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Lower-cost and Advanced peanut roasting machine Lower-cost and Advanced peanut roasting machine Lower-cost and Advanced peanut roasting machine

Lower-cost and Advanced peanut roasting machine

Lower-cost and Advanced peanut roasting machine What Features of our roasting machine ? 1. AC 380v 3 phase electric power 2. Automatic...
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Product Description

Lower-cost and Advanced peanut roasting machine

What Features of our roasting machine ?

1. AC 380v 3 phase electric power

2. Automatic loading or unloading materials,by roller turn left or turn right

3.CIP center controler,full automatic operation.

4. 1-300 degrees heating range could set,suitable for various seeds

5. Insulation design, effectively preserve heat in 3-5 hours after cut power

6.Constant temperature ,Smokeless, safety, protect-environments.

7. Durable & Trouble-free operation life in 5-8 years.

8. Roller exhaust, eduction dust, save manpower.

9. Time alarm design to set temperature, automatic alarm and stop heating

This function used in type100 model and aboves

10. Rapid baking mode, double grade heating switches, saves energy.

What Specifications of our roasting machine ?








The cylinder size (cm)



Matched power

Three phase four class 0.75kw

Three phase four class 1.5kw

Boundary dimension(cm)



Total weight



construction and materials

This machine is mainly composed of frame, hopper, cylinder, block fire cover and so on, the motor by vbelts drive gear shaft, gear shaft gear drive on the big gear rotating cylinder, the cylinder rotate equably material from the hopper feeding to evaporate and cylinder.

Operation and maintenance
Ignition temperature should start the motor, to rotate the cylinder to avoid local heating cylinder, cylinder preheating to about 50 ℃ can feed Fried seeds, to fry to the appropriate material (fry time depending on the fire size, generally for 14 to 20 minutes, temperature rise to about 130 ℃), can you tell the material immediately (judging from inlet sampling), such as can discharge can open the discharging mouth baffle, material and go out in succession, 35-80 kilograms per pan fry material advisable, stop work will put out the fire.

Before starting must be kept clean on the gear oil and to reduce friction and prolong the life of use, all bearings should be removed to clean each year to the other new high-speed butter, such as long time need not, should remove cover fire damper, the cylinder inside and removing debris and pipe, coated with a layer of by, prevent rust.

The effect of, steamed and Fried
1. Can be fully break oil seed cells.Water steaming and frying, protein will swell, can thoroughly to "break" cells has not yet broken cells, cells scatter can further cohesion, so as to improve the yield efficiency.Stiffen the fully frozen denaturation of protein

2, improve the ability of under pressure, but also to oil condensation, practice has proved that protein denaturation, the more thoroughly, squeezing the yield efficiency is higher.Make phospholipids swell, protein denaturation

3 hot and humid actions after reduced solubility in the oil, grease cleaner (heating dish up), there are water vapor protection, processing of oil color and lustre is shallow, not black.

For more than three dry fry (flatbottomed frying pan, mouth type cylinder cover method is unable to achieve, because the steam melted away, not evaporate.

Peanuts, for example: the normal water peanuts, Fried add water 2%, when the temperature at 100 ℃ before fire can be bigger, 100 ℃ after the fire, let oil absorb moisture, don't dish up such a pre-pressed oil heating, so each pan fry material quantity in 35-80 kilograms of highest efficiency.Out of the pot conditions: 1, the temperature at about 130 ℃.2, water, clutch with the hand feel a little stiff, can rub red-skinned down by hand.3, harden, with teeth will feel hard, more hard to prove that denaturation degree more thoroughly, but not good or crisp, crisp prove less water, deformation degree is too large (namely, Fried old).

Product Photos

Why Choose us? 1. We are China Lower-cost and Advanced peanut roasting machine cylinder roaster Manufacturer.

2. Lower-cost and Advanced peanut roasting machine Assessed 10 years OEM.

3. Inspected by the Inspection Institution of Bureau Veritas Certification.

4. 100% QC inspection Before Shipmeng.

5. Best Quality & Best Service with Competitive price.

Trade Terms:


2. DELIVERY TIME:Within 7 days after receiving payment


* Free replacement of wearing parts in 6 months from the date of purchasing;

* Free replacement of main body in 12 months from the date of purchasing.


1) Free replacement of wearing parts in 6 months from date of purchasing

2) We provide spare parts all year around at factory cost.

3) We provide technical solutions for clients at any time.

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