber stainless steel cable: fiber wire core will not break. We can use it for 15 years on the premise of no road damage. There are all kinds of sensors with automatic control technology.
2.Sensor and control system equipment originally imported from Japan.

Aramid fiber stainless steel cable is the most advanced electric heating body in the world, a product of aerospace high-tech towards civilian use. It is a new type of heating, which uses electricity as energy to transmit heat through far infrared radiation. It is super thin, anti-wear, space saving, constant temperature adjustable, independently controllable, economical, comfortable, long service life, easy to install and use, safe and free of maintanance, which make the sytem an energy-saving, comfotable,non-polluting green products.
Excellent durability:The heating body is very soft and has excellent bending resistance. It is suitable for high speed highway, bridge and other environment for high pressure resistance and vibration resistance.Easy construction:Thanks to high pressure and high temperture resistance, it is able to tolerate high temperature (150 ~ 160 ℃) asphalt or heavy machinery. Therefore, compared with the general road construction, the construction period and the laying intensity are the same.Excellent anti-freeze performance:It has the electrical characteristics similar to the nickel chromium alloy, and can realize low voltage heating. In addition, due to the high heat efficiency and large heating surface area, it has excellent performance in heating road surface. Service life
The service life of the heating cable is about 15 years on the premise that the paving body undergoes continuous passing of the vehicle without damage.
It needs to be explained that its service life varies based on the number of use of heating cables, the weight of the vehicle and the traffic flow.

Construction process
Successful cases


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1,Is your company a trading company or factory?

A:Factory + trade (integration), has 6 years Road Roof Indoor Ground Heating Systeming on test instruments field, 6 years
exporting experience.

2,After an order is placed, when to deliver?

A:Generally about 10-25days, If we have inventory, we can arrange shipment within 3 days.
Please be aware that our production lead times depend on specific items and item

3,What’s the payment term?
A:T/T,L/C and other payment terms could be negotiated.

4,What's the warranty and after-sales service?
A:12 months warranty. Feedback to you within 24h and help you to repair your problem
controller freely, even it's not from our factory.

5,What the standards do you adopt?
AWe have been adopting the world standards and regulation such as ISO, ASTM, DIN, EN, GB,

6,What about the product' services and quality?
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7,What's the cooperation Process?
A:Inquiry - quotation - communication - order confirming - deposit payment - production -
testing and debugging - balance payment - packing - delivery - customer receiving - after

8,Why choose us?
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