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Production of frying equipment/automatic frying machine Production of frying equipment/automatic frying machine Production of frying equipment/automatic frying machine

Production of frying equipment/automatic frying machine

Production of frying equipment/automatic frying machine Company introduction Production of frying equipment/automatic frying machine huagang machinery co., LTD....
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Product Description

Production of frying equipment/automatic frying machine

Company introduction
Production of frying equipment/automatic frying machine huagang machinery co., LTD. Is a Production of frying equipment/automatic frying machine supplier of deep processing equipment for domestic meat products.Specialized in manufacturing all kinds of smoked furnace, roll kneading machine, chopped mix machine, meat grinder, mix filling machine, enema machine, punching machine, binding wire machine, packaging machine, sandwich pot, bus lines, sterilization vegetables cleaning machine, etc., products being used by many food and beverage companies at home and abroad, has the self-management import and export rights.It has formed a network system integrating raw material supply, product development, process design, production manufacturing, finished product inspection, storage transportation and after-sales service.The product quality three packages, business customers throughout the country and small and medium-sized cities and foreign users, enjoy a high reputation in the industry

Product introduction:
1. High degree of automation of continuous frying line.There are automatic, manual lifting system, unique product conveying system, slag discharge system, heating system, oil tracking system, smoke exhaust system, electric control system and so on.Safe, convenient and hygienic are the ideal equipment for food processing plants.
2. Suitable for the use of medium and large deep-fried food processing enterprises. It is widely used in Fried food processing of meat, Fried chicken wings, meat products, rice crust, aquatic products, vegetables and pasta.
3. This series of deep-fried production lines are highly praised by the manufacturers.
4. The equipment shall be used for heating energy by electricity, coal, thermal oil or natural gas, and the whole machine shall be made of special materials for food machinery.
5. Easy to operate, safe, easy to clean, easy to maintain and save fuel consumption.Click here to send me the message all using the net belt or hook conveyor product conversion or electromagnetic speed control.Internal or to adopt advanced technology for oil/water mixed with full oil filter technology, such as completely changed the structure of the traditional frying equipment, fundamentally remove the disadvantages of the traditional frying machine, to lead the new fashion of diet in the new century.
6. High degree of automation of continuous frying line, high efficiency, high production and high quality of Fried products.It is an ideal equipment for medium and large fry food processing enterprises.

Product features:
1. The whole oil temperature is automatically controlled, and the temperature can be set at random from 0 to 300 degrees, which is suitable for the production of all kinds of food.
2, add water valve is located in the lower reservoir area, the watering can, at any time will not affect the Fried work, and is equipped with check valve, thus solve the if the water in the process of adding water, the oil back into the water problem.
3. The lower water has a temperature measuring device, the water temperature is obvious, and the water temperature can be set. Compared with the measurement of water temperature, the cooling measures can be taken when setting the temperature.Prevent the occurrence of boiling water in advance.(special varieties also have automatic cooling function)
4. The oil and water separation surface is equipped with the inspection device of glass tube and oil drain valve.The water level can be more accurate.
5. The international common oil and water mixing technology design is adopted, and the oil can be saved more than the ordinary oil fryer.Prolong the use cycle of cooking oil, without the production of carbonized oil, save 50% of oil and recover equipment investment in half a year.
6. The products of this deep-frying machine are used to produce good clean, bright color, and improve the quality of products, and solve the problem of excessive Fried food acidification.
7, the frying equipment, produced in the process of Fried food residue by filtering sink into the lower part of the water funnel area, the drainage outlet discharge, already so, reach the role of the oil filter, and do not waste oil.
8. Use more than one machine, do not need to change oil can fry a variety of food, no lampblack, do not constring taste, save time environmental protection.Compared with the ordinary frying machine, the Fried food contains no heavy metal or other harmful substances.
9. Advanced mechanical transmission and frequency conversion speed control system, which enables the equipment to be used to fry various kinds of food (such as tofu, sliced meat, meat cake, meat ball, chicken fillet, Fried rice, fish, etc.).
10. Advanced and efficient heating system, the oil pool adopts thermal insulation technology to save energy and improve work efficiency.It lowers the unit cost.The oil moisture interface adopts ventilation tube to dissipate heat, which greatly extends the service life of frying oil.The upper part of the oil is heated and the lower layer is cooled to prevent the water from boiling.Oil and water separately discharge, more convenient for slag change oil.
11. Double-layer mesh belt, avoid product floating, and make food more uniform.
12. The net belt automatically mentions, convenient to clean, greatly improves work efficiency, reduces labor intensity, and is clean and hygienic.

Technical parameters:

Model number

The external size

Overall dimensions

Heating power


Fry basket size

Thermal insulation








Diameter: 1000 mm

Depth: 400 mm

Aluminum silicate








Diameter: 1200 mm

Depth: 400 mm

Aluminum silicate








Diameter: 1500 mm

Depth: 400 mm

Aluminum silicate



1, Are you manufacturer?
Yes, we are manufacturer with more than 15 years' experience.
2, Can you ship the machine to my address?
Yes, we could use DHL to express the machine. While transport cost will be higher. Also, it is suitable for the small models.
3, Where are you? Can we go to China and visit your factory?
Yes, of course. We are in Henan, China. Welcome to our factory.
4, Do you have manual with the machine?
Yes, of course. It is in English version.
5, Can you offer us the necessary paper to do the customs clearance?
Yes, of course. We will send you the commercial invoice, sales contract, packing list, bill of lading(FOB or CFR, CIF terms), insurance policy (if CIF terms), also CO if you

After-sales service commitment:
1. After the installation of the equipment, give free guidance to the operators designated by your company, so that it can master the operation methods and general maintenance
of the equipment.
2, in equipment acceptance, as of the date of delivery of products to provide one year free warranty, (including natural damage parts cost, if your company personnel due to
improper operation caused by damage, after consultation charge appropriate materials).After the expiry of the warranty, our company will provide a permanent warranty on the product, which will only be charged for the proper cost of the product and the labor fee.
3, in order to ensure the operation of your equipment to achieve the ideal effect, but also to save maintenance cost for our company, during the warranty period guarantee
regularly with professional and technical personnel to carry out repair and maintenance products.
4. When the equipment fails, we are informed by your company to make timely transfer arrangements to the site to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Warm tips:
If you see products that do not meet your requirements, please contact us, we can produce according to your needs!
Because the price will fluctuate with the market, so want to know the latest price, welcome to call or online consultation!

Production of frying equipment/automatic frying machine uses broken paddy flour as raw material, and with extruding, drying and polishing procedures, the new rice have good shape with color shine. Also, 's various nutrition matters can be added as nutritional rice.The usage is same to natural rice,but more simple and convenient than before. Production of frying equipment/automatic frying machine not only nutrition but also adapts to the fast rhythm of the modern life.

Production of frying equipment/automatic frying machine is a kind of shape machine which can produce many kinds of unique design snacks and cookies dry base by squeezing out and taking shape the dough and has characteristics of modern techniques, compact structure, multifunction, simple operation etc. is one of the most ideal new type food machinery deeply welcomed by the masses of users and investors of market at present as well.

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