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Snak Food Machine/Cream-Filling Production Line Snak Food Machine/Cream-Filling Production Line Snak Food Machine/Cream-Filling Production Line

Snak Food Machine/Cream-Filling Production Line

Snak Food Machine Introduction The twin screw extruder are mounted on shafts and rotate in the same direction in a fixed closed housing called “barrel” .The...
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Product Description

Snak Food Machine


The twin screw extruder are mounted on shafts and rotate in the same direction in a fixed closed housing called “barrel” .The twin-screw extruders operate continuously with very short residence times. The High Tech of Snak Food Machine/Cream-Filling Production Line's Extruder are:

  • Adapted Power and Speed of the extruder screw, which can perfectly adapted to kinds of product;
  • Optimized Temperature Conrol system can provide teh best cooling effect and accurate control of the temperature;
  • Cordwood combined screw is applied to different materials and products with certain screw combination.
  • Direct Cutting System: The cutting specification are adapted to types of product and process;
  • PLC touch screen for accurate and convenient control.
  • Independent and precise temperature control in wach section, automatic water cooling system.
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other machine:

Product Reference:

Machine Parameters:


Installed Power

Power Consumption



SP65-II Twin Screw Extruder





SP65-III Twin Screw Extruder





SP70-III Twin Screw Extruder





SP75-III Twin Screw Extruder





SP85-III Twin Screw Extruder





SP52-II Twin Screw Extruder





SP75-II Twin Screw Extruder





SP90-I Twin Screw Extruder





Machine Advantages
  • Productive: Automated systems for controlled and consistent production on a continuous basis, easy and quick product changeover, automated start up, simple cleaning and maintenance procedures.
  • Flexible Formula: Processing of a wide range of raw materials, such as corn, wheat, rice, potato, oat etc;
  • Widly Appication: Easy adaptation to extend the range of products by changing the segments screw;
  • Smart Control System: PLC Control of production to ensure optimized process parameters for each recipe;
  • Advanced Die and Cutting system: This designs give processors an entirely new set of templates to create innovative shapes and sizes-Balls, animals, stars, rings, pillows, triangles, curls, chips, sticks, and also letters.

Packaging & Shipping
  • All Machine will be cleaned and whole wraped by plastic film to avoid any scratch;
  • Extra Spare Parts,wires and tool box will be placed with the package;
  • Delivery Department and sales will check the list to avoid any missing;
  • All Wooden Cases for protecting the machine during long-time shipment;
Our Services
  • Before Purchasing: We will provide professional technical project and sales consultation service to solve the customers' question and worried;
  • During Production: Timely updates the machine status for customer to ensure delivery time, and quality;
  • After Production: Machine testing video and photos will be provided for inspection, if the customer can't come;
  • Before & During Shipment: The machine will be cleaned and packaged before transportation; All the documents will be provided for the custoemrs;
  • Installation & Training: Sending professional and expert technical engineers to providing employee training and installation service.
  • After Sales Service; Dedicated department and engineers for providing the timely and efficient service when the clients' need, such as formula, parameters setting, spare parts etc;
Company Information


1 Where is your factory?

Jinan city, Snak Food Machine/Cream-Filling Production Line

2 What is your machine warranty?

1 year, main parts warranty time will be 2 or 3 years.

3 Do you supply spare parts?

Yes, we supply spare parts with reasonable price;

4 What can you provide for after sale service?

We can send engineers to your factory for installation and training if customers‘ required.

5 If we show you our layout of factory, can you help to design the whole process line?

Yes, our experienced engineers and technical employee can help you to arrange the layout and installation of whole process line based on your real situation;

6 How can we contatc you if we meet problems during production?

Phone/email/wechat/whatsapp/Skype are all available.

7 If we have samples of new products, can you help to analysis and design the machine?

Yes, Our technical department can help to analysis, design and test the new products you offered.

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uses the deffatted soya/peanut flour as the raw materials. By high temperature and presser,Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. the materials can reorgnized and shaped into different shapes by Snak Food Machine/Cream-Filling Production Line , such as pipe, stick,ball, pellets, pillow and so on. As the line make more concentrated and healthy protein, has become the most popular line in all the world.

Snak Food Machine/Cream-Filling Production Line relies on additional energy being supplied that’s preferentially absorbed by the solvents in the process to enhance evaporation Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. . are a form of electromagnetic energy (300 Mhz–300 GHz), Snak Food Machine/Cream-Filling Production Line generated by magnetrons under the combined force of perpendicular electric and magnetic fields by .

This mixer Snak Food Machine/Cream-Filling Production Line is three layers and including cooling, heating and heating insulation. is mainly suitable for preparation of foodstuff.Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. pharmacy and liquid detergents (such as liquid soap,cleanser essence, shampoo and shower cream etc.).Snak Food Machine/Cream-Filling Production Line Integrating blending, homogenizing dispersing, heating and cooling etc functions, the reacting machine is an ideal device for liquid preparation in various factories.


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