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Fully automatic corn flakes maize flakes making machine

Fully automatic corn flakes maize flakes making machine

Product Description 1.The brief description of f ully automatic corn flakes maize flakes making machine : 1). Corn flakes can be flavored with sugar,honey,coco...
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Product Description

Product Description

1.The brief description of fully automatic corn flakes maize flakes making machine:

1).Corn flakes can be flavored with sugar,honey,coco and cheese,etc.Corn flakes are a popular breakfast cereal manufactured by twin-screw extruder through the treatment of corn flakes of grain, served with milk and marshmallows, were a very popular food among the families.

3. Flow chart of fully automatic corn flakes maize flakes making machine:
Mixing system---Extrusion system---Flaking system---Drying system--- High-temperature baking---Sugar Spraying system ---Drying system---- Packing system.
4. Voltage in China: Three phases: 380V/50Hz, Single phase: 220V/50Hz, we can make it according to customers' Local voltage according to different countries.
5. Machines Materials: All the machines are made by stainless steel

6.Specification of the fully automatic corn flakes maize flakes making machine:

Model SLG65 SLG70 SLG85
Install Power 140KW
160KW 190KW
Consumption Power 90KW
Output 120-150KG/H 220-260KG/H 500-600KG/H
Dimension 20000×1200×2200MM 23000X1500X2200MM

Jinan Saibainuo Machinery Co., Ltd for food machine manufacturering in China since 2004, offer competitive advantage machines, so with us your money in safe, your business in safe.

The inside structure of our twin screw extruder.

Our flaking machine.

Our multi-layer gas dryer.

Detailed Images

Name: high speed mixer

Dimension(m): 1.1×0.8×1.4
Motor Power: 3KW
Speed: 400rpm
Throughput: 20kg per loading (5-6 minutes per loading)
Mix powder raw material with water
1. stainless steel material(1.5mm).
2. new handle-opened design of discharge holes,no material leak
3.High speed can mix material better than other slow mixer.

Name: screw conveyor

Dimension(m): 3.2×0.6×0.7
Motor Power: 1.1KW
Screw speed: 300rpm
convey height range:1.5~2.5M
barrel diameter: Φ141mm
Power material can be conveyed in the stainless steel roller to the feed machine of extruder without leaking, dust and pollution; feed quantity is even and stable.
stainless steel material

Name: twin screw extruder

Dimension(m): 2.6×1.0×1.3
Total power: 37kw
Main Motor Power:22KW
Feeder motor:0.75kw
Cutting motor: 1.5kw
Heating power:10kw
Extruder diameter:Φ65 mm
Extrude and cook raw material into different size and shapes
Screw material is 38CrMoAl with nitriding treatment, the hardness is 60HRC.. The barrel also use good material, hardness is 55HRC.
The gear box has forced lubrication system.
All motors can be adjusted the speed by Inverter.
The Extruder can change different moulds to produce different
Shapes product.

Name: multi-layer dryer

Dimension(m): 5.4×1.3×1.8
Motor power:0.75kw
Heating powder: 27kw
Belt speed:0.1-10M/minute
Temperature: 20-200℃
There are Three layers inside,each layer is 5 meters long, it can save space and energy. Electricity heating,used to bake and dry food.
The net belt running speed can be controlled by Inverter, to change the food drying time in the dryer.
Heating adopts the electric heat tube.
It has automatic temperature Control system.
The belt and the cover are all stainless steel.

Name: flavoring line

Dimension(m): 2.2×0.8×1.8
Motor Power: 1.5KW
Scatter the powder seasoning on the food, The roller will mix the fat and seasoning powder evenly. Make food nice taste.
Stainless steel material.

Name: cooling conveyor

Dimension(m): 5.0×0.7×1.1
Power: 1.0KW
There are five fans on the top of the belt, they blow the food to make the temperature reduce to suitable for packing
Stainless steel material.

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Fully automatic corn flakes maize flakes making machine is a food processing equipment developed, developed and produced on the basis of Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. absorbing advanced foreign technologies. The technical performance and quality indicators of have reached the advanced level of similar international equipment. Fully automatic corn flakes maize flakes making machine From ingredients, extrusion, filling, forming, baking, spraying to finished products can be completed at one time, can produce all kinds of puffed foods, fragrant rice cakes, sandwich rolls (cakes) and crackers, cereal porridge, nutritional powder, etc. food. can produce all kinds of puffed foods, fragrant rice cakes and other sandwich rolls (cakes) and crisp biscuits, cereal porridge, nutritional powder and other foods. Using potato starch, corn starch, and flour as the main raw materials, the unique extrusion molding process is used to produce popular puffed foods with different shapes on the market. 222222 has a reasonable design, a high degree of automation, a clear control of extrusion parameters, the host is equipped with high and low pressure screws, increases the scope of use of raw materials, reduces costs, and improves product quality. The main products are spirals. Shells, round tubes, square tubes, circles, cartoon shapes, sports shapes, etc., produce products that are lifelike, crisp and crisp after being fried.
Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a modern food machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprise integration R&D, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales services.

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