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60T/D Best Quality Palm Oil Refinery Plant 60T/D Best Quality Palm Oil Refinery Plant 60T/D Best Quality Palm Oil Refinery Plant

60T/D Best Quality Palm Oil Refinery Plant

Production Description of Palm Oil Refinery Plant The purpose of the oil refining is to remove impurities, to achieve the finished product oil standard....
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Product Description

Production Description of Palm Oil Refinery Plant

The purpose of the oil refining is to remove impurities, to achieve the finished product oil standard.

Process main process is: crude oil filter, degumming, neutralization, deodorization. Add water hydration degumming, alkaline acid neutralization or steam distillation, and absorbent activated clay carbon decoloring, high temperature 60T/D Best Quality Palm Oil Refinery Plant deodorization and removal of smoke at boiling point volatile matter.

Equipment features of palm oil refinery plant:

1. On the design of the main equipment cracking processor, it overcome the disadvantage of vertical bottom cracking processor heating unevenly, easy break, low capacity, short life etc, the main equipment adopt horizontal rotary structure, with 0.4rpm.

2. The equipment is with fast practical feeding system and environ protection dregs system.

3. High effiency gas recyclying buring system. During the refining, when the heated gas reach 150 degree, it will produce a lot gas methane, butane which is not easily to be liquidation in normal pressure and normal temperature. These gas return to hearth and fully burned by specified designed gas nozzle, and produced a lot heat to save fuel.

4. Chimney flue dedusting system is desulfuration deduster, and matched with both side water impact type cyclone deduster which can ensure the discharging of the chimney outlet in accordance with national discharging standard.

Oil Pretreatment & Oil Pressing Processing Line

The simple processing of oil pretreatment includes pressing, high temperature pressing, cold pressing (less than 70 degrees) etc.

1,Formal oil pressing can adopt one time or twice pressing of oilseeds. It is applicable for low capacity required oil processing oil plant.
2,High capacity oilseeds pretreatment and oil pressing equipped with oil extraction treatment, is used in high capacity and large-scale oil pressing plant, or high oil content oilseeds processing plant.
3,Oil prepressing can get up 70% oil fat of embryo, and residual oil inside pre-pressed cake can be extracted by organic solvent.

The purpose of oil refining: Oil refining, usually refers to refining of crude oil. The presence of impurities in the crude oil, not only affects the food value and safe storage of oil, but also brings difficult to the deep processing, but refining purposes, not will remove all the impurities of oil, but to remove impurities that are bad for food, storage, industrial production, such as gossypol, proteins, phospholipids, mucus, moisture. But useful "impurities", such as tocopherols, etc. you want to keep. Thus, according to different requirements and use, unwanted and harmful impurities are removed from the oil to obtain the refined oil in line with a certain quality standards, it is oil refining purposes.

What can we do?


Ensure to timely provide complete sets of equipment and accessories.


Ensure that one-time installation debugging acceptance.


To provide high quality material with preferential price.


Priority to provide customer our new craftworks and products.


Free training technological operator to ensure the trained staff can operation independently.


In the installation process,we will appoint a installation supervision staff on the spot.

Payment Terms:

1.We usually accept T/T, L/C;
2.T/T:30% in advance as down payment, the balance before delivery;
3.We take pictures of finished products before delivery.


1.By sea Freight;
3.We will remind you before boat arrival

Pre-sale services: Enthusiasm

We provide you with the prophase plan, process flow design and manufacturer
Equipment according to your special demand.

After-sale service: Enthusiasm

We will send our technicians to guide the foundation, installation, commission and train your labors in your factory. We will supply the spare parts list which could choose by our clients on the actual situation.


You can enter our website http: http://www.zzylyjx.com to look for what you need, if you need other things you can see on our website, we can try our best to help you. We also hope we can build a firm business establishment each other. Besides, we also welcome you to visit us anytime. Hope us can be the best friends!

We manufacture and exporter of Mustrad which is specially designed to be used for mustard seeds. 60T/D Best Quality Palm Oil Refinery Plant can crush mustard seeds. Moreover the Mustrad can crush ground nut, linseeds, copra, mustard seeds, palm kernels, seeds, castor, neem, sun flower seeds. We use superior raw material to fabricate this Mustrad 60T/D Best Quality Palm Oil Refinery Plant.
adopts special steam distillation method used for the extraction of essential oil from various plants, like lavender, peppermint, and rose. Featured with compact structure, easy operation and energy saving, 60T/D Best Quality Palm Oil Refinery Plant is popular in small-scale production of cosmetics, food, Chinese medicine, etc.

is mainly used for peanuts, walnuts, almonds, soybeans, coffee bean, sesame seeds and other oil plants seeds, backing and drying. Most oil seeds need to be roasted to press more thoroughly and get high oil yield. 60T/D Best Quality Palm Oil Refinery Plant is manual control of electromagnetic heating equipment, when you fried different crops, the temperature should adjusted according to the needs.

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