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Best Price Huatai Vegetable Oil Plant Oil Machine sunflower screw oil press Best Price Huatai Vegetable Oil Plant Oil Machine sunflower screw oil press Best Price Huatai Vegetable Oil Plant Oil Machine sunflower screw oil press

Best Price Huatai Vegetable Oil Plant Oil Machine sunflower screw oil press

Best Price Huatai Vegetable Oil Plant Oil Machine sunflower screw oil press Product Description Sunflower Seed Oil Machine Line is one of...
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Product Description

Best Price Huatai Vegetable Oil Plant Oil Machine sunflower screw oil press

Product Description

Sunflower Seed Oil Machine Line is one of the most important primary foods and therefore requires maximum quality. The quality of the final product depends on the refining method and the nature of the crude oil. HUATAI provide "Turnkey Service" for customer ; from Pre-treatment&Pressing, Extracting oil and refinery.

Processing of e. g.
• Sunflower Seed Oil Machine • Rapeseed oil • Sunflower oil • Animal fat • Cottonseed oil • Corn oil

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Our core competence in Sunflower seed Oil pre-treatment

•Cleaning ,destoning •crushing, conditioning •Flaking to etraction (solvent)

Our core competence in sunflower seed oil refining
• Press oil clarification • Degumming • Neutralization • Dewaxing • Fractionation • Soapstock splitting

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Pre-treatment and extraction of sunflower seeds oil production line

The following process description discusses only Sunflower Seed Oil Machine Line , because emission factors are available only for that activity. Corn, cottonseed, and peanut oil processing are similar to soybean processing, except for differences in the soybean preparation for oil extraction.

The process for Sunflower Seed typically consists of five steps: oilseed handling/elevator operations, preparation of soybeans for solvent extraction, solvent extraction and oil desolventizing, flake desolventizing, and oil refining.

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  • Cleaning, Drying and Preparation of the seeds/beans
    As a first step the seed/bean is cleaned and dried. Foreign material, such as stones, glass and metal is taken out by sieving and magnets and i s disposed of outside the feed chain. Drying is performed whilst avoiding contact with combustion gasses unless natural gas is used. Some oilseeds, like soybeans and sunflower seeds, may be dehulled after cleaning. After dehulling, the meal has a lower crude fibre content, and hence a higher protein content. The soya hulls can also be used for feeding purposes, as such or in pelletized form.

    crushing and heating -----------solvent extraction ------------Desolveting and toasting -------------drying cooling and storage (crude Oil)

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    Chemical Refining of sunflower seeds oil production line

Two processes have been developed for refining edible oils and fats; the decision as to which process is to be used depends on the types and qualities of crude oil to be processed.

Chemical refining is the traditional method, where the free fatty acids of the crude oils are neutralized with caustic soda. The resultant sodium soaps are separated by means of separators. The neutral oils are subsequently bleached and deodorized. This method can be used for reliably refining virtually all crude
oils, including oils of low quality, with the exception of castor oil.

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  • Clarification of Press Oil

The oil which is discharged from expeller presses has various solid content levels depending on the oil seed type and the condition of the press. In order to remove particularly large solid particles, the oil is usually fed into a settling tank, which is also used simultaneously as a buffer tank. In some installations, a vibrating screen is used for precleaning, or the oil is taken directly from the press to the press oil clarification unit.

  • Water Degumming

A smooth action pump is used for conveying the crude oil to a heat exchanger, which is used for heating the crude oil to the optimum process temperature. A quantity of hot water corresponding to the content of phosphatides in the crude oil is added to the oil and mixed intensively. A special dynamic mixer, which simultaneously conveys the oil directly to the separator, is used for this purpose. The hydratable phosphatides swell immediately due to the particularly intensive mixing of oil and water, and no additional reaction time is necessary.

  • Acid Degumming

This degumming method is suitable for pretreating palm oil, palm kernel oil, coconut and olive oil as well as animal fats with the aim of reducing bleaching earth consumption in the physical refining process. This considerably improves the economy of this method.

  • Neutralization

This method is suitable for neutralizing predegummed edible oils or oils which originally only have a low phosphatide content. The free fatty acids are saponified with caustic soda, and the sodium soap is separated.

  • Dewaxing

Some vegetable oils, such as sunflower or corn oil, contain waxes (long-chained fatty alcohols or fatty acid esters), which crystallize at lower temperatures and result in turbidity in the oil. Wet winterization in combination with neutralization is suitable for removing these waxes.

Company Information

Henan Huatai Food & Oil Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd. (short for HHFOME) is a manufacturing enterprise specialized in producing oil machinery in China. HHFOME consists of Henan Huaxian Grain Machine Factory, Huaxian Hangpeng Grain Machinery Co., Ltd. and Beijing Huakang Xiwang Biological Technology Co., Ltd.. Established in 1988, HHFOME covers an area of 63,000 square meters and has 210 senior engineering technicians. Our company has 202 sets of automatic processing equipment. Processing capacity of our enterprise is more than 3000 sets every year.

HHFOME has obtained independent export rights and has passed the evaluation of ISO9001:2000 Quality System Management Certification. We have got 22 national patents, 4 international awards, 2 national awards and 2 provincial awards.

Our products include copra oil pressing equipment, rice bran oil manufacturing equipment, lignite wax extraction equipment, cottonseed preprocessing equipment and other machinery of oil making field, with 5 series and over 80 kinds.

Our Main Products:

Sets of equipment for rice bran oil making, set of equipment for palm oil fractionation, sets of equipment for cottonseed protein dephenolization, biodiesel continuous production equipment, large scale high-class cooking oil equipment, Class A oil refining equipment, JC-plate extraction equipment and oil filters

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Our Services

Turnkey Service of crude sunflower oil refining equipment

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width: 45px; height: 35px; Henan Huatai Food & Oil Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd.Edible Oil processing plant Supplier

Ken Wang | Trade Manager

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Were one of the main manufacturers and suppliers of a range of and spares needed for oil extraction plants. Currently a wide range of Best Price Huatai Vegetable Oil Plant Oil Machine sunflower screw oil press including expellers, seed cleaners, decordicator, copra cutter, filter press, Boilers, Hammer Mill etc. A lot of can be employed in the whole oil extraction plant. Our oil extraction machine is fabricated with the most up-to-date extraction technology and premium quality raw materials, our Best Price Huatai Vegetable Oil Plant Oil Machine sunflower screw oil press are be applied on your extraction of oils. This ensure higher production without any breakdown. The is proper for a number of seeds and nuts like Sesame Seeds, Sunflower, Palm Kernel,Cocoa,Coconut,Castor,Cotton Seed,Almond, Apricot (Germ) etc.
We believe that regardless of the oil extraction plant is, quality could be the heart of company's performance. We treat quality & service as a means of life. As soon as you prefer to know more details about our oil processing plants, write to us now!


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