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UV drying ovens TM-800UVF UV drying ovens TM-800UVF UV drying ovens TM-800UVF

UV drying ovens TM-800UVF

Product Description Our LAST NEW UV DRYING OVENS TM-800UVF be fit to UV drying PVC ,PAPER OFFEST UV coating ,UV polishing,UV glue, soft PCB after...
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  • 800*100*3000mm
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Product Description

Product Description

Our LAST NEW UV DRYING OVENS TM-800UVF be fit to UV drying PVC ,PAPER OFFEST UV coating ,UV polishing,UV glue, soft PCB after printing UV ink , plastic UV printing. electronic product UV spary, packing products UV drying . Our UV LAMP is high UV frequency.( 360-720NM). It to fit amost UV INK ,UV glue. Our UV Lamp useful time can sure 1000-1200 hour. TM speed change. Belt runing speed is 0-10M/min.

Specifications :
1. Model NO. TM-800UVF

2. UV Drying products:800*100*3000mm

3. Conveyor belt size:L3000* W800MM

4. UV Lamp power:2PCS*5.6KW /380V

5. Total wattage:13KW

6. Wind fan wattage: 500W/380V

7. motor wattage:1000W/1P/380V

8. Conveyor speed:0~10m/min

9. Speed change ways:Continue

10. UV Machine Dimension:L*W*H3020*850*1450

11. Weight:320kg

Model number TM-500UVF TM-600UVF TM-700UVF TM-800UVF TM-900UVF TM-1200UVF
max product width 500mm 600mm 700mm 800mm 900mm 1200mm
max product length 2000mm 2000mm 2000mm 3000mm 3000mm 3000mm
UV Process shine area 500*2000mm 600×2000mm 700×2000mm 800*3000mm 900*3000mm 1200*3000mm
conveyer speed: 0-10m/min 0-10m/min 0-10m/min 0-10m/min 0-10m/min 0-10m/min
UV Lamp power 3KW ×2PCS/ 3KW ×2 PCS/ 3KW ×2 PCS 5KW*2pcs 5.6KW*2PCS 5.6KW*2 PCS
UV Machine Dimension: 2020×550×1200mm 2020*650*1200mm 2020*750*1200mm 3020*850*1200mm 3020*950*1200mm 3020*1250*1200mm

Free Fitting :
TWO pcs UV lsmp(3KW)

Testing Please provide:
1. 380V power supply.
2. 5-7 bar compress air.

Price Terms --FOB or CFR
Payment Terms--- T/T or LC
Packing ----wooden crate
Lead Time ----7days after confirm Payment
SKU ----10 SETS
Standards Certificate ---CE
Cubic Meter---- 3.9
Gross Weight ---320KG
Main Parts-- 2 PCS UV lamps 3KW per pcs

About us

1. One of three famous brand in China.our key products include , screen printer, hot stamping machine and UV curing machine.

2. We specialize in the field for 20 years, as top manufacturer we have about 150 emloyees,among which about 30 are professinal technicians and 1/4 of them has experience of IAQ field of over 10 years.

3. we have a throughput of 50 sets a month for every model with a complete set of production line and testing equipments.

Packaging & Shipping

all machine is packed in wood case, shipped by sea or air

UV drying ovens TM-800UVF is suitable for foods such as casual products, soy products, meat, and aquatic products. is widely used in large, medium and small-sized fried food manufacturers, school canteens, and large-scale restaurants.
Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a modern food machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales services.
The main production of food frying equipment, cleaning equipment, blanching cooking equipment, pasteurization line, drying machine, vacuum packaging machines and other food processing equipment.
UV drying ovens TM-800UVF is the essence of absorbing the same kind of equipment, retaining the advantages of large-scale equipment for enrichment, and referencing the user's feedback information throughout the country for design and development.
has the characteristics of low one-time investment, low energy consumption, multiple functions, small size, high profit, convenient use and maintenance. The full set of equipment consists of peeling, slicing (strips), fluttering, dehydration, oil-water mixed frying, degreasing, seasoning, packaging and auxiliary equipment.

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