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Large Capacity Belt Type Pinenut Peanut Roaster Machine Large Capacity Belt Type Pinenut Peanut Roaster Machine Large Capacity Belt Type Pinenut Peanut Roaster Machine

Large Capacity Belt Type Pinenut Peanut Roaster Machine

Product Description SUS304 Stainless Steel Large Capacity Belt Type Pinenut Peanut Roaster Machine Description: Name & Description Photo...
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Product Description

Product Description

SUS304 Stainless Steel Large Capacity Belt Type Pinenut Peanut Roaster Machine Description:

Name & Description



Continuous conveyor belt drying (baking) machine

Charactor :

1. Baked products are heated evenly, inside and outside the temperature difference is small, no deformation, no discoloration;

2. .Baking speed frequency control, high efficiency; can be double temperature control heating, energy waste less, save power;

3. Small size, space-saving, provincial cost;

4. Can be used with the production line connection, while one side feeding, the other side discharge the material. Synchronous control.

5. .temperature can be setting .

6. forced circulation air device

7. product pre-standing time is short, less time;

8. The use of stepless temperature control system, product quality is stable and reliable, and many other advantages

9. Widely used in food, electronics, chemical and other industries. Such as peanuts, cashews, walnuts, pistachios, almonds, beans and other granular nuts materials

Model: QX-1

Materials :

Contact food part are stainless steel, the frame, transmission part are by carbon steel

One layer mesh belt .

Always L6m xW1.1m xH1.6m

Speed regulator motor : 0.75kw

Electric heat power: 30kw

By gas heating : 4-8kg/h

Voltage: 380V, 50HZ

Baked Output : 100-200kg

Model: QX-2

Materials: contact food part are stainless steel, other parts by carbon steel

One or two layer mesh belt

Always L 6xW1.6xH2m

Speed regulator power:1.1KW

Electric heat power: 36---48KW

By gas heat: 8-12kg/h

Voltage: 380V, 50HZ

Baked output: 200--300kg

Drying capacity : 500kg

Model: QX-3

Materials : contact food part stainless steel, other part by carbon steel .

Three layers mesh belt .

Always L 6-8m xW 1.6m xH 2.5m .

Speed regulator motor : 1.5kw

Electric heat power: 75-90kw

By gas heat : 15-20kg/h

Voltage: 380V/50HZ

Roasted nuts production: 500--600kg

Flap type conveyor belt dryer

Consist By the hot air furnace, fan, six-layer flap with oven composition.

There are hot air furnace to provide hot air, from the strong wind fan to the dryer, the material from the first layer of the mesh belt layer by layer to the sixth floor of the material, hot air in the machine even through the material to be baked material to take away the water Play the role of drying baking.

Model: QX-4

Materials : contact food part stainless steel, other part by carbon steel .

Heat furnace diameter: 1.8*2.5m

Coal consumption: 30kg/h

Electric heating power: 100kw)

Six layer flap mesh belt :


Speed regulator motor: 1.1kw

Hot air air fan motor: 7.5kw

Air fan: 0.75kw

Total weight: 4600kg

Peanut drying capacity : 1200kg/h

Peanut baked output : 500--600kg

Continuous conveyor belt drying (baking) machine, With cooling part

Belt continuous drying (cooling) machine

Continuous baking, cooling, combined one machine, the material come out is cooling.

Baking capacity : 800kg/h, drying capacity :1500kg/h

1. Material Character:

Product shape: granular

Material: material contact with stainless steel mesh or carbon steel

Heat sources: natural gas, liquefied gas, kerosene, diesel, electricity

2. Drying process

Machine have high temperature zone, low temperature zone, cooling zone. Material go through high temperature zone, low temperature zone, cooling zone, then the finished product is cool, easy to process, packaging or storage.

Material into the drying chamber contact with the highest moisture content hot and humid gases first, It is convenient for the moisture inside the material to quickly absorb the heat and can be uniformly dried both inside and outside during the drying process. After the evaporation of water with the air medium (hot and humid air) from the exhaust pipe to the drying chamber. Keep the workshop clean inside the air.

Dry heat source using natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, kerosene, diesel, electric heating. Adjustable temperature, long operating life, the layout of the material directly above the heating structure. Room temperature - 200 ℃ high temperature inside the box, so that the moisture in the material quickly absorb heat and volatile. Drying room temperature can be controlled by the instrument, so it can ensure the product quality and capacity.

Transmission using stepless speed control device, speed can adjustable, it can make sure the dried product quality is best. Material used to transport network structure, to avoid material is too small and missing, drying tunnel is hot air fan cycle, the wind speed of 0.1 m / s or less, will not produce dust flying phenomenon. Network smooth operation Wu vibration, feeding part of the layout of the star feeder, keep paving uniform.

Full line is automatic, material contact stainless steel or carbon steel, high temperature part of the box using high temperature cotton insulation production

3. Technical Data:

Device temperature: Room temperature-200℃

Drying length: 8m

Device Height: 2.3m

Mesh belt width: 1.2-1.6m

Power: gas consumption: 15-20CBM/H

Circulation fan: 5.5kw

Cooling fan: 4kw

Frequency control motor: 0.55-0.75kw

Elevator: 0.75kw

Voltage: 380v, 50hz

Baked capacity: 800kg

Dried Capacity: 1500kg

Size: 8×2.1×2.3m

4. Equipment details

Mesh belt: 1.6×1.6m Stainless steel or carbon steel 1

Hopper: Stainless steel or carbon steel 1

Heating, heating the burner: 1

Discharge chopper: Stainless steel or carbon steel 1

Drive motor: 0.55kw, Stepless speed regulation 1

Drive sprocket: P=76.2 4

Main box: 8×2.1×2.3M 1

Transmission shaft: 2

Humidifier tube: 300×260mm 1

Chain: P=76.2 40M

Electric control cabinet: 1

Bracket: 1

5. Device materials and technology:

The inner wall of the main body is made of carbon steel 2mm plate, the welding part is polished and sprayed with high temperature paint, the outer wall is made of carbon steel, and the surface is sprayed with red gallbladder primer and sprayed with vertical lines. The main body of the skeleton 10 # channel, 5 # angle welding. Insulation for rock wool board.

Chopper is stainless steel or carbon steel.

Transmission mesh is 24 mesh (stainless steel) carbon steel plate cold plate.

MHK Series Roaster Machine :

MHK series of multi-purpose roaster machine is mainly used for peanuts, walnuts, almonds, beans, melon seeds, apricot, and other granular materials roasting. The heating source can be use electric , oil, gas, and coal . Use rotary drum, heat conduction., heat radiation principle, when use of coal as fuel; it is low production costs (baked goods and fireworks are not contact directly), with convenient operation, efficient energy-saving, durable and so on. Roasted products of good quality, health, taste are very good .

Temperature: room temperature -300 ℃,

automatic control temperature .

Small Model:

Capacity : 50kg per batch

Dimension :1.8*1.2*1.6m

Motor power: 1.1kw

Heating power: 16kw

(by gas : gas consumption: 2-3kg)

Room temperature--300


Dimension (mm)

Capacity (kg/h)


Electric heat power(kw)

Gas heat gas consumption(kg)































Packaging & Shipping

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big machine by container :

Small Machine by wooden case :

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